Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kyle Bunting Inc., Architects of Extraordinary Hide Rugs

I wanted to share images of an exceptional line of custom hide area rugs from Kyle Bunting Inc.

I have been on their email newsletter list for awhile now and it is one newsletter I enjoy seeing. The latest showed this custom "Jet Stream" image (one of my favorite designs in the line). These are handmade to order and are truly individual works of art.

"Jet Stream" in Custom Colors

"Surrender" in Cream

"Limelight" in Carrot

"Black Dog" in Cream and Coffee
Dean at Kyle Bunting was kind enough to send me some of my favorite images from the site to post for you. I especially love the "Black Dog".... anything Houndstooth gets my attention!
I hope you have fun visiting the site (it's beautiful!)


The Peak of Chic said...

Wow! The colors are so vivid. Love Black Dog too! Thanks for the info.

katiedid said...

POC_- They are fun aren't they?

Kyle said...


your kindness is most appreciated. as is the post : )

take care


katiedid said...

Thank you for visitng! Anytime you have something new, I would love to Post!