Monday, June 18, 2007

A Few Foos

The use of asian pagodas and ceramic foo dogs has been running rampant in this past year. I, too, have been hooked by their use, especially in the Hollywood Regency craze of late. This image from Domino Magazine shows the apartment of Nick Olsen (assistant to Miles Redd!). I was recently lucky enough to run across a pair of foo dogs that match the pair on Nick's sofa back table:

I picked up a pair of little foo dogs at a local neighborhood flea market a couple of weeks ago, and have been coming across a few more in the last few days, so I thought I would share!

I picked this pair up for $5.00! His partner had a bit of a chip, but for pure decoration, lot's of fun.

This Foo can be found at Turquoise LA. I saw this while perusing the Turquoise LA blog.

This pair are on special from Nieman Marcus for $109.00

These were on Ebay, latest bid $8.99. Very cute!

1st Dibs has quite a few foos too! The lamps are from Mondo Cane ($5,800.00). The pair of Italian ceramic dogs is from Capitol ($6,500.00) , and the 2ft. marble dog is from Antiquario .

Foo Dogs, or Fu Dogs ( Fu, the Chinese word for happiness, luck, or prosperity) are traditionally known as the protectors of palaces, tombs and homes of the wealthy and powerful of Imperial China. From the Han Dynasty of 206BC-229AD until the end of the empire in 1911 Foo Dogs, or Imperial Guard Lions stood guard. In more modern times the materials and means of production have made the dogs available to the more common public.
I find it fascinating that the dogs are created mostly in pairs, one male, one female, each with it's paw on a different symbol. The male has his right paw on a globe which represents the "feeling of the pulse of the earth", while the female has her left paw on a pup or cub. More information on Wikipedia.


J Lee said...

i dont know if i like them or not but they are quite fun to look at online :)

katiedid said...

I know what you mean J Lee. I probably wouldn't purposely set out to buy some foo dogs, but when I ran across the pair I got at the flea market, I got a bit more curious!

The Peak of Chic said...

You got a steal, and if you ever tire of them, you only paid a few dollars for them!

style court said...

Great post Katie!! I love the range of examples you found to share (I spotted those turquoise Foo dog lamps with black shades on 1st dibbs too and loved them!) Congrats on your score.

katiedid said...

I thought so too!

katiedid said...

Thanks Courtney! Aren't those lamps great? (Although the $5.00 price tag fits my budget a little better)

Anna said...

Love your foos (Fu)!! Great post BTW!

girl meets glamour said...

Great post!! I love the blue foo dogs you picked up...and can't believe the price either!

katiedid said...

Thanks Anna and Kate! It was fun to look into these little foos!

-Suzie- said...

Good introduction to Fu dogs. I see them here in China and think I will take the truquoise pair. Thank you for letting us know the price. I thought I have to invest more. Now, I am prepared for the haggling!

becky said...

There's a funny quote in Adler's book that says something like "Anytime you see a pair of Foo Dogs at a thrift store for $20, pick them up!!!" He and Simon also have some giant ones on their balcony (featured in the book), and there's some hilarious quote about fearing that they'll fly off and hit Mrs. Goldberg downstairs or something like that. That book made me laugh out loud at least 50 times.

Great find!

P.S. Neiman Marcus Last Call had some yesterday and they were about $50 each. They also had a fabulous white ceramic elephant, which reminded me of Kelly Wearstler. I'm still kicking myself for not picking it up, but I was elbow deep in the super-clearance Etro skirts and Botkier bags.

katiedid said...

Leave it to Jonathan! He is soooo fun to read!Love him!