Thursday, September 20, 2007

Meet ink & peat!

Cruzing around blogland, I came across a blog that you should all visit: Me Myself & I. I had a wonderful visit and came across ink&peat, a florist that I thought was definitely worth sharing:

ink & peat is run by a woman who was a fashion designer for 15 years before following her passion for flowers and home decor. Her home decor retail store will be opeing in Portland Oregon in Spring 2008. Here are a few of her spectacular floral designs, a little eye candy:

I love the diversity of beautiful flowers, fruits, seedpods and leaves that she uses!

OK, where have I been! I have had many of you set me straight about the fact that the ink & peat owner has her own wonderful blog called: Housemartin. I cannot believe I have just found out about it. It is wonderful and packed with the latest, greatest floral arrangements and home decor ideas. So, you must check out Housemartin!

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the House of Beauty and Culture said...

I think she is great - I found her at housemartin.

J Lee said...

will definitely check her out, the floral arrangements are beautiful!


Brilliant Asylum said...

These arrangements are breathtaking--and I love fiddlehead ferns in the top photo. I am off to visit her site!

dianamuse said...

What a lovely post - each of these florals is so pretty! I knew of the ink & peat site, but not the blog (I visited - it's great!). Thanks for featuring both here.

Happy weekend!

mrsplainjane said...

I agree with Brilliant Assylum, the fern curls are so pretty, I love them in arrangements. :)

annechovie said...

What uniquely beautiful arrangements, Katie! Thanks for the introduction.

katiedid said...

Hello all! And thanks for visiting! It is so nice to open my email in the morning to see all of your comments. I am glad to see some were familiar with ink & peat! They deserve the shout out. I love her work too!

Me, Myself, & I said...

I fall in love with Ink & Peat every time....their arrangements are heaven.

Thanks so much for the GREAT mention!!!! Gotta love you for that!

robyn said...

pam is a great talent. she made a beautiful arrangement for my daughter's birthday recently. (who lives in portland). I love reading housemartin everyday. :) Nice post, have a great weekend.

girl meets glamour said...

Just so lovely Thanks for sharing :)


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Being from Portland, Oregon, I was aware of her store, but like you, I somehow had missed the blog! Easy to do with so many blogs to see!

Thanks for pointing it out. Lucky me I will get to visit her store when it opens!

Mélanie said...

Wonderful bouquets !!
I love them , It looks that we have our garden in our home !!

Me, Myself, & I said...

Thanks for setting me straight too!

katiedid said...

Hello all!
I am glad you all enjoyed ink & peat!
Hello me! Thanks for the initial intro!
Melissa and Robyn- you are so lucky to be so close. I hope one of you will post when the store opens!

Annica Lindeberg said...

These bouquets are wonderful! Please pay me a visit and read about the extraordinary designer exhibition Casa Cor that is taking place in Stockholm right now. Please also spread the word about it - I need all the marketing help I can get :-)!
Take care, Annica

Style Court said...

Such beautiful colors! Thanks for the intro Katie.

design for mankind. said...

I LOOOOOVE Housemartin! Thanks for this feature!

Love your work; keep up the great posts.

Nice to e-meet you!

Arch said...

I have been in love with the beautiful floral arrangements for a while now:-)

Thanks for sharing Katie:-)


Style Saves the World said...

Gorgeous arrangements! Thanks for sharing.

be glam. live green.