Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jan Showers - Eye Candy

Jan Showers designed a "fresh take on traditional " in the Dallas home of Daniele Farhi and her family. Daniele is originally from France and brought many family antiques with her when she moved permanently to Dallas. Just a little Eye Candy for your viewing pleasure:

The Library: Salon Sofa from Jan Showers Collection, 1950's chairs and Empire commode by owner.

Living Room:Owner's heirloom settee in Rose Cummings fabric, Venetian glass tables lamps. I am loving this coffee table.

Family Room: Louis XV commode, faux ostrich-skin table, slipcovered chairs. This mix is practical and beautiful!

Dining Room: Owner's chairs recovered in Brunschwig and Fils paired with Oliver table from Jan Showers Collection. Owner's own chandelier. I love the pop of the turquoise glass in the white setting.

Master Bedroom: Jan Showers Manhattan side tables. Again, the white backround sets off color so well.

Jan Showers has a way with glamorous and playful interiors that have a mix of antiques and contemporary styles that I can't get enough of. Be sure to check out her fab furniture collection!

Western Interiors, October/November 2007, photography byDominque Vorillon


dianamuse said...

Oooooo, so pretty. Love the w i d e bench at the foot of the bed. And there's another zebra rug. Goodness.

Have a great weekend!

Mélanie said...

Wonderful kind of french house in Dallas. Lovely commode

katiedid said...

Hi Diana!
Thanks for the visit! I like that bench too. I need to find one for my bed too. Hmm. This might be the one.

katiedid said...

Hello Melanie!
I thought of you when I discovered the owner was from France!

Apryll Annie said...

Great post! It's given me some awesome ideas for my living room. The large potted orchid on the coffee table looks divine. You are (of course) now on my fabulous blogs list!

-Apryll x

katiedid said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for the visit. I look forward to your blog as well!

robyn said...

wonderful colors~ really nice post Katie !

Things That Inspire said...

WOW! This post made my day. I am a huge fan of Jan SHowers, and have not seen a new room of hers in SO long. The living room is very interesting...from what I have seen, it is rare to see so many dark woods in a Jan SHowers room. I have a catalog of her furniture, and the lamps are truly works of art. I love how she says that lamps are like the shoes and handbags of the design world.

franki durbin said...

interestingly, I never thought yellow could look so serene. But Jan manages to pull of a butter-tone with great aplomb. This is gorgeous!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I love the bright whites paired with yellow and celedon. This home is seriously beautiful--so much so that I am off to find more Jan Showers. I am a new fan.

katiedid said...

I like her work too! I thought I would share because alot of people don't get Western Interiors magazine. She has great stuff, doesn't she? I love her lamps! The dark furniture in the photos are largely from the owner's family. Very nice mix I think!

katiedid said...

Hi Franki and Brilliant! Glad you enjoyed.