Sunday, September 30, 2007

Passage to India

A Passage to India is on my list of all time favorite novels. I have always thought of India as the ultimate in exotic, romantic places. Well, it seems I am not the only one. It has become a wonderful collective consciousness frenzy:

Chhatrapat Shivaji Terminus, formerly Victoria Terminus

Elle Decor, October 2007 has featured Mumbai, India in their "elle decor goes to" section. It includes all of the must see, eat, shop, and do that Mumbai has to offer. It seems that everyone who's anyone is traveling here. It is a spectacular article. Here are a few photos to wet your appetite!

The Gateway of India

The Intercontinental Hotel rooftop

House and Garden , October 2007, has showcased Cartier's breathtaking new line of jewelry which takes it's inspiration from jewelry designed for the Princes of India. Jacqueline Karachi, head of Cartier's high end jewelry line has captured the art deco period in the new Inde Mysterieuse Collection:

This spectacular tank watch is vintage circa 1929 and has an emerald watchface. Wouldn't you just do about anything for this watch?! The carved jewels are modeled after fruits and berries and hence are known as Tutti Frutti. This style was most famously created for Daisy Fellowes.

This vintage Cartier Handbag sets off two Tutti Frutti brooches from the new collection.

Tiger ring, platinum, and gold with yellow diamonds and onyx.

Domino's October 2007 issue also has embraced India devoting their entertaining section to a party designed with table settings by Waris Ahluwalia. This India-born, NYC raised designer is behind the House of Waris jewelry collection. Waris makes an appearance in Wes Anderson's new film The Darjeeling Limited. (More on that later!) The India connections just keep getting more and more interesting!

You will have to check out Domino for the scoop on all of the lovlies like these chair back garlands. I'm loving these!

I feel like I am in India just looking at this table!

And when the meal is over, place to relax!

There has been much buzz about the upcoming new film by Wes Anderson: The Darjeeling Limited starring Andrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman. An adventure about three brothers who bond during a train trip across India, this film is getting alot of positive press. I'm gonna catch it for the scenery alone!

Catch more fun info about the movie on Brilliant Asylum's blog! For that matter, just catch Brilliant Asylum's blog cuz it's so very cool.

And no post about the beautiful exotic India would be complete without mention of two of my favorite blogs: An Indian Summer and Rang Decor. They are both filled with wonderful images of interiors, furniture, art, hotels, and homes of India. I feel like I am on a mini-vacation every time I visit. Here are a few images from their fantastic blogs:

from An Indian Summer

Both of these photos are from Rang Decor

Have I got you curious? Would you like to hear more? I highly recommend these novels to help take you away to India, if only in your imagination:

Happy travels!


robyn said...

Fantasitc post and photographs... :)

Arch said...

Thanks Katie for your lovely introduction.

Hope more people visit India and fall in love with it's beauty.

I love to share great ideas from Incredible India:-)


Bhavna said...

Aww..Thanks Katie! :-)...It feels so good to be called 'favorite blog' by one of mine favoritest bloggers!

the House of Beauty and Culture said...

Isn't that watch just amazing?

Have you read The Rice Mother by Rhani Manicka?
So wonderful.
It starts: "I was born in Ceylon in 1916, at a time when spirits walked the earth just like people, before the glare of electricity and the and the roar of civilization had frightened them away..."

The Peak of Chic said...

Well Katie, you've now made me want to go! :)

robyn said...

forgot to tell about another great Indian blog, designflute. Check it out when you get a chance. :)

franki durbin said...

I always love how everyone (fashion designers, event planers, interior designers) zero in on a destination at once. It's a cool cultural phenomenon that happens over and over. Remember the Ibiza moment? Even Banana Republic went all Iberian peninsula on us. LOL!

I agree, India is truly exotic. Nice post on this truly rich destination! It will be fun to see how this continues feeding into our homes and our clothing.

InStyle just did a feature showing how celebs are donning saris. It's happening, baby!

Style Court said...


You KNOW I LOVED this post! Well-done. These are all some of my favorite recent features and you did a great job juxtaposing them here :)

BTW: Congrats on your visit from Margaret :)

katiedid said...

Hi HOBAC! I am so glad you made up with Anon! I was afraid it might have come to fisticuffs!
And YES, I LOVE that watch. I imagine the parties it must have seen.
And thank you for the book recommendation. I need a good read right now!

katiedid said...

Hi Peak!
Maybe we should get a trip going!

katiedid said...

Thanks Robyn! I am going to check designflute out right now!

katiedid said...

Hi Franki!
Oh, I will have to go get a copy of that InStyle. I have always wanted a sari!

katiedid said...

Hi Courtney! It was a fun post to do. Glad you liked! And thanks about MR ;)You were spot on about the explanation!

perfect bound said...

This is of my favorite books as well. You may enjoy The Namesake. Don't see the movie,however, just the book.

katiedid said...

Hi PB! Thanks for the visit! And Thankss for the suggestion. I am always looking for good reads. :)

melissa @ the inspired room said...

That was a very inspiring post. An acquaintance of mine moved to India for a year starting this past summer. Now I'm really intrigued about her life there! Imagine the wonderful treasures she can bring back! I want to go!

{this is glamorous} said...

Loved the virtual trip to India, Katie. It's funny how India is really the talk of the town these days--one of my favourite clients just opened an Indian resatuarant this summer and we were talking about the rise in popular of Indian culture in cuisine, fashion, and the home. I also went sari shopping with a friend and there were so many beautiful selections!

Great post!

Porcelain said...

Traveling to India has always been a dream of mine. I'm going to have to go check out the new Elle Decor. To add to the reading list, I highly recommend reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, one of my favorite books ever. And The Namesake and Interpreter of Maladies both by Jhumpa Lahiri.

katiedid said...

Oooo Thanks Porcelain! I am an avid reader and can always use new book suggestions. You are not the only one to suggest The Namesake, so now I really have to get that one.:)

Style Saves the World said...

Great post! I'm going to forward your blog to my mom & dad... they leave for 3 weeks in India in February!

katiedid said...

Hi Style!
Oh they are so lucky! I hope they take lots of pictures that you can share with us!

Bhavna said...

Wow! It feels so nice to hear and see the interest people have in India...India is truly an amazingly rich country in culture, traditions and design. And there is so much diversity that even for some one like me (born and brought up in India), there is always something new, some interesting craft or design tradition that you discover! :-)

And did I hear you talk about a trip to India...well, I (and I am sure also my fellow design bloggers from India), would be more that happy to host you :-)

katiedid said...

Bhavna! You are such an inspiration. I really do hope that I can take you up on your kind offer one day!:)

Brilliant Asylum said...

I am in love with the idea of traveling to India and your beautiful post. You have captured my imagination. (And thanks for the flattering mention!)

katiedid said...

Hi Brilliant! Thanks for stoppng in. And you have a great blog. Love it!

designflute said...

Hi Katie,
was about to comment then saw sweet Robyn mentioning me!
I welcome you to my blog and to Mumbai!
I just wanted to say that this post has made me very happy!Thanks!!
I don't think India can go out of fashion ever.India is rich not only in art, crafts & architecture but has a 'way of life' and philosophy rich in every sphere.

vineeta said...

WOW! saw this link on Rangdecor & clicked! India certainly seems to be the toast of the world right now. Its a great feeling & a great country & has much to offer by way of art, architecture & design.

shuma.rani said...

I just typed Elle decor India into google and came across your blog. I love this piece, as its about my favourite places India and Mumbai.

Looking forward to reading from you

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Beautiful post, and it's great to see our country and its beauty being appreciated worldwide:)
Thank you.