Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hawaiian Style

I know it's Fall, and I love Fall. The leaves, the harvest colors, pumpkins and all that. But I had to share a couple of Island obsessions I am having at the moment:

I have been an admirer of Marion Philpotts-Miller for years, so when I saw this article with her house in the latest Coastal Living (October 2007), I had to share. As a matter of fact, this house, when I first saw it, was an inspiration in the remodel of my own house. I decided to use V-groove paneling in my house after seeing the board and batten walls in her kitchen and sitting room here:

Marion Philpotts-Miller has a wonderful relaxed aesthetic that is so well put together and timeless. You come to realize that the long term colors are very neutral, but she adds alot of color with pillows and accessories that can be changed whenever the mood strikes. Take a look at her website with partners, Charles De Lisle and Jonathan Staub.

Another recent obsession are the quilts of Robin Ferrier. Robin is a fantastic artist who lives on Maui. ( She, ahem, also just so happens to be my cousin! ) She applies her talents to creating beautiful contemporary wall quilts with hand-dyed fabrics she creates herself. Wonderfully graphic, these quilts are truly works of art. Robin has a very informative blog that chronicles her methods and more of her work. So check it out!

Some of you may be familiar with more traditional Hawaiian quilting styles. Donghia has used this style as inspiration for their outdoor fabric line. Just another obsession:

Big Island and Oahu Indoor/Outdoor Fabric by Donghia

Here is the Donghia fabric used on a Bertoia chair in an interior by designer Philip Galanes. Loving it!

House and Garden Feb. 2006, Photo by Thomas Loof

I hope this adds a little sunshine into your Fall day!


melissa @ the inspired room said...

You did add some sunshine to my day! Thank you!

I really love v-groove paneling as well as board and batten. I have both in my house. I just love the idea of wood walls and ceilings. Nice neutral backdrops with subtle texture. I love the weight and bulk the wood adds to the walls.

Love it! And the Hawaiian quilts to! Actually, I would love to be in Hawaii right now!

Bueller said...

Hi Katie:

I found your blog on paris boutique. I love it. I've added you as a link to mine:
feel free to reciprocate.
Through you I discovered Apryl Laine as well who's blog is great. Wonderful stuff!!

All the best!!

robyn said...

Oh I really love this look, the bertoia chairs are great with the pretty cushions.

Style Saves the World said...

It's so rainy & cold here in SF today - I just want to slide right into those images and enjoy some warmth!!

(btw, hope it's okay to add you to my blog roll!)

love.boxes said...

I love those chairs in the last photo!

Flea Market Queen said...

Loving it all...
The Bertoia chairs & fabric do it for me! And the quilts...
Love them!

katiedid said...

Hi Love and FMQ! Thanks so much for visiting! I have to agree! The Bertoia chairs are the best. They are topping my list of barstools I am considering for my kitchen at the moment.

ALL THE BEST said...

Love the fabrics!! Nice post!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I was in Maui this week last year. (Sigh). It has to be one of my favorite places on earth. Thanks for leting me know about this book--anything for a little reminder of paradise.

franki durbin said...

hey, there's nothing wrong with a little shameless family pimping ;) if you can't promote your cousin's lovely work here, where can you do it?

And I too have a weakness for Donghia fabric. Who doesn't? If Philip Galanes is using it in his projects, I'm in good company.

Nice post. I liked the resources you featured. And thanks for pointing us to your cousin too. :)

Anonymous said...

It sure saves my day!

Lisa said...

Wow first they have to rub it in that they are in
Hawaiiiiiii (say it in a 3 year old whiney voice) then they show a beautiful home....sigh...
Great shots!