Monday, November 5, 2007


Peacock Pavilions

HEY ALL! My good friend Maryam at My Marrakesh is among 10 finalists in the 2007 Annual Weblog Awards! She has the most wonderful magical blog about her life in Marrakesh with her family and the adventures they share in the building of a guest hotel called Peacock Pavilions. For all of those who know Maryam, I hope you will support her and


and everyday through November 8th! For those of you who have yet to visit My Marrakesh, well, where have you been?! Get over there now and get to know the gracious, brave, creative, beautiful Maryam.

This is beautiful Maryam dressed for a Halloween Birthday party for her son.


patricia gray said...

I'm glad we're getting the word out about Maryam!! I did a posting today and am supporting her also.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I feel just so incredibly supported!!!! Thank you so much!


PS expecting you in Marrakech....:-)

Mélanie said...

I'm not going to forget to vote

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Great idea to support her in this! I just voted after visiting her, so I am glad I found out about it in time! I am usually the last to know about these things!


{this is glamorous} said...

Great idea, Katie--I just went to vote as well. She's compelely adorable in that photo :)

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Pop on by my blog when you have a moment! :-)

Vee said...

I did vote for My Marrakesh just a few days ago. And I have no idea how I found out that I should either, but I am glad that I did because it's a delightful blog.

I'm here to congratulate you!!

Anna said...

Love Maryam and I will definately be voting for her!! Her story is so wonderful!!

MrsKatherineA said...

I love her blog, it's beautiful and inspiring -thank you so much for posting - voting for her!!!!