Monday, November 26, 2007

Kenneth Wingard, Lovin' it!

I happened upon these 1950's inspired lamps in the latest California Home + Design magazine and wanted to share:

Designed by San Francisco designer Kenneth Wingard, these lamps could find their way into any style interior. Here are a few more fab finds from Kenneth's website:

The Bardot Lamps. Pierced and plain.

Reed Bottles. I am crazy for this color!

Kenneth has created what he calls "Mo-bi-li-o's" : metal hanging wall art. Above is the "White Fillagree" and below is the "Brass Star".

Kenneth Wingard started his company to fill a niche for all of us out there who want hip, cool stuff at a price that we can afford. Thank you Kenneth! I think you have succeeded brilliantly!

Check out Kenneth's Webshop for many more "must have" designs!


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Hi Katie! So glad you are back in the loop! :-) Missed ya.

Love the color of those bottles too, and those metal wall hangings are very pretty. I often think I need to have a few houses so I can explore all the different styles and colors that I like. Of course, that is why I help other people with their houses. Because I can't have every style I want.

Thanks for the link to that magazine, too, I enjoyed looking at it and drooling over some lovely photos!

Happy week! Oh, today I will go to the post office with a box of truffles for you! Speaking of being out of the loop, I've been negligent in getting my mailing out! So sorry. Bad blogging hostess sending out the prize so late.


Jennifer said...

Hi Katie- I just checked out Kenneth's site and it is fantastic! I love the mo-bi-l-eos and have bookmarked them. Thanks for sharing.

patricia gray said...

Great Webshop....thanks for bringing it to my attention.

franki durbin said...

I've had a crush on those Bardot lamps for quite some time. Isn't his work lovely? Somehow I ran across him a few months back. And you're so's nice to see accessories priced below the stratosphere. ;)

Thanks for putting him back on my radar!

The Peak of Chic said...

I have a large bright orange Wingard vase that I received about 7 years ago. Looked great then...still does today!

Neutral Dwelling said...

Great find! I love his designs!

Dave said...

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