Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I have been pretty good this year...... well except for the screaming match I had with my contractor in September.( I may have gotten a little out of hand there, but it was certainly well deserved!) So I was wondering, if you decide to drop by my house, I would really find a good place for these chairs. You can find them at C Bell Furnishing for only $1000 for a set of four! (That is about as good a price as it gets for a chair!) I thought you would appreciate the color.


Your faithful friend, Katie


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Santa called. He said you were right, he does appreciate the color. In fact, he loved the chairs so much he bought them for his own house. How do you like that? Selfish Santa.


Style Court said...

Hope you get them Katie, unless Melissa means she got them!

Style Saves the World said...

pretty darn stylish - great find!!

Me, Myself, & I said...

Great set..hope you get it!
I just linked you...I did a red post too!

halcyon said...

SO understand your normally rational mind giving way to vein-bulging, vocal chord straining screaming match at contractor.

Unfortunately my Dad witnessed me at 5'6" purple faced at my 6'4" contractor, spewing expletives he had not heard since the Pacific war.

Good luck with Santa!