Monday, December 31, 2007


I wish you all the Happiest of New Years!

I wanted to thank you all for visiting my blog this past year! It has been such a fun way for me to connect with all of you that love design like I do. I love getting to know everyone and your individual aesthetic, interests, likes and dislikes. You all inspire me and make my days richer and more fun. Thanks again to you all! dog is the biggest ham ever. Believe it or not, he would not get out of the shot til I took his picture. So here is he. Cooper. He survived eating a one pound box of See's candy on Christmas night, and a trip to the vet the next day for emptying out and observation. I figured I owed him:


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Ha! My mom's dog is like that. He eats a whole pound of chocolate in a single sitting. He should be dead by now since it is poison to dogs, but I think he has built up a tolerance. And gum, he can unzip a purse and down a whole pack of gum before you know what he is up to. Dogs are funny. And such a nuisance.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2008 and all the inspiration that will flow through the blogs!


the House of Beauty and Culture said...

Show off!

Happy New Year!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Thanks for making 2007 pretty for all of us. Happy New Year!

Glad you sweet puppy is alright.

The Peak of Chic said...

Happy New Year Katie!!! Poor Cooper- he is quite a cutie though!

Patricia Gray said...

Thank-you for all your inspirational posts in 2007. Wishing you all the very best for 2008!!!!!!!

{this is glamorous} said...

Happy New Year, Katie! Glad Coop is okay--he's pretty darling :)

Pigtown-Design said...

Spent a lovely new year's eve at midnight with connor tearing around the house b/c of the fireworks. finally captured him and spent another 20 minutes with him cowering on my lap, crying all the while.

In(side) the Loop said...

OMG that dog is so darn cute!!! I love him! You need Megan of Beach Bungalow 8 to do a painting of him. His crazy hairs would be perfect for a portrait!

katiedid said...

Thanaks for all of the well wishing for my chocoholic pup! He is somethin' else.

Pig-town - I am so sorry your New Years Eve was so distressing! I have heard that if you have a difficult Eve, your year is bound to be great.

Inside! Thanks for the visit! Ha! I may just do that! :)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear KAtie - I'm SURE Ive left a comment on this post !
Anyway! Your pooch makes me laugh, not only will he not get out of the picture - he wont smile for the camera when he's IN the picture!
Hope he's feeling better after the cady gluttony thing!:-)

halcyon said...

Katie, I love Cooper too. Just love white socked dogs!

Please say what that Empire State piece is. Is that a lamp? It's great. Also your very simple gold beveled mirror is perfect.

Love this picture!

PS: Dogs can die from pancreatitis from small continued chocolate and people food doses. Also while I am on my soapbox: I nearly lost my beloved cat Sammy last year when he ate an Easter lily. Most lilies are fatal to cats. If yourse eats one, it must have intervention within 4 hours. I caught mine, and he still got very ill and on iv's for four days. (I say this because most of decorians are animal lovers)

Mélanie said...

2007 was great.
2008 will be fantastic

katiedid said...

Halcyon! Thanks for the visit!
You are the only one to comment on my Empire State Building! It is one of my favorite things, so I was starting to get a complex! It is a lamp, you're right. My very artistic mother gave it to me for my birthday a year or two ago after I had been coveting it for years from her collection of fabulous stuff!
And regarding Cooper, I was very worried about him because I know that chocolate is toxic for dogs. Thanks for the info on the lilies too! I have them on my coffee table right now, so I am going to move them out of reach!

katiedid said...

Hi Melanie! I hope your 2008 in France is going to be wonderful too! Happy New Year!

ALL THE BEST said...

Happy New Year Katie! All the very best to you in 2008. I love the photos!!

Cote de Texas said...

Katie, I am bowled over by this picture - is that your dining room? I can not tell you the envy I am having right now - the empire state building - is that another mirror over the mirror - I love hte repitition of color here - the sconces, the mirror, = the symmetry of the books and the candles - this is one of the prettiest tablescapes on the blog ever - especially because it's someone's real, not from a stylized photoshoot. Absolutely brilliant !!!! - my dog is scared to death of the camera, runs the minute I get it out.

Happy 2008- may it be a wonderful one for you and your family.


Cote de Texas said...

What is that black behind there - the front door - so is this the entry? The black reflected inside the two mirrors is so sculptural. Just perfect! What is from OLY though? Can't figure that one out.

katiedid said...

Hi Ronda! Thank you! :) Same to you for 2008!

katiedid said...

Hi Joni!
This is a Living Room picture.You are right, that is the front door. The one thing I wish we had was a foyer. C'est la vie! And yes, that is a round mirror over the big mirror. The chairs are from Oly Studio. I was debating the label, cuz you can't really see them, but what the heck.

Thank you so much for your kind comments! Coming from you, it means alot! Happy 2008! :)

pve design said...

Cooper looks like a real keeper in my book!
What savoir faire! A little attention goes along way- that is my way of reasoning that he was looking for all the wrong places, ie the candy box!
We'd get along just fine!
Happy 2008! love to tag you on my blog, just joined the blogosphere!