Sunday, September 30, 2007

Passage to India

A Passage to India is on my list of all time favorite novels. I have always thought of India as the ultimate in exotic, romantic places. Well, it seems I am not the only one. It has become a wonderful collective consciousness frenzy:

Chhatrapat Shivaji Terminus, formerly Victoria Terminus

Elle Decor, October 2007 has featured Mumbai, India in their "elle decor goes to" section. It includes all of the must see, eat, shop, and do that Mumbai has to offer. It seems that everyone who's anyone is traveling here. It is a spectacular article. Here are a few photos to wet your appetite!

The Gateway of India

The Intercontinental Hotel rooftop

House and Garden , October 2007, has showcased Cartier's breathtaking new line of jewelry which takes it's inspiration from jewelry designed for the Princes of India. Jacqueline Karachi, head of Cartier's high end jewelry line has captured the art deco period in the new Inde Mysterieuse Collection:

This spectacular tank watch is vintage circa 1929 and has an emerald watchface. Wouldn't you just do about anything for this watch?! The carved jewels are modeled after fruits and berries and hence are known as Tutti Frutti. This style was most famously created for Daisy Fellowes.

This vintage Cartier Handbag sets off two Tutti Frutti brooches from the new collection.

Tiger ring, platinum, and gold with yellow diamonds and onyx.

Domino's October 2007 issue also has embraced India devoting their entertaining section to a party designed with table settings by Waris Ahluwalia. This India-born, NYC raised designer is behind the House of Waris jewelry collection. Waris makes an appearance in Wes Anderson's new film The Darjeeling Limited. (More on that later!) The India connections just keep getting more and more interesting!

You will have to check out Domino for the scoop on all of the lovlies like these chair back garlands. I'm loving these!

I feel like I am in India just looking at this table!

And when the meal is over, place to relax!

There has been much buzz about the upcoming new film by Wes Anderson: The Darjeeling Limited starring Andrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman. An adventure about three brothers who bond during a train trip across India, this film is getting alot of positive press. I'm gonna catch it for the scenery alone!

Catch more fun info about the movie on Brilliant Asylum's blog! For that matter, just catch Brilliant Asylum's blog cuz it's so very cool.

And no post about the beautiful exotic India would be complete without mention of two of my favorite blogs: An Indian Summer and Rang Decor. They are both filled with wonderful images of interiors, furniture, art, hotels, and homes of India. I feel like I am on a mini-vacation every time I visit. Here are a few images from their fantastic blogs:

from An Indian Summer

Both of these photos are from Rang Decor

Have I got you curious? Would you like to hear more? I highly recommend these novels to help take you away to India, if only in your imagination:

Happy travels!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yes, Shock and Awe is how I would have to describe how I felt when I received a comment from Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief of Elle Decor Magazine this morning. Ms. Russell has actually seen and read my blog! Eeegads! I have to say, I was very pleased and excited. I had to let you all know so that you can read her comment about my Elle Decor Cover post to get the real scoop on how and why a cover photo may be different from the editorial photos.

I want to say a heart-felt THANK YOU to Ms. Russell for visiting and for leaving her kind comments! I hope you all get a chance to look at the post!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jan Showers - Eye Candy

Jan Showers designed a "fresh take on traditional " in the Dallas home of Daniele Farhi and her family. Daniele is originally from France and brought many family antiques with her when she moved permanently to Dallas. Just a little Eye Candy for your viewing pleasure:

The Library: Salon Sofa from Jan Showers Collection, 1950's chairs and Empire commode by owner.

Living Room:Owner's heirloom settee in Rose Cummings fabric, Venetian glass tables lamps. I am loving this coffee table.

Family Room: Louis XV commode, faux ostrich-skin table, slipcovered chairs. This mix is practical and beautiful!

Dining Room: Owner's chairs recovered in Brunschwig and Fils paired with Oliver table from Jan Showers Collection. Owner's own chandelier. I love the pop of the turquoise glass in the white setting.

Master Bedroom: Jan Showers Manhattan side tables. Again, the white backround sets off color so well.

Jan Showers has a way with glamorous and playful interiors that have a mix of antiques and contemporary styles that I can't get enough of. Be sure to check out her fab furniture collection!

Western Interiors, October/November 2007, photography byDominque Vorillon

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"What's Wrong with this Picture?" How Many Changes Can You Find?

I look forward every month to my new issue of Elle Decor. I have to say, it is one of the best publications out there. I was very excited to see that the cover of the September issue had a home by one of my favorite designers Victoria Hagan. I love her understated classic design sensibility. I noticed there were a few differences between the cover and the editorial photos however. So I thought it would be fun to play a little game:

"What's Wrong with this Picture?"

Of course there is nothing intrinsically "wrong" with either picture. They are both wonderful. But the object of the game is to name all of the differences.

I'd love to hear your list, and your thoughts as to why the rooms are so different. There has been a bit of blogging about the importance of good photography lately, and I think staging is also important for photo composition. But do you think the cover was the real deal or the editorial? Which look do you prefer?

(Here are a few of my catches: drapery color, pillow color, throw on sofa arm, table gone to left of fireplace. table lamps, floor lamp missing, different side table, lounge chair missing, flowers on coffee table, wood in fireplace. Did you catch any others?)


Well I am truly without proper words! I have been visited by one of the most impressive women in the Shelter Magazine world, Margaret Russell. Elle Decor is and has been the magazine I look forward to most every month. It consistently puts out interesting, unique, beautiful editorials that capture my imagination. I love being introduced to new talented designers and innovative design. To receive a blog visit from the editor makes my day, my week, my...well, you get the picture. Ms. Russell (um, may I call you Margaret?) was kind enough to leave a comment to explain the cover shoot process so I am happy to post it for you all! And thank you Margaret for the visit! I hope you visit again!

MR said...
Hi all,This was a terrific posting. For the record, an editor/stylist is present at every ED shoot and we bring flowers, but that's about it. Covers sell magazines, and sometimes we move some things around in a room for a better cover shot to accommodate cover lines, and occasionally we will slightly alter an image or return to the location for a cover shoot, which is the case with Victoria Hagan's project in our September issue. The room made a good cover, but the original photo was a bit quiet. The real-life room is always featured in the article (as in this story and also the Randy Powers project in July/August), so this is not about subterfuge, it's simply to create a strong cover for the newsstand. And no one we've featured has ever had a word of complaint, only bloggers.By the way, I love your blog.—Margaret Russell
September 29, 2007 2:02 PM

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Meet ink & peat!

Cruzing around blogland, I came across a blog that you should all visit: Me Myself & I. I had a wonderful visit and came across ink&peat, a florist that I thought was definitely worth sharing:

ink & peat is run by a woman who was a fashion designer for 15 years before following her passion for flowers and home decor. Her home decor retail store will be opeing in Portland Oregon in Spring 2008. Here are a few of her spectacular floral designs, a little eye candy:

I love the diversity of beautiful flowers, fruits, seedpods and leaves that she uses!

OK, where have I been! I have had many of you set me straight about the fact that the ink & peat owner has her own wonderful blog called: Housemartin. I cannot believe I have just found out about it. It is wonderful and packed with the latest, greatest floral arrangements and home decor ideas. So, you must check out Housemartin!

Don't forget to visit Me, Myself, & I!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eco-Fabulous - Zem Joaquin

We have all been hearing so much about green design and how we might all leave a smaller footprint on the earth. Zem Joaquin takes the concept to new levels. A former "Milan fashionista" Zem is now eco-editor for House & Garden. She is such a perfect choice to make going green fashionable!

This photo of Zem is from her website/blog:

Perusing the latest House and Garden, this photo caught my eye. Zem found these drapes at a flea market and recycles them in her own new home in California. Now that kind of "green" I can get behind! The table and chairs are vintage pieces. I bet the average person does not think about buying vintage as a way to recycle.

Zem also uses antiques in her Living Room. She has used solar panels and radiant floor heating to condition the space.

Wherever possible, Zem has used vintage furniture, such as these Laszlo Dining Room Chairs. I love the colors and furnishings here!

The article does not say so, but I believe the Family Room coffee table is a vintage Michael Taylor table which was found at Benjamin Storck Ltd. in San Fransisco.

Isn't this the cutest girls room? Painted in AFM Safecoat pink.

So how does one become green and still stay fabulously fashionable? I say follow Zem's lead by taking it one step at a time, use local sources, reuse beautiful vintage finds and antiques, and think about the sustainability of products you use. For tips and information, visit her ecofabulous website!

So what kind of car does an ecofabuous defender of the Earth's resources drive? What else, but a Toyota Prius!

House and Garden, October 2007; photos by Francois Dischinger

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Big Fat Remodel Update: White Out

I have had some requests for a remodel update, so here is how things look as of this weekend. The Painters have come:

They have started their magic show!

They have caulked and prepped.

They have taped and draped.

They have primed and painted.

I am anxiously awaiting the unveiling! Stay Tuned........

Friday, September 14, 2007

Benjamin Noriega Ortiz and the New Met Home Collection

So, I had posted awhile ago about Benjamin Noriega Ortiz and his design talents, which he deftly illustrated at the Mondrian, Scottsdale. Mr. Noriega Ortiz has joined forces with Metropolitan Home to create the Metropolitan Home Collection:

This new line of home furnishings will be debuting at retail stores this fall. I must say after visiting the website, I was much more impressed. There are some really creative and beautiful pieces that reflect the exceptional abilities of Mr. Noriega Ortiz. (My favorite is the Dining Table with silhouette legs. )

I was also checking out the latest and greatest on Mr. Noriega Ortiz' website, and lo and behold, he has additional photos there. Here is just one:

If any of you are unfamiliar with Mr. Noriega Ortiz, here are a few of his many brilliant design projects:

New York apartment Media Room as featured in Metropolitan Home October 2006. I love his signature feather lampshades. Very "luxe"!

The Living Room in the same apartment. The use of seersucker for upholstery is wonderful as is his use of antiques in such a modern way.

I can never resist a white bedroom.

Images from the Casa Decor Showhouse in Miami as seen in Blueprint Directory January 2007.

Images from the Mondrain Scottsdale. This hotel has been in too many publications to count. It is whimsical and beautiful, don't you agree?

Mr. Benjamin Noriega Ortiz will be introducing his new line of furniture at Macy's Trend House in Chicago, IL, on September 26th if you happen to be in the area. He will also be doing a book signing for his new book:

A new furniture line AND a book signing?!? Sounds like the place to be Sept. 26th!