Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jonathan Adler: Your Neighborhood Druggist

New from Jonathan Adler

What could be better? Feeling a little too much Hate or Anger? Just put it in a jar and put the lid on it. Then open that jar of Love, take two and call me in the morning. One can always open that Anger jar when it becomes necessary and put it to productive use. Say, like when there is a little too much social injustice and one must get motivated to do something about it.

This doctor's advice? Try to open the Joy jar at least once a day.

Thanks Jonathan!


dianamuse said...

A good prescription. Thank you. I'm just fascinated by that chair from Les Indiennes that you're featuring on the sidebar.

Good weekend to you.

girl meets glamour said...

As usual, I want what this man is selling!!


katiedid said...

Hello Dianamuse!
I thought these were clever!
Isn't that fabric great? In my previous post, It is used on the guest bedroom bed. Love it!

katiedid said...

Me too!;)

Me, Myself, & I said...

Clever wording on your post. The jars are great...but I want the coffee mugs!! I would proudly display it on my desk first thing every morning.

katiedid said...

Hello me! OOOOH...I might have to get one of those mugs too. Who wouldn't want to drink a cuppa Joy every morning?