Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lombok - Eastern Influence

I received an email from Lombok, a company in the UK with which I was unfamiliar. I have seen many versions of South East Asian furniture, but I was taken with many of their more unique products.

Bobble Painted Wood Lamp

Made from reclaimed woods, the goal at Lombok is to treat the environment in a friendly way, as well as the craftspeople that create their products. Manufactured in Vietnam and Indonesia, the staff are earning above average wages and no children are employed. There is quite a bit of information supplied on their website regarding their ethical policies.

Camille Tea Light Holder

Lomboch has recently expanded their line to include accessories and lighting.

Decorative Carved 'Sula' Wall Panel

Tall Antique 'Song' Lamp and Carved White Screen

Chunky Teak Mirrors and the Planter's Armchair

The Keraton Four Poster Bed and the White Washed Oak Dresser.

I am very taken with the presentation of these pieces. Can't you just see them being used in just these settings?

Kambia Embroidered Cushion

Perfect for all the Indigo Blue things out this summer.

Ginger Pot in Stone Glaze

White Horn Pair of Salad Servers

Eco-friendly Summer Bag.

Just the thing for beach or weekend trips!

This is just a peak at all of the beauty that is Lombok. Check it out.


Jennifer Ramos said...

Hello! thanks for commenting on my GIVEAWAY...don't 4get to come back Friday and check for the winner!

Jen Ramos
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kathi said...

I enjoy your sense of style and check your blog regularly. Great inspiration for my work.


Marie Louise said...

Wow - one thing after another that I love. Thanks for turning me on to Lombok. Especially like that carved white wall panel!
Have a good one!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I got that same email from Lombok and thought they had lovely things!

franki durbin said...

oh my goodness. that wall panel is amazing. nice to have that resource added to my list ;)