Monday, May 26, 2008

Clever Chairs

California Home and Design, June 2008, Photo by Ed Ritger

We see alot of various dining chair styles brought together in one room and united through uniform paint color. I love that idea. I thought this was a great new take on a that tried and true method. Roy McMakin of Domestic Furniture in Seattle found vintage American chairs on ebay and accented them with white paint. Just on the top. Clever.


a home far away said...

It looks really nice and interesting, I agree. And the whole room is so homey:-)

I hope you had a great weeken, next week I´m on my way for some vacation in Sweden, but first I will have a competion and the prize is something asian:-)

Hugs Gunilla

Marie Louise said...

What a great idea for chairs. I am suffering at the moment trying to find the perfect dining rooms chairs to go with a beautiful table I found on Craigslist. I love this idea - the light paint on the top keeps the chairs from competing with the table - leaving it airy feeling. Thanks for the idea!

Julie said...

Actually I love that huge stack of books in the back!