Monday, June 23, 2008

Design Crush: Ken Fulk

Photo by David Duncan Livingston

For those of you that have not yet caught on to the greatness that is Ken Fulk, I'd like to introduce you. My crush started back awhile when I noticed Mr. Fulk's work and couldn't help but post about it here (Almost a year ago to the DAY!). Well, he has been very busy since then. You may have seen his work in the latest House Beautiful and he also has a project that has recently graced the cover of California Homes magazine.

California Homes Magazine, April 2008, Photo by David Duncan Livingston

With his blend of custom furniture and antiques, Ken never fails to add originality and sophistication without a bit of stuffiness to his projects. For this project, after all of the initial planning and legwork, Ken was able to install everything: paint, finishes, furniture, art....the works, in a three week time frame while the clients were away on vacation in Africa. Wouldn't that be an amazing thing to come home to?! "Yes, darling, the elephants were fabulous, but I am glad to be home....oh, my! Look at this! So much better than those zebras !"

Photo by David Duncan Livingston

The combination of elements here at first glance seems somewhat formal until you realize the coffee table top is made from reclaimed wood planks, and that the firewood is stored in a rustic antique wheel barrow. I think they make the space so livable. You wouldn't be afraid to really relax here. The unique placement of the photography, artistic in itself, creates a great composition with all of the other elements. Wing back chair from Coup d'Etat Antiques. And that paint color! Wonderful.

Photos by David Duncan Livingston

1950's Capiz Shell light fixture in the stairwell is from Past Perfect in San Francisco. Zebra print carpet by Stark on the stair. Ken created this Dining table from and antique trestle base from House of Mann. Antique hooded chair is from Sarlo Wick. Dining chairs are by Milo Baughman and covered in Great Plains linen.

California Homes Magazine, April 2008, Photo by David Duncan Livingston

I appreciate the mix of high and low in the Family Room: Pottery Barn Sofa with a slipcover of linen velvet mixed with the Belgian coffee table also form Sarlo Wick. This stylish room says "comfort" and would be attainable for most of us. I like that.

Mr. Fulk has also been profiled in the latest House Beautiful magazine for his own getaway retreat in the Napa Valley:

House Beautiful, July 2008, Photo by Victoria Pearson

The entry gives a hint at the color scheme that runs throughout the compound.

House Beautiful July 2008, Photo by Victoria Pearson

He revamped a 1940's ranch house and out buildings into a grownup's dream of "camp". He used bluestone inside and out to unite the space and make it user friendly for his dogs, and anyone else who pays a visit. BTW, those are his dogs in the painting in the photo above. Ken has used the dining table as a "library" space and has piled it with books. I love a multiple use space.

House Beautiful July 2008, Photo by Victoria Pearson

Can you see the pipe ladder next to the fireplace? It leads to a sleeping loft. Fun! Dog andirons from LL Bean and another dog portrait. Dog heaven.

Photo by Victoria Pearson

This bedroom is in a tented cabin for guests who visit the property. It really is like camp...only so much better!

Photo by Victoria Pearson

I love the bed here modeled after an old Woody Station wagon. The stacking of the vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases on two wood blocks is just another example of Ken Fulk's ability to think in ways that make him wonderfully unique. Of course, this is the main reason he is one of my design crushes.

Photo by Victoria Pearson

Afternoon picnic in the barn. If this is camp, sign me up!

Photo by Victoria Pearson

I had to add this picture because the red chairs are from Chelsea Antiques in Petaluma where my Mom used to be a dealer. She has very kind memories of Mr. Ken Fulk, who, she said, came in quite often. Just one more reason to throw a little love Ken's way.


Cote de Texas said...

He looks like a winner! love the country house with the tented room.
Thanks for introducing him to me!


driftwood shack said...

There are so many little special touches in this house/houses love the wooden coffee table, the Vuitton cases, the red doors and the lovely leather chair.......if he could just pop round and help me strip my wallpaper he would be perfect!

Ben said...

Love your blog! I just tagged you from my blog!

pve design said...

Bill Blass and he would have gotten on well.
Love his mix of stripe, non color color and wood with red accents. I shall refer to him as the "incredible fulk"

katiedid said...

Hi Joni! I really like the tent too! I winder how it is air conditioned in the summer though. Napa gets HOT.

Thanks for stopping in driftwood! I look forward to checking out your blog. :)

BEN! HI! Thanks for the tag. :) I just got tagged not long ago, so I will kindly refer you to a few posts ago. But I will pop on over to see yours to learn a little more aobut you.:

katiedid said...

Hello Patricia!
LOL! Incredible Fulk.I wish I had thought of that! I may have to rename this post.I wonder if anyone has told him that before.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward and I were crazy about his Napa place when we saw it in House Beautiful. Dog heaven is right!

SimplyGrove said...

I really love his work!!! Thanks for this post.

Suzy said...

I've liked his work for a while, but you've just given me an excuse to check out his website again!

Alkemie said...

Amazing interiors by this designer! I just subscribed to California Homes magazine. Love their stuff. Thanks for sharing!!

SGM said...

Wow...count me in on the crush.

franki durbin said...

oh how funny... the incredible fulk. ha! Superb rooms! You've got a good reason to have a design crush on him. So.. I have to ask... do we know the any details on that yummy teal paint color?

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oh wowza just fab. Love the quirky elements you pointed out but more than anything I am in love with that beautiful blue on the walls! I wonder what paint color that is!