Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ella's: Keeping Sacramento on the Map!

Main Dining Room, Hospitality Design, May/June 2008, Photo by Mathjis Wessing

Ella Dining Room and Bar is at the top of my list of restaurants in Sacramento. So I was not surprised, but very pleased to see it in the latest Hospitality Design magazine as the winner of their "Hospitality Debut" Award.

Bar and Lounge

The interiors are a great indicator of what you can expect from the superb menu: unpretentious, but extremely well done California dishes with a creativity that doesn't get so out there, you are scratching your head in confusion. It is all about the food, not the "foam". The farmhouse family style tables encourage mingling. The creative use of lighting, the sophisticated color palette of soft greys and beige's, the natural olive branches all converge to give one the relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy wonderful food and company.

Owner, Randall Selland and his wife Nancy Zimmer, have been creating top notch food for many years in their original exhibition restaurant, The Kitchen. This is their latest baby....and it is growing into the hottest dining spot in the valley.

The architects are Sacramento natives: Darryl Chinn Architects. The interiors were done by UXUS, Amsterdam.

Private Dining Room

Just another reason to visit "Sactown". Come, sit and enjoy!


Elements of Style said...

Holy cow- this is gorgeous!

katiedid said...

Hi EOS!, yes it is really a wonderful place. My answer to "what will I do this weekend.?"


I grew up in Stockton and went to UC Davis so Sacramento is a town I am fond of. Will try this restaurant out next visit. It's gorgeous!
Lisa & Alfie

annechovie said...

This place looks really cool, Katie. I am enjoying your Sacramento features lately and am adding it to my list of places to visit!

breathing in the dreaming world said...

Beautiful interior~
Love the white tufted sofas, and the airy, light feeling of the space.

coco+kelley said...

oooh la LOVE! i've never really had a reason to visit sacramento, btu this might just give me one! stunning space!

Mélanie said...

That looks terrific !
I've always loved the sound of the name of this city !! so let's go

franki durbin said...

"...It is all about the food, not the "foam"..."

was this a Marcel reference? ;) ha!

Wow, this looks like my kind of dining experience. It looks luxurious, yet completely relaxed. If I'm ever in Sac' we're going there together ;)