Monday, July 14, 2008

Domino: Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell

Domino, August 2008

Don't miss designer, David Netto's article about the incomparable fabric design icon, Alan Campbell in Domino's August issue. You are bound to know Alan Campbell's fabrics, but David Netto let's us in on the man. And as his godson, he knows a thing or two.

Alan Campbell fabrics in the Parish Hadley famous 1970's peacock blue room.

Domino, August 2008


maison21 said...

hey katie-

just wanted to congratulate you- you are now an award winning blogger!

please see my latest post to find out what honor has been bestowed upon you! ;-)

The Peak of Chic said...

I was so excited to read this article b/c there is a dearth of information about Campbell on the web. Love the peacock blue room!

halcyon said...

Katie, I agree with Jennifer. There IS a dearth of information except that he was talented and he was Bunny Williams friend and that he is no longer with us. His fabrics were ingenious. I've done a bit of his type of batiks, fabric painting and such, and I mean a BIT, because it is maddening. So time consuming. He must have had the concentration of a computer. To me the fabric he produced for Brooke Astor's bedroom in Manhattan rank right there with the library Albert Hadley designed in the same apartment. The soft green was a backdrop, but very one off. I think his talent for textiles was genius. Still, I have to laugh in Affair With A House where Bunny says even though he designed beautiful wallpaper and fabric, he didn't know how to paper!
He died WAY before his talent reached it's zenith, and I really appreciate your posting this Katie. I had never seen a photo of him, I only realized once I saw it.

katiedid said...

Hello M21!-
Who me?!?! Thank you ! I will hury rightover to accept! :) And I will gladly pass it on as soon as I can!

katiedid said...

Hi Jennifer!
I is hard to find alot about him. This article was so fun to read...especially about David Netto's mother.

katiedid said...

Hi Kevin!
He was such a talent wasn't he? I do not have the Bunny Williams book (yet!). It looks like I should be getting it. That is very funny about the wallpaper. ;)

Style Court said...

Katie -- Love this post. Netto's piece is my favorite part of the new issue. That peacock room is amazing!

Ann said...

The Peacock room looks so elegant and sophisticated with those luxurious Alan Campbell Fabrics. And notice the design on the fabrics, they are so not common. Nice post.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love that peacock blue room!

Happy day, Katie!


mandco said...

Stunning! Makes me want to repaint my livingroom!!

TonicHome said...

I thought this was a great article as well in Domino. That is one of the things that I really enjoy about the magazine, learning more background information about these design icons. It's so inspiring!