Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've gone Sale-ing

In my last post, I mentioned that my Mom was going to have a Garage Sale last weekend, and I was going to help. Well I helped alright. I helped myself right into taking home quite a few choice pieces to add to my collection addiction:

I brought home three new additions to my ever growing mercury glass collection. These pieces all have been painted with floral images which indicates they are truly vintage and not a recent reproduction.

I loved this Mercury Glass bowl, even though it may be newer. It is such a great shape.

I also collect vintage shell boxes. These two were so charming I couldn't resist.

These little flamingos and the cactus trees somehow found there way back home with me. I just couldn't leave them for strangers to take home...even if they were nice strangers.

This had to come home with me. I do not have any idea who the man in the water is, but I make up stories in my head about him every time I see him. I think this frame was made in Mexico. I have yet to open the back up to see if there is any identification for this mystery man. I almost don't want to know. The picture looks like it could be from the 30's, and the frame is just cracks me up. Had to have it.

An old kilim pillow found a new home in my leather wing back.

This is an example of a Tramp Art box. I love the sculptural quality it has. It was made probably in the 30's, but has such a contemporary feel to it.

This is how the lid opens. Clever!

And there were books. Lots of books. My summer reading list is full! I particularly love this Pottery reference book. Very hard to find and beautiful!

At first, I thought the last thing I needed was another dated cookbook. But then who could pass up Martha in this dress? Ah, the good ole days when women across the country dressed like the Texas polygamists. Love ya Martha! But there really are some great recipes in here too.

These are a few of the things that got away: Adirondack twig tables

And large scale antique bird cages.

I may still have to go back and snag this cage. It has not yet sold. Just not sure where to put it. Hmmmm.

What was the thing you found at a Garage Sale that you never regretted hauling home?


maison21 said...

you got that tramp art box at a YARD SALE? that is a serious, serious, score!

Anonymous said...

Love that man!!!!

Visual Vamp said...

Did I read correctly in your saying this stuff came from your mother's house?! What a great mercury glass collection, not to mention all the other great stuff! You come from a good family kiddo!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I think I would have knocked you over to get at that mercury glass. Gently knocked you over, though, as not to damage the glass. ;-)

What amazing finds!! I'm feeling a slight pang of regret over a $10 dresser I saw a couple of weeks ago. The veneer was chipped up but the dresser was old (I'd say 1930s) and really a good paint job could have fixed it. I don't really *need* another dresser...but I'm thinking I should have grabbed it.

Pigtown-Design said...

When my parents moved from the "big house" to a smaller one, they had a huge yard sale, but someone else did the work, because my father wouldn't have let anything go... we even had an antique grape press for allegedly making our own wine.

Since I've been back, the best thing i've gotten is a three tier steel barristers' book case for $25. SCORE!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I can't believe she wanted to get rid of that mercury glass! It's perfect!

Tracey said...

This was at your mom's garage sale? I would seriously start looking through her closets if this is what she puts in a garage sale! Cash in the Attic or Antiques Roadshow is drooling right now...

Style Court said...

Katie -- you did come back with great things! I think the mercury glass and shell boxes are my favorites. That Martha cover is priceless.

katiedid said...

Hi Everyone!
I have to confess, my mother is not your average Garage Sale person. She used to be an antiques dealer and has since retired and has been trying to downsize for quite a few years. I never wanted to push her to sell things to me until she was ready...well, she is now ready, and I am the lucky one who gets "1st dibs" on her many treasures. She has always had a very good eye, and as I said before, I inherited her gene for collecting. We do have alot of fun antiqueing together and she has a wealth of knowledge I try to absorb whenever we are on the hunt.

M21..I am thrilled to have gotten the Tramp Art box. It has beeen with my mom for as long as I can remember and is a really good peice.

My mom has had mercury glass forever,and has finally decided to let the collection go a bit at a time. She moved to a much smaller more manageable home a couple of years ago and is just trying to downsize her possesions as well. I have gotten alot of the family peices. I will show you the whole collection one of these days!

Have any of you found something at a garage sale that turned out to be very precious, financially or emotionally?

halcyon said...


YOU owe ME a brand new flat screen monitor over this remark:

Ah, the good ole days when women across the country dressed like the Texas polygamists


That was choice.

Mélanie said...

I love all these pieces ! Fantastic yard sale !!!!

At Home Redesigns said...

Great scores!


Wait a minute! What town did you say your mom lived in? And what is the name of her street? I don't think I caught her street number either!
You must have died and gone to heaven to receive these treasures. She sounds like a font of priceless information. Her home is certainly a font of precious pieces. Lucky you!
I love my dress form. I have had her for years and I would never part with her. No amazing financial scores though.
Lisa & Alfie

Anrosh said...

i have never regretted any of my garage sale collections - paintings. huge ones(worn out by water at the ends) and small ones. all in oil.
japanese bed.
end tables.
so many many things.

RECYCLE AND REUSE - my contribution to the world to make it a better place.

i LOVE THE TABLE - can't believe it is not yet sold ?

Only if it were on the east coast ..