Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will Wick

The cover of the latest Western Interiors was graced by the work of Will Wick. The issue is dedicated to smaller homes, but Mr. Wick is able to make this San Francisco residence appear luxurious in size. He also combined heirloom furniture pieces with new finds making everything feel modern and fresh:

For example there was a pair of traditional drum tables flanking the sofa in the Living Room that he topped with organic tree trunk lamps. Very unexpected, but it gives the space a humorous edge. Instead of the expected Oriental area rug, he uses a goatskin rug to change things up a bit.

In the Family Room, he uses soothing light colors with just one punch of color in the art to expand the smallish space into something that seems much larger. Gorgeous!

For many more photos from the Wick Design Group's portfolio, be sure to check out this post from Desire to Inspire.

I believe I have a new crush!


The Peak of Chic said...

Gorgeous is right! I think I'm a new fan of his too.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Katie - this was a great issue. I loved Wick's work as well. It seemed to me he worked with some existing pieces - everything did not seem so staged. Adore!

katiedid said...

Hi Jennifer....I will be keeping him on my radar! I think he is on a track to stardom at this rate.:)

Hi Patricia!
You are right...he was incorporating pieces the family had as heirlooms and I think he did a wonderful job. It makes it so much more interesting.

Rachel Mallon said...

Wick has great taste. I like that a lot of his work has a natural feel to it and the artwork pops.

SimplyGrove said...

Love the gorgeous tufted ottoman!!!

d i a n a m u s e said...

Oh, glory! The screen, the gorgeous pillow fabrics and the deeply tufted bench - this is a beauty of a room. I can understand your new infatuation.

(BTW, do you have the book San Francisco Interiors? It's a personal favorite.)


I have been to a few SF Design Showcases that he participated in. His work is always classic with a bit of the whimsical and unexpected. This years room was really fun. He's not bad on the eyes either!
Lisa & Alfie

Patricia Gray said...

I fell in love with that amazing piece of artwork!

Dovecote Decor said...

It is so interesting to learn how to make a small room look bigger! There really are so many different ways to do it! The reverse works too, which is to put large scale prints on the walls, which my friend did to great effect in her mountain house, tiny dining room. Thanks for the post! We love following you.