Monday, August 18, 2008

New Beginnings

I have not been able to post in the last few days. Maybe you have noticed. Maybe not. I have been thinking alot since I found out some news on Friday that one of my very valued co-workers is going to be leaving the company I work for. Fall is, for some, a time to make changes, to take on new challenges. It is a time many think of as a beginning, rather than a winding down. Maybe this feeling is due to the fact that we associate starting school in the Fall as a chance to start over, maybe show our class mates a new "self" we have improved over the summer.

Our yard before

So, my friend leaving just happens to be at the same time my older daughter is returning to school. My daughter has all of a sudden become a young adult over the summer. It has been a learning experience for our whole family. But I am feeling it very acutely.

Our yard with it's new beginning

I have always loved the Fall. It is my favorite season. Not only because it is beautiful here in Sacramento in the Fall with the leaves changing and the air getting that crisp freshness, but because it seems like a time for new things, for possibilities.

Things are looking good

I am wishing my friend at work all good things in her future. I know she will be going places. She is so very talented and very sharp. I am sad to see her go. I will miss her for many reasons. She was always my sounding board for design and ideas. But I know this is good for her.

And for my daughter, I know this will be a year of challenges and opportunities. My hope is that she takes advantage of them with a cheerful and enthusiastic heart. It is all just beginning and I am so excited for her!

And as for me...well...we will see.


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Your front yard looks beautiful! I love how green your sod looks!

My daughter will start kindergarden and I'm a bit sad. Her babyhood is finally over and now she'll be a school age child. Why can't they stay our little babies forever? sigh

halcyon said...

Katie, Love the photos of the house, as always.
I too am losing a co-worker of 9 years in the Art Department, and it's a tough situation. The decision wasn't hers in this case, and it's going to leave a big hole, and our office dynamic will be compromised.

Like you, her daughter is changing, although her change is college. She alternates between on the verge of tears, and the next day she's "WHEN does she leave???"
Hang in there. It's that limbo time. Remember? It will normalize.

Wish I could say it was crisp here! However we have abondoned the triple digits for the seventies! For a brief respite.

Patricia Gray said...

Your new lawn looks great!
Good post!

katiedid said...

Hi DG!
Oh! I remember when each of my daughters left preschool for the last day. We had such a wonderful preschool, I was a basket case on the last day. They put together these "memory books" with all of these wonderful pictures of them that just made me start balling! I still get choked up when I pull them out to look at them, and my daughters are both teenagers now.

AND, I am very happy with the new lawn too! Thanks.:)

katiedid said...

Hi Kevin!
Thanks! I think I am feeling all of those same things as your co-worker about my daughter. And you are right about having that co-worker leave! She was such a big part of our office. It will b very strange to have her go. The very sad thing is that we just had another person leave not long ago (leass than a month) to move out of state, so there is a big hole to fill! Sigh....

But you are right....things have a way of working themselves out one way or another.

katiedid said...

Hi Patricia! Thanks!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Autumn is the perfect time for new beginnings! Best to your daughter, and to you!

maison21 said...

change is good, katie- and you are very right, things do always work out, one way or another. like your yard, chances are that the changes, while sometimes painful, will lead to beautiful new things...

Paloma said...

What a lovely post! Your yard looks great. I too, am very much looking forward to the fall this year.

Neutral Dwelling said...

Your lawn looks terrific! I have a daughter in college too and I know exactly how you feel!

Annie Empiric said...

what a touching post. very thoughtful. Cheers to fall '08, butterflies on the first day, and positive much needed inevitable change!!

katiedid said...

Thanks Pamela!

Hi M21! I know you are right. Change is good. Change is good.

Paloma! I was just at your blog and your quote for the day: "leap and the net will appear" was very apropos! Thanks for that.

Hi Annie! Thanks for the visit and I had a good time at your blog! And your shop. Your kind words are much appreciated. :)

SGM said...

What an exciting (yet sad/nervous) time for you! Good luck to your daughter, and your co-worker.

I am swooning over your porch. Yowza.

Anonymous said...

Your gentle sharing of personal life is quite extraordinary... change is essential in lifes gives us the opportunity to learn new things, discover. Your yard is a wonderful example of change, beautiful. Ginny

porter hovey said...

Wow! Things are looking great!!!

girl meets glamour said...

Katie your house is coming along so nicely!! First I loved the inside and now the outside too!


robyn said...

Fabulous Lawn and lovely trees Katie.

a home far away said...

Your front yard looks amazing!
And I agree, fall is a time for new begginings and I feel enthustiatic for this coming one, even still, here in Singapore we don´t really have seasons...but it´s all in my mind!

Have a great day


Style Court said...

Katie, I like how you tied this all together. Great post.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Ah yes. I'm with you here, girl. Change is hard to grab a hold of -- it is a happy sad sort of thing.


Things That Inspire said...

I love this post. I really had not thought of fall in these terms before, but I also see fall as a time for beginnings. I am not a New Years resolution type of a person, but I always start the fall (mainly, when school is back in sessions) with all sorts of energy for self-improvement, home improvement, and life improvement.

My youngest just started kindergarten, so now all of my children are at school until 2:30. I can hardly believe it. I have never had so much time to myself, and although the past few weeks have been busy, I know that it is time to figure out what my next move is. It is time to take some sort of leap.

Great post, a wonderful thing to read on a rainy contemplative Saturday morning.

katiedid said...

Thanks sgm! That porsh was a huge selling point for us!

Hi Ginny- We have always loved being outside, so not having a nice yard for the last couple of years has been tough. But things are turning around!

Hello Porter! And thanks for hte visit and your kind comment.:)

katiedid said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for vsiting! I think will be visiting alot more in the future!

Hi Robyn and Gunilla-
Thanks! I hope your Fall is a wonderful beginning too.

Thanks Courtney.:)

Melissa - you are so right.

Hi TTI! I hope you took some pictures of that first big day at kindegarten! I know you will fill up all of those hours in no time...what a wonderful age...kindegarten.