Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blogger Trees

Breakfast at Tiffany's tree from Visual Vamp

I have been very busy of late. There has been much going on at the Katiedid house. So much in, in fact, that I cannot keep up! I had planned to post about such wonderful things. And I will! I will! And I have been working on a very big project. One that I will share with you soon. But for now, there will have to be a sign on the project that says; "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS"!

I have had a tiny bit of time to visit some of my favorite blogs and see what is going on for their holiday season. I thought you all had to see just how fabulously creative bloggers are!

Beautiful wrappings and fantastic ornaments by Stylecourt

Check out Mrs. Blanding's tree with her cozy needlepoint ornaments. You can see close-ups on her blog!

The House of Edward blog is a wonderland of inspiration. Check out these beautiful boxes that Pamela makes and shares with us all from her etsy shop here.

And of course, I would never miss seeing a tree done by the oh so talented Mr. Eddie Ross and partner, Jaithan. P.S. They are now officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Check out the whole tree trimming adventure on their most excellent blog.

I love this down under tree from Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things. You know it is summertime in Oz, and Anna never fails to inspire with her beautifully unique take on a Christmas tree.

So, I hope you all enjoy your own very merry holiday season!


Lauren said...

What an awesome post!!! I love seeing everyone's take on Christmas. Thanks for sharing! :)

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Thanks for the holiday beauty, Katie! xoxo

Paloma said...

They are all gorgeous! It's impossible to pick a favorite.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love getting a sneak peak into others home. I simply adore VisualVamps tree especially with the great addition of her furry friend. My tree is a similar take on it. I did all silver, creams, aqua blue, black and a bit of brown.

Can't wait to hear about your great news!

Give us a hint!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Katie - thanks so much for including me in your post. I just saw Anna's picture today and it is fabulous!

eddieross said...

thank you so much for such a sweet post! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks for featuring us, Katie! Isn't this time of year just the best??!

Homer's Odd Isn't He. said...

A perfect blogger post. This should make all the shelter editors take note of the creativity and community we're creating. Congrats and Merry Christmas, Homer.

Velvet and Linen said...

Anna's tree made me smile when I saw it on her blog.
Definitely a beautiful tree done Anna's way.
This is a lovely post filled with holiday inspiration.
Happy Holidays Katie!


Style Court said...

What a tribute Katie! Such a lovely surprise. Everyone else's are so magical. You have such a generous spirit.

Callie Grayson said...

have missed you!
great post, and that tree! *sigh* by Visual Vamp is absolutely beautiful!!!

katiedid said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments! I think we have a wonderfully creative blog community and I hope to get to everyone's blog to see what's up this Holiday Season.

Hi Lauren and thanks for the visit! Such diversity is so much fun and inspiring to see. :)

Hi DTID! I think I may have to do another tree post and share some more wonderful trees!

Hi Paloma-
I have a hard time too. But then, who says we have to pick just one! ;)

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Katie - thank you SO much for including my tree here with everyone else's creative creations! They are all SO beautiful! It's just so much fun seeing what everyone is doing for Christmas through the blogs!!

jae said...

Great post. What fun to peek into everyone's "Christmas" windows!

coco+kelley said...

so fun to see everyone's different styles! love eddie ross' tree. that's so me!

Visual Vamp said...

Oh I'm so slow to the party ha ha!
Thanks for including me!
And thanks for doing a blog digest of all the other trees! I love them all!
Can hardly wait to see what you're up to at your house!
xo xo

Jennifer Ramos said...

The first one....rocks!

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Alina said...

Aww what a cute collection of Christmas tree images! I love the Breakfast at Tiffany's tree!! ^_^