Monday, January 28, 2008

Design Crush: Bonesteel Trout Hall

Flipping through the latest Western Interiors and Design magazine, I came across a house from my old stomping grounds: Corona Del Mar, California. Designed by Heidi Bonesteel and her partner Michele Trout of Bonesteel Trout Hall, it is such a fun space, I had to share. It is a beachy, sunny space, something I am missing right about now while trying to endure the constant rain we have been seeing in Northern California. I hope this brightens your day!

Vintage poster by Belgian artist Albert Detry sets a beach front tone. Vintage lamp from Dana John. Credenza from Mecox Gardens. Love, love, love this combination.

Slipcover in Victorian Hagan linen. Coffee table from Mecox Gardens. Pillow fabrics from Fortuny and Raoul Textiles. The designers used coral to punch it up and make it more youthful" for the young woman who has just graduated from college. (Pretty nice digs for a recent college grad I'd say!!) The blue and white china lamps, the matchstick blinds. Sigh...I want them all.

Sutherland Bamboo Chair with fabric from John Robshaw Textiles. Clate Grunden light fixture in Dining Room. Bielecky Brothers Dining Chairs. Hard to imagine this room is not in the Caribbean somewhere. The light fixture is amazing, and I think we all could use a little John Robshaw in our lives.

Now that I've seen this bathroom, can I live without this Clarence House Fabric? The designers have backed it with paper to cover the powder room walls. Matched with the shell encrusted mirror.....more than charming!

Raoul Textiles fabric covers the headboard. Ankasa palm leaf pillow. Walter's Wicker nightstand. And this is the Guest Room. I think I could manage a long stay in this room.

This is a close up view of the 1920 wallpaper panels from Chapman Radcliff Home that the designers used to flank the Master Bed. Nicely done tablescape with the silver bowl with blue interior, blue stones in the rose vase.

This is a bigger view of the Master Bedroom. The article refers to the bed as "bamboo", but I am pretty certain it is from Oly Studio, as are the zebra benches at the end of the bed. I can never get enough of beautiful, classic white bedding.

This is the sitting area of the Master Bedroom: loving the Moroccan table here.

Heidi Bonesteel and Michele Trout have joined forces to become the new owners of the company formerly known as Hannah Gordon Design. They have offices in Pacific Palisades and Newport Beach for those of you in SoCal. If you haven't yet followed the link on over to the Bonesteel Trout Hall website, you might want to take a looksee. Lots more projects to see.

And I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Western Interiors & Design magazine for being so GENEROUS with all of the very easy to find sourcing throughout their editorial. Some magazines ( no names, but you know who you are) are not quite so forthcoming. As a designer, I am always on the lookout for great sources. So I, for one, have great appreciation for your efforts to include the info.

All photos Western Interiors magazine February/March 2008, photos by John Ellis

Friday, January 25, 2008

Indian Summer Bazaar

My friend Bhavna at Indian Summer blog has opened a beautiful online bazaar with all things Indian. You will be tempted to buy it all up with one click!

Hurry Hurry. It is open for only five more days! But do not worry...she will be open again in February with a new collection of magical, wonderful, beautiful home decor, fashion and furnishings.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jonathan Adler: Your Neighborhood Druggist

New from Jonathan Adler

What could be better? Feeling a little too much Hate or Anger? Just put it in a jar and put the lid on it. Then open that jar of Love, take two and call me in the morning. One can always open that Anger jar when it becomes necessary and put it to productive use. Say, like when there is a little too much social injustice and one must get motivated to do something about it.

This doctor's advice? Try to open the Joy jar at least once a day.

Thanks Jonathan!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mica Ertegun: MAC Attack!

I know that many of you have just about given up on Architectural Digest, but I have been giving it the benefit of the doubt for quite awhile now. Every once and awhile, I do see something fresh, interesting, and well worth the subscription. (And there is generally a lot of really good information in here regardless of whether it meets with your aesthetic!)

I was happy to see a MAC II interior that I just love. Mica Ertegun (head of MACII) always seems to pull together interesting objects and antiques while infusing a space with a modern sensibility. Loving the mix here:

This apartment is on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th in Manhattan with views that are just amazing. There is much made in the article about the location being very unique and I'd agree. I am not quite convinced that people can't see right in as is claimed, and there are no window coverings that I can see in some of the rooms. How would you all feel about that, a little overexposed? Just wondering.

Fantastic Dining Room: glamorous, interesting, beautiful.

This is not the Master Bedroom, which is gi-normous. But I liked this more intimate "Guest" room (would not mind being a guest in THIS room!). (Thinking of you Courtney: the elephant fabric is soooo fun.) I was looking for the source for the fabric, but it seems that Arch Digest is just a teensy bit stingy when it comes to sharing info. Anyone seen this before? I would love to find it.

Bottom line: pick up the February Architectural Digest. There is more than one great editorial this month.

If you keep this kind of thing up, AD, you may just win back a new audience! Nice.

Photos: Architectural Digest, February 2008, Photography: Durston Saylor

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


"Life in Pink"
The English translation of "La Vie en Rose", signature song of French singer Edith Piaf, ........ It sounds to me like a wonderful way to begin my year.

If you have not yet seen this incredible film, please do not hesitate. Chronicling the tragically short life of French icon Edith Piaf, it will make you want to travel more, do more, live more because you don't know when life can be cut short. Edith surely fit a large life into her 47 years. You really have no excuse not to indulge yourself, as the film is now on DVD. The story is heartrendingly beautiful, funny and sad. The acting is brilliant. The Music is, well, incomparably and classically French. C'est magnifique!

In honor of my new favorite movie, a few images to start your year off "In the Pink":

Home of artist Judith Hudson. Painting above chaise by Judith Hudson. Chaise draped in early 19th century French and Spanish embroidered textiles.

House and Garden October 1996

Marrakesh Home of Interior Designer Alessandra Lippini.

House and Garden, December 1996

Home by famed Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta

House and Garden, September 2000

Home of Friends Executive producer Kevin Bright and his Family. Interiors by Meg Joannides.

House and Garden, January 2007

MLK Studio's custom resin bathtub tub. Interior Design by Meg Joannides.

House and Garden, January 2007

Home of Mathilde Agostinelli of Prada. Daughter's bedroom design by Jacques Grange.

House and Garden, May 2006

Friday, January 4, 2008


Well, well well! I am very happy to say that Metropolitan Home is starting off the New Year right. I had my worries in the past. I have to say that last year, things really stated to turn around, and this year is looking to be a bright one! There are still a few of the uber-contemporary glass box houses, but there is definitely a mix of bright, happy, whimsical, as well as sophisticated, "collected", unique interiors to whet any appetite.

The two bedroom Miami Apartment of Rite Motta and her husband Michael Perez is a knock out! They transformed a typical white box into a treasure box with DIY custom pillows and chandeliers, flea market finds as well as higher end furniture. This place allows those of us with not much cash, but a creative bug to dream big! Rita made the red chandelier in the photo above as well as the ink blot pillow. Love-em.

Rita's brother. Ricardo Motta, created the bedside lamp. OK people, if you have creative talent in the family, USE THEM! Don't be shy. See where it got Rita? Another great room where the nightstand is flea market, and pillows sewn by Rita. And, yes, a little Anthropologie thrown in never hurt (sheets). Take a look at METHOME for some more really great shots of this happy place!

And there is the, be still my heart, home of David Cruz of Blackman Cruz in LA. Can you believe the stuff this guy finds? And the custom furniture designs of Blackman Cruz are anything but boring. He had a bit of help with the design of the home's bones from designer Jane Hallworth (see the article for the fab kitchen and baths!) , but you can tell the furnishings are pure Cruz.

Here is that "collected" look I was talking about in the Dining Room: Blackman Cruz Workshop Dining Table, early 20th century Japanese screen, 1940's oak sofa from France, 1930's Italian light fixture and 1930's French armchairs. Sigh...I am going to have to go hunting soon!

The day of New Years Eve, I had about five magazines thunk onto the floor through my front door mail slot. Metropolitan got my vote for best of the lot this time!