Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lombok - Eastern Influence

I received an email from Lombok, a company in the UK with which I was unfamiliar. I have seen many versions of South East Asian furniture, but I was taken with many of their more unique products.

Bobble Painted Wood Lamp

Made from reclaimed woods, the goal at Lombok is to treat the environment in a friendly way, as well as the craftspeople that create their products. Manufactured in Vietnam and Indonesia, the staff are earning above average wages and no children are employed. There is quite a bit of information supplied on their website regarding their ethical policies.

Camille Tea Light Holder

Lomboch has recently expanded their line to include accessories and lighting.

Decorative Carved 'Sula' Wall Panel

Tall Antique 'Song' Lamp and Carved White Screen

Chunky Teak Mirrors and the Planter's Armchair

The Keraton Four Poster Bed and the White Washed Oak Dresser.

I am very taken with the presentation of these pieces. Can't you just see them being used in just these settings?

Kambia Embroidered Cushion

Perfect for all the Indigo Blue things out this summer.

Ginger Pot in Stone Glaze

White Horn Pair of Salad Servers

Eco-friendly Summer Bag.

Just the thing for beach or weekend trips!

This is just a peak at all of the beauty that is Lombok. Check it out.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday!

We have been celebrating my better half's birthday all weekend, so I have been lucky enough to have combined the partying with a little blog post research:

We started off having dinner with friends Saturday night at one of my favorite restaurants, L Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen. The owners, Marcus and Kolea Marquez have put together a place that is stylish and serves fabulous food. Top that with superb service and I am one happy camper. Their wine list is nothing short of fantastic as well. Above is a photo of the front lounge area where we started off with wine and cocktails. Sofas are by Cassina designed by Jean Marie Massaud and available through Limn.

Here is the owner Marcus with L.A. based architect, and childhood friend, Kristi Lamay Daggett.

The interiors were finished with the help of furniture designer William Earle. This was his first foray into Interior Design. Utilizing his furniture design expertise, he created custom furniture pieces for the space as well as architectural features such as the back bar and wine vault. William has worked in the past with clients such as Courtney Cox, Macy Gray, Kevin Spacey, Bergdorf Goodman and SF MOMA.

We had a fabulous meal out on the patio. Small plates shared by all consisted of Onion Tartine with local greens, Pommes Anna, Gnudi with fresh English peas....I could go on...there were many and all delicious!

For more information and photos of the restaurant please visit their website!

Sunday, we had a Birthday Dinner at our house with the kids and my Mom. We are under construction in the backyard, but the weather was calling us to sit outside, so we set up a table on our front porch:

The better half requested Grilled Fish Tacos for dinner (MahiMahi and Ono). We went with that and had Strawberry Pina Coladas (the kids had a blast whipping these up)....and salad with Jicama, oranges, avocado and pepitas, and guacamole and chips. MMmmm.

Cheers to the better half! Happy Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Love it to Pieces!

Here's a little weekend fun. Fresh from Pieces:
Time to get out that little green book and shake up some cocktails.

Pour them into this Orange Polka Dot Highball Glass.

Serve to all your friends from this Green Lacquer tray

Then sink yourself down into this new white Wingback. Isn't this the best Wingback you have seen in awhile?

Get comfy with this "pretty" yellow Pillow

Maybe a little mood lighting.

New items from Pieces

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lighten Up!

I have been searching for some lamps and a Dining Room Pendant or Chandelier for my house, so I am a little lighting obsessed at the moment. So it is small wonder that I focus on interesting fixtures in every magazine I come across:

For example, I was struck by this incredible Sarfatti chandelier from 1952 which is so current, it looks like it could have been designed specifically for this house.

Interior Design Magazine, March 2008, Photo by Jean-Francois Jaussaud

And this grouping of twelve silver Brand van Egmond broom lights was so whimsical and unique. If you have never visited their website you should do so immediately, if for no other reason than for the very cool Madonna music.

Vacation Homes, February/March 2008, photo by James Silverman

The three crystal chandelier pieces from Moooi were placed in the 700 square foot reception area of a 12,ooo square foot townhouse in London designed by Rene Dekker of SHH Associates. ( I just have to add that the townhouse belongs to a family with six kids ranging in age from 6 to 27. Yes, that's right. You heard me.........and the design directive was to do a "white" interior....yes, the youngest is six.) Anyway, I digress. The chandeliers are breathtaking, no? SHH is another website that is pretty amazing. Very unique designing going on there.

Vacation Homes, February/March 2008, photo by James Silverman

Another room from the same townhouse is the first picture from this editorial that really caught my attention. These spherical fixtures come from a German company by the name of Windfall. Made from Swarovski crystals these pendants create a wonderful little solar system. Not to sound repetitive, but this is another "must-see" website. There is much here to capture the imagination.

So, in my search for that "perfect" dining room fixture for myself, I have come across some fixtures that are new this season from companies that really excel at lighting design. I thought I would share:

New from Bradley-Hughes, a company expanding their empire to the West. For a great expose on the company and it's founder Michelle Bradley, hop on over to Cote de Texas, where Joni has all the scoop. Please meet "Lucille" and "Twiggy", the chandelier and floor lamp that I think are going to be popping up in alot of magazines this year!

Forest Sepia Hanging Lamp, new from Seascapes Lamps. Bringing the outside in. Check out the new shade pendants on their website.

I am sometimes stumped when it comes to specifying a ceiling flush mount fixture for a client. There are many out there that are fairly typical or "expected". So I am always pleased when some more unique options come up. These two, new this summer from Circa Lighting, would really add some fun to many an interior.

Also from Circa Lighting, these are some of the new table lamps due out this summer. I am not sure I can wait that long.

These are a few of the table lamps I am just loving from Shine Home. Maybe it's just the Spring colors that are drawing me in, or the classic shapes with a twist. Whatever....I just like 'em loads. They may be finding a new home with me.

I couldn't leave you without reminding you to always check in with Swank Lighting. They always have a flow of wonderful new inventory. "Inventory" doesn't seem quite the right word......hmm.... "treasures" seems more appropriate.

Lighting can make or break a room. Ambient, task, or decorative, it pays to give it the attention it deserves. Maybe more importantly, let it brighten your day...and night.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dragons and Tigers

On the surface, my neighborhood may seem like the normal garden variety all-American place to live. It has shady, tree-lined streets. There are beautiful gardens with blooming azaleas and Chinese Maple trees.

In Spring, there are iris and lambs ear, magnolias and cherry trees blossoming.

Most passers-by are fooled into thinking my neighborhood is just another pretty place to live. A place where the neighbors plant rock roses and iris around the stop signs. A place where the kids are picked up in carpools for school, and cars are given a wash on the weekends.

But they would be wrong........ We have a secret. We have people that are extraordinary here. And we have creatures that are strange and beautiful.

There are dragons here with red and golden wings, and cobalt scales. They breath fire from mouths agape with sharp white teeth.

We have white tigers with ruby red eyes that stand guard to protect us from any who would harm us.

There are fairies with gossamer wings of opalescent glass who look from the windows.

There are griffins and flying fish.

There are hobbits in holes.

And we have miniature gardens for the gnomes and brownies that gather here.

And the people here are artists and magicians. They can create new worlds from the clay of the earth. They can entrance and mesmerize the lucky few who chance upon their handiwork.

Not an ordinary neighborhood, this.

The owners of this house have been working to create handmade tiles to adorn their house since long before I moved here over 16 years ago. Every year there is some new treasure to discover. There is a glimpse of some scaffolding in the far left of the last picture indicating there will soon be more to capture the imagination.