Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Correction: Serge Mouille

House Beautiful Sept. 2007, Photo by Don Freeman
Hi all! I wanted to make a correction to an earlier post I did about the very beautiful light fixtures designed by Serge Mouille. I recently received a very nice email from the Jean-Philippe, a representative for the Serge Mouille company. Jean Philippe kindly supplied the correct information regarding the representation for the Serge Mouille light fixtures in the USA:

"Hi Katie,I read your entire blog "David Weeks vs. Serge Mouille" and your input is very interesting. However, I need to bring a correction as to who is representing the Mouille licensed re-edition in the USA. "Inside Modern Living" represents the re-edition in Canada only. The USA is being covered by GUERIDON, a New York based store selling European mid-century furniture. Gin Mouille contracted GUERIDON to be both her representative and distributor for the USA. I think it would be nice if you could redirect your link to will leave the debate of David Weeks vs. Serge Mouille open. Representing the Mouille lighting collection, my input would not be partial of course. Even though David Weeks admitted to me of being "very inspired" by the Serge Mouille lamps, he still designed lamps of his own without copying them. Congratulations for your blog, it brings an interesting comparison between the lamps I had never seen before. Jean-Philippe "

Thank you to Jean Philippe!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will Wick

The cover of the latest Western Interiors was graced by the work of Will Wick. The issue is dedicated to smaller homes, but Mr. Wick is able to make this San Francisco residence appear luxurious in size. He also combined heirloom furniture pieces with new finds making everything feel modern and fresh:

For example there was a pair of traditional drum tables flanking the sofa in the Living Room that he topped with organic tree trunk lamps. Very unexpected, but it gives the space a humorous edge. Instead of the expected Oriental area rug, he uses a goatskin rug to change things up a bit.

In the Family Room, he uses soothing light colors with just one punch of color in the art to expand the smallish space into something that seems much larger. Gorgeous!

For many more photos from the Wick Design Group's portfolio, be sure to check out this post from Desire to Inspire.

I believe I have a new crush!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've gone Sale-ing

In my last post, I mentioned that my Mom was going to have a Garage Sale last weekend, and I was going to help. Well I helped alright. I helped myself right into taking home quite a few choice pieces to add to my collection addiction:

I brought home three new additions to my ever growing mercury glass collection. These pieces all have been painted with floral images which indicates they are truly vintage and not a recent reproduction.

I loved this Mercury Glass bowl, even though it may be newer. It is such a great shape.

I also collect vintage shell boxes. These two were so charming I couldn't resist.

These little flamingos and the cactus trees somehow found there way back home with me. I just couldn't leave them for strangers to take home...even if they were nice strangers.

This had to come home with me. I do not have any idea who the man in the water is, but I make up stories in my head about him every time I see him. I think this frame was made in Mexico. I have yet to open the back up to see if there is any identification for this mystery man. I almost don't want to know. The picture looks like it could be from the 30's, and the frame is just cracks me up. Had to have it.

An old kilim pillow found a new home in my leather wing back.

This is an example of a Tramp Art box. I love the sculptural quality it has. It was made probably in the 30's, but has such a contemporary feel to it.

This is how the lid opens. Clever!

And there were books. Lots of books. My summer reading list is full! I particularly love this Pottery reference book. Very hard to find and beautiful!

At first, I thought the last thing I needed was another dated cookbook. But then who could pass up Martha in this dress? Ah, the good ole days when women across the country dressed like the Texas polygamists. Love ya Martha! But there really are some great recipes in here too.

These are a few of the things that got away: Adirondack twig tables

And large scale antique bird cages.

I may still have to go back and snag this cage. It has not yet sold. Just not sure where to put it. Hmmmm.

What was the thing you found at a Garage Sale that you never regretted hauling home?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am a Pack Rat. I Collect......

..........lots of things. Lots.

I inherited the gene from my mother. She is having a Garage Sale this weekend, and I have been commandeered to help. I may end up buying more than I help to sell. My Mom is the Queen of Collecting, and has amassed quite a few treasures over the years, many of which have managed to make their way into my house. Ahem. They found their way over here all on their own. I swear.

My Mom has collected mercury glass, vintage cake stands (and this was WAY before Martha started knocking them off), Ironstone pottery, Celluloid boxes, Victorian shell boxes, Hotel silver, fine silver, Polish and German pottery, books, contemporary art, antiques, twig furniture.....the list goes on.

As I said, I did inherit that gene, much to my husband's dismay at times. He refers to us as "Kangaroo and Kangaroo", a reference to a children's book about two Kangaroos that collect so much they can't fit into their houses anymore. They have a sale and get rid of everything, then start all over. ( I was just trying to find a copy on Amazon to show you all, and all I came up with was a book no longer available, but worth $300!....see, it does pay to hold onto stuff! Now where did I put that thing? My husband is gonna croak when I tell him.)

Anyway.... as I was saying...I do love to collect. I have been collecting hotel and restaurant ware and thought I'd show you a couple of pieces (above...a jelly bowl and syrup pitcher). What I like about hotel ware is that it is not so precious it can't be used. We use ours with abandon...almost every time we have pancakes.

So....I'm curious. What do you collect and do you use your collected pieces? Or just love looking at them? I have a bit of both sorts. Please spill!

Now, where did I put that book?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tea'd Off

Getting sick really puts me over the edge. It is generally miserable, and I pout alot. But when I am over the hump of feeling fatal and on the upswing again, there is nothing I like better than English Breakfast Tea and toast. There is a pretty fabulous tea shop in Sacramento called Hina's, and it very different than you might expect:

They carry over 300 kinds of tea and some amazing tea ware and accessories. But it's the design of the space that I find so intriguing.

Contemporary and relaxed,

....with a sprinkling of tea leaves on the ceiling. Check out their website here for information for you tea aficionados who can't get enough.

Another great article about tea, it's history, tea related furniture and tea ware, be sure to check out the article on 1st Dibs: Tea Tables and Tea Drinking Equipage by Louise Devinish. Very interesting:

HERE is some more tea trivia to set you all straight.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Be Back Soon

There has been a bit of a bug playing a pretty hot game of tag at our house over the last few days. Thank you Campbell's for being there. Thanks also must go to Mott's Applesauce, and 7-UP, and Saltine's. You all know what I mean.

Be back as soon as I can!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maison 21, Onion Domes and Dr. Zhivago

For those of you that have not yet seen this gorgeous hunk of crystal, let me fill you in: the incomparably witty, creative and hilarious design blogger Maison 21 has thrown down the glove. He has challenged all who dare to design a room around what has been described as the "Moscow Mafioso" chandelier. Now, at first glance, one might consider this to be a mite "over the top", a bit crass, a tiny bit Atlantic City Trump.

But there was something about it. It conjured up something I couldn't quite place. Something romantic and exotic. So when I commented on M21's blog saying I thought it would be sort of fantastic in the right setting, he called me out. And I am just not one to back down from a challenge...although perhaps in this case I might not recover.

OK, now do you see it? That's right...Dr. Zhivago. The ultimate Russian romance with icy onion domes. So there you have it. This is my inspiration.

So where to begin? I thought I would place this brilliant extravaganza of a chandelier in a Dining Room. I love the restrained eye of Axel Vervoordt. His use of natural elements like plastered walls and lime washed wood floors lend an air of relaxed formality. On the other hand I also can see the more tailored and modern sensibility of Vicente Wolf. I am somewhere in between here. Both are masters when it comes to using the soft greys and blues so often found in Northern European climates:

These rooms from "Axel Vervoordt, Timeless Interior" by Armelle Baron, Photos by Christian Barramon

"Learning to See" by Vicente Wolf

"Crossing Boundaries" by Vicente Wolf

I would start with wide plank, lime washed floors and use a plaster with integral grey/blue color for the walls. The ceiling would also be plaster in an ivory color. Perhaps there would be a simple fireplace mantle as in the Vervoordt photo above in aged marble.

I would use this table base and paint or white wash it and put a round limestone top on it. Kind of reminds me of being in the snow covered woods. This zinc pagoda would be on top of the table. With the spire pointing up, and the chandelier pointing down, it creates a sort of stalagmite/stalactite situation and the pagoda sort of echoes the Zhivago house a bit.

(Oh! I just have to add that I would take the chandelier and re-plate the brass metal in zinc or something that would have that same flat grey color. Can I do that and still stay within the rules of the game?)

Add these chairs (love those feet. A little reminiscent of a wolves at the door.):

In a fabric like this cool blue linen velvet by Lee Jofa:

A painted trestle table used as a sideboard, in a Scandinavian style:

With an over scaled (read: huge) winter landscape by Kate Bright on the wall above it:

The table could be flanked by these urns on pedestals (sort of adds that touch of the Czar I think!):

Perhaps these zinc urns on, or under the sideboard:

With perhaps some icy looking accessories like these frosted glass vases from Oly Studio:

Maybe silver punch bowls filled with chunks of rock crystal, or vodka bottles in ice:

Over the marble mantle, a little wild life:

And for those who are skittish about the real thing, a carved wood deer head from RianRae:

Two cut glass mosaic mirrors on the walls flanking the fireplace:

Above a couple of demi-lune tables painted in a dark grey blue:

Perhaps a pair of rock crystal lamps on the tables:

In front of a wall of windows draped in an ivory wool, two of these hooded chairs would keep out the chill:

A glass side table from Oly Studio in between seems to be a sculpture of ice.

A few more icy accessories like these rock crystal candlesticks, candlelight and a fire in the fireplace to warm things up a bit, and I will be ready for a glass of that vodka and a bit of caviar.

( All items above were found on 1st Dibs unless otherwise noted)

So, perhaps you have been inspired to take up the challenge yourself! I hope I can twist the arms of a few of you. C'mon...take a chance, and you too could be the proud winner of your very own Dr. Zhivago commemorative collector's plate:

(OK....I really don't know where to get a plate like would be surprised what came up with a Google search of Dr. Zhivago)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Domino: Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell

Domino, August 2008

Don't miss designer, David Netto's article about the incomparable fabric design icon, Alan Campbell in Domino's August issue. You are bound to know Alan Campbell's fabrics, but David Netto let's us in on the man. And as his godson, he knows a thing or two.

Alan Campbell fabrics in the Parish Hadley famous 1970's peacock blue room.

Domino, August 2008