Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What to Wear, The deYoung Museum and Yves Saint Laurent

The YSL Vault

Every year I fumble through my closet and wonder what I have to wear for New Years Eve. And every year, I realize....I have nothing. Can you imagine having a closet full of haute couture clothes AND the places to wear them?! Not many can. And there is only one who had the imagination to fill a closet like that quite like Yves Saint Laurent.

Last weekend, I jumped in the car with family in tow to San Francisco for the day. The first thing on the schedule was the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park where an amazing exhibit of inspiring fashion representing the forty years of the Yves Saint Laurent Fashion House was on display. I could have stayed for hours. Dresses, coats, pant suits, jackets, shoes, hats.....what could be a more wonderful way to spend a cold winter day, but surrounded by the luxury of it all?

Yves Saint Laurent was particularly well known for redefining what a woman should/could wear. From the late 50's on, YSL was creating new silhouettes like the trapeze dress for women,and borrowing from men's wardrobes :the pea coat, the safari jacket, the trench and the pinstripe suit creating new classics that would eventually end up in every woman's wardrobe.

His imagination was limitless. Drawing inspiration from imaginary travels, art, literature, flora and fauna, YSL created a body of work that is hard to surpass.

African Inspiration

Russian Bohemian

Shakespearean Fantasy Wedding Gown

Ode to Picasso

Tribute to Matisse

Evening Gown with "Bust" sculpture in galvanized copper created by Claude Lalanne

Sequin "Scales" Evening Dress

Cape of Rooster Feathers

Ostrich Feather Gown

Evening Ensemble with Pheasant and Vulture Feathers

YSL loved glamour and a woman's body. His creations were meant to celebrate the feminine form sometimes baring all.

Spring Summer Cocktail Dress

Sheer Evening Dress with Ostrich Feathers

Evening Gown in Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

There was so much to see...I went through the exhibit three times while the rest of the family toured the rest of the deYoung. This is just a small smattering of the lusciousness. There are over 125 outfits fully accessorized with amazing attention to detail. Sketches of many of YSL's works, videos and a biographical life history brings it all to life.

The exhibit runs through the 5th of April for those of you in the Bay Area between now and then. To find out more click here and here. For those of you who cannot attend, I highly recommend this:

Available through Amazon, this book should be on your "must have" list. Full of beautiful photos and many many sketches that are not part of the exhibit, you can see the genius that was Yves Saint Laurent. It is a perfect way to celebrate the life and imagination of YSL. (1936-2008)

I want to give my most heartfelt thanks to all of you who have come to read katiedid this past year. You have provided such a great support and wonderful network of design loving friends. This coming year is no doubt going to be full of challenges for us all. Here's to handling all of the challenges with huge imagination, wit and a positive outlook. Cheers!


Monday, December 22, 2008

It's not too late I hope!!!!!! More Blogger Trees

I must apologize for being away! Having family stay with us for the holidays and our annual Christmas Eve party put me a little behind. But I have been seeing such lovely trees on so many blogs, I thought it might not be too late to share. I all keep you own trees up til at least the day after New Years, right? I remember one year growing up, we kept the tree up well into February.

The tree above is by the talented Maison 21 blogger, Christian May. A fairytale in white. Please visit and see Christian's wonderful pets, Richard and Mona, and how Christian translates his love for animals into the Christmas Spirit, here!

If you haven't seen the Devine Life of designer and blogger Michael Devine, you can check it out here. Michael has conjured up two trees this year. His "city" tree is pictured above.

And this is his "country" tree. I cannot have just one tree either. (Mine are farther down!) I love that Michael has a celebration with friends to decorate both trees.

My friend Kevin at Journal 703 has had a particularly poignant Christmas this year. This is his beautiful tree. If you want to find out just what the Christmas spirit is and what a very special person Kevin is, please visit Kevin here and send him your best wishes. Love you Kevin!

For a very cool tropical Christmas, visit Linda at Lime in the Coconut blog. She has a fantastic house and shows all of her wonderful decorations here. For another very powerful Christmas message from Linda, pause for just a moment .... click here.

This is blogger Paloma's tree from La Dolce Vita. She has included some pics of her house along with her decorations, so if you LOVE to see what other bloggers do with their decor like I do, click here.

I have a new blogger friend Lecia who writes A Day that is Dessert blog.....and who doesn't want a day that is dessert?!?!? Lecia lets us in to her warm and cozy life with wonderful recipes and her adventures with her family. She sent me this picture of her beautiful tree, and I hope you have a moment to visit her blog. You will be hooked.

This is my tree. I love blown glass ornaments, and add to the collection with gifts to my daughters every year. Some of the ornaments I have enjoyed since I was a very little girl.

This elf is from my childhood.

And so is this angel on the moon.

The mermaid was my favorite growing up. The swan and fruit basket have been added in more recent years.

The reindeer is also newer and came along the same year as this Santa:

The soldier is an oldy.

My older daughter loves all things Japanese. I found this glass lantern just last Christmas for her.

I love this squirrel, a gift to myself, because of the little acorn ornament attached to the hook at the top.

Like Michael Devine, I have more than one tree. I have collected straw ornaments over the years.... and added more from IKEA lately. I also love carved wooden toy ornaments. So in our basement library/office/kid space, I have this little tree.

I hope you all had a magical holiday and wish you all a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas and Mercury Glass

I love vintage mercury glass. One might even call it a bit obsessive. But when it is put all together with candlelight and a miniature Rosemary Christmas tree, one might just consider it a little bit of Christmas magic.

Mercury glass, or silvered glass was first produced in the mid-1800's as an alternative to silver, and was affordable for the middle classes of the time. It is a double walled piece of blown glass with a hole, usually at the bottom where the silver liquid was poured. If the hole was not well sealed, the silver would eventually wear away. The value of a clouded or faded piece is quite diminished. (I, however, love the clouded pieces. They seem so much more romantic to me somehow.) Mercury glass became mass produced a bit later as it gained in popularity, but production fell off around the turn of the century as it became synonymous with common or bad taste. Because it was not considered valuable, it was discarded and as a result has become more rare. And, as with anything "rare" has become collectible today.

I gathered my Mercury Glass and put them with a little Rosemary tree trimmed with blown glass candle ornaments that clip to the branches. The tree is in my silver punch bowl. ( I have yet to add the Spanish moss to the punchbowl and the Wisteria mercury glass votive candle holders (here), but I will update you with a new photo when I do!

Just a bit of Holiday Cheer for the day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My family has hosted an Open House on Christmas Eve for over 14 years now, and I have enjoyed making the invitations almost every year. Since I started blogging, I have begun to see the world through the eyes of a blog reader. What images would read well on my blog? So I have been taking many more pictures than I ever had before. It has been coming in handy on many fronts!

I decided to use this image from a post from Christmas of last year to create this year's Christmas Eve invitations. I printed the image on Strathmore blank cards with a deckle edge. Then I used the Strathmore Vellum Overlays to print the invitation information for the inside of the card. A little gold ribbon to tie them together and voila!

I think they turned out rather well!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ooooooh! Presents!

I received the loveliest package in the mail last week, and have just now gotten a chance to show it to you. It was from the oh so brilliant artist Patricia van Essche from PVE design.

Everything about the package was perfect, down to the back of the envelope, which was printed with a repeat of her twin bird logo.

I simply fell in love with the card she sent with an illustration of my dog Cooper. (You may notice a small box of chocolates to the left. Patricia has an excellent memory! There is this story of a dog who ended up in the vet's office the day after Christmas last year after gorging on a box of chocolates.)

Isn't this the most beautiful and kind gift?!? Thank you so much Patricia. It has a place of honor in my office, and will for years to come.

If you have not already, I hope you will visit Patricia's blog here. There is always a wonderful illustration that will make your day.

Blogger Trees

Breakfast at Tiffany's tree from Visual Vamp

I have been very busy of late. There has been much going on at the Katiedid house. So much in, in fact, that I cannot keep up! I had planned to post about such wonderful things. And I will! I will! And I have been working on a very big project. One that I will share with you soon. But for now, there will have to be a sign on the project that says; "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS"!

I have had a tiny bit of time to visit some of my favorite blogs and see what is going on for their holiday season. I thought you all had to see just how fabulously creative bloggers are!

Beautiful wrappings and fantastic ornaments by Stylecourt

Check out Mrs. Blanding's tree with her cozy needlepoint ornaments. You can see close-ups on her blog!

The House of Edward blog is a wonderland of inspiration. Check out these beautiful boxes that Pamela makes and shares with us all from her etsy shop here.

And of course, I would never miss seeing a tree done by the oh so talented Mr. Eddie Ross and partner, Jaithan. P.S. They are now officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Check out the whole tree trimming adventure on their most excellent blog.

I love this down under tree from Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things. You know it is summertime in Oz, and Anna never fails to inspire with her beautifully unique take on a Christmas tree.

So, I hope you all enjoy your own very merry holiday season!