Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cool: Gardenhouse

Vintage yellow aluminum Love Seat with White Patent Leather Seat Cushion.

I was recently introduced to Gardenhouse, a wonderful shop located in West Palm Beach Florida. Owned by a very creative couple, Cheryl Maeder Antonio and her husband Gary. As with any creative person, Cheryl is multi talented. She studied photography in Switzerland and traveled Europe before moving to San Francisco to start a photography studio there. In San Francisco, she met her sculptor husband Gary. They began antique hunting for fun and the fun soon turned into a passion....which ultimately resulted in their very colorful and happy shop, Gardenhouse.

I am smitten....and knew you would be too. So I am so excited to share some of the objects of my affection.

Red High Gloss Wood Bench for Outdoor Canopy or Indoors

Each piece is lovingly transformed by Cheryl's unique point of view which she describes as "vintage, with a modern twist". Happy paint colors and modern fabrics certainly give each piece new life and vitality.

Vintage Metal Table Lamp with Green Metal Shade.

Cheryl has many more brilliantly reborn vintage finds, so I hope you have minute to click on over and check out Gardenhouse.

Chalkboard Dresser. Unfortunately already sold....but had to show you!

Black and White Slipper Chair with Decorative Nailheads.

OHHH!! And be sure to check out Cheryl's dreamlike seaside photos on the Gardenhouse site as well. Here is just a little sampling:

Beach Series VI

Sea and Sky V

I am headed off to dream of new furniture for my naked back patio, and sunny summers at the beach .......while the rain beats steadily outside my window.


Arlynn said...

You're right, I'm swooning - these pieces are wonderful! I especially love the yellow loveseat with the Greek key detailing, beautiful!

maison21 said...

fun, happy stuff! and i like the photography even better.

inDdecor said...

Beautiful pieces! I love bright colors in the garden. Your blog is great!

Jenn said...

Omg,am in love with the chalkboard dresser. Must. Have.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...


Thanks so much for your sweet comment today. You really lifted my spirits and made me feel like all will be well. I'm sure I'll emailing you with many questions. Congrats to you on your new endeavor.

Now on to this new gem you found. I'm in love. My husband has a thing for benches and I would love that yellow one in my back yard.

My favorite has to be that chalkboard dresser. Too bad that it's sold out, but so easy to DIY!

Callie Grayson said...

i adore that bright outdoor furniture, so very sweet and cheerful!!

Visual Vamp said...

Just what I needed today!
I think I have some black board paint in the garage that an old dresser is dying to have!
xo xo

Renee Finberg said...

i am a bit of a bench freak.

benches can add so much personality to a space.



very colorfull,i just cant wait summer

Red River Interiors: said...

love the bright red teak bench...it will look great in any outdoor setting...Fay

Alkemie said...

Ok that chalkboard dresser is the coolest thing! Love the blurry photos as well :)

Karen O.

Abby & Her Boys said...

I was searching Google for a red bench and found your post. What a beautiful blog, and fabulous pieces from this store!! Thanks for sharing, abby