Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dreaming of Morocco: Architectural Digest and St. Tropez Boutique

Architectural Digest, March 2009, Photos by Ken Hayden

Where could this paradise be? One might assume it would be found in Morocco.....but they would be wrong. This magnificently crafted fairytale hide-a-way designed by New York designer Todd Black ( Architecture by Bender and Associates, Landscape by Craig Reynolds) was built in Key West, Florida for Veronica Webb (former Vogue cover girl), George Robb and their young family .

Living Room. Veronica Webb and family.

The Moorish aesthetic was adhered to with meticulous detail. The designer even had craftsmen and apprentices from Morocco flown in to work on site for a full year carving stone, setting tile, and seeing to every intricate detail. The domed ceiling in the Living Room above and the Dining Room ceiling below were both produced in Morocco. The cloud wall panels are mixed media work by Teresita Fernandez. Dream-like!

Dining Room

Everywhere you look there is a kaleidoscope of color and pattern that somehow all works together in harmony. The inlaid chair patterns, the lattice screens, the patterned ceilings, the tiled floors are all so very beautiful.


Is this just a little piece of heaven? This pool area is situated along a canal side of the house. Craig Reynolds used Buccaneer Palms and other salt tolerant native species to create this Shangrila.

I was coming back to this article again and again last week, and just by a blogosphere heavenly collective consciousness coincidence , I was contacted by the wonderful St. Tropez Boutique. For those of you who are not familiar, Saint Tropez Boutique is a designer, manufacturer, and the exclusive dealer in California of fine Moorish architecture elements and Moroccan arts & crafts. They carry beautiful tile, hand carved screens, lighting, furniture, Moroccan tents, and Mediterranean architectural antiques, just to start.

I was lucky to receive these images of Moroccan magic created using the beautiful offerings of St. Tropez Boutique:

Lanterns, screens, mosaic tile and furniture all by St. Tropez Boutique in this soft grey and ivory living space.

Hand Carved Lattice Screen inset into the wall makes for a beautiful room divider.

I love this brass fireplace lattice screen. It is so unexpected and perfect in this contemporary setting.

Two brass Egg Lamps on this coffee table add a sense of the exotic to this Living Room.

This bedroom fit for an Arabian princess is graced with wall sconces and cool glazed floor tile by St. Tropez Boutique.

For the complete offerings of St. Tropez Boutique be sure to visit their website here!


If you want to dream a little dream of Morocco, it always helps to visit Maryam at her beautiful blog My Marrakesh. She has a way of making you feel like you are right there beside her enjoying a cup of fresh mint tea and gazing at her Olive grove at her soon to be realized Peacock Pavilion Bed and Breakfast outside of Marrakesh. Be sure to visit!


Melanie said...

Just came across your blog while googling images of---pagodas! I've just returned from Marrakech (painting at Maryam's Peacock Pavilions) two weeks ago and MISS IT SO!! This is a really beautiful house that brings the best of Morocco to Florida. I just did a post on the amazing light reflections that those pierced metal lamps cast on the walls there. So dreamy!

dwellings and decor said...

That dining room is amazing!

Hoechstetter Interiors said...

Hi, Katie,

Thanks for this great post. This is so timely and helpful; I've just been looking for images of more contemporary applications and manifestations of this general style for a proposal, and resources.


Marie said...

I've always loved Morrocan architecture. That house is in Florida though? Wow!

Sandra said...

I found your blog while i was looking for Moroccan interior design ideas for my Kitchen, bath, fireplace remodeling.
I've always been fascinated by Moroccan style home decorating and Moorish architecture.For my Kitchen remodeling project in my Los Angeles home, i will use the Zillij tiles for my backsplash and glazed 4" x 4" Moroccan tiles for the kitchen floor and Moroccan wood lattice screens for my kitchen cabinet doors and for my master bath i will use zillij mosaic tiles on the shower and glazed bejmat tiles on the floor. i will also add couple of Moroccan hanging lanterns and wall sconces.
Here are my favorite at ST Tropez Boutique:

- Moroccan tiles & Moorish mosaics:

- Moroccan lighting & Moorish lamps:

- Moroccan lattice screens:




J.Covington*Design said...

I've always had an affinity for Islamic architecture esp. Moorish design and Ottoman...sigh.

michelle said...

After living in KWest for 5 years, I wonder where the heck they found room for such a property!

Just picked up this issue today, and was smitten with the Moorish details.

Alkemie said...

Very Cool post. I adore Moroccan design!