Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update: Oscar Night Green Room

Architectural Digest Green Room at the Oscars

I am a huge Oscar Night fan. I love movies. I love watching the stars, the dresses...everything. I was very excited when last year I was the only one in our Oscar Night party poll that got the Best Actress ( Marion CotillardLa Vie en Rose as Edith Piaf) and Best Song( "Falling Slowly" from Once) correct. (I didn't win the whole poll, but was proud none-the-less!).

So it is very fun for me to get a peek at the "behind-the-scenes" goings on. This room is where the presenters wait before they are called onstage during the Oscar show. I had received a bit of information a week or so ago which you may have read about here. So I thought you might like to see the finished room by the wonderful Mr. Stephen Shadley. A beautiful backdrop to all of those glistening dresses and dashing tuxedos, don't you think?

Here are the facts:

For this year’s Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Oscars®, AD100 designer Stephen Shadley looks to the timelessly chic tone of the 1970s. Inspired by Hollywood film sets of the era, this “Seventies Modern” interpretation melds clean lines with a monochromatic color palette and sheer touches for a cool, calm backstage backdrop for the night’s honorees.

This is the seventh consecutive year Architectural Digest has created the greenroom for the Oscars. Over that time, the magazine has reinvented the notion of this exclusive backstage oasis, creating a high-design space befitting the evening’s A-list winners and presenters.

For the first time, this year’s Architectural Digest Greenroom expanded to include a new garden-inspired space that actually sits on the loading dock … though you’d never know! With the new room, the space is now 920 square feet in size!

Principal furniture was found through Baker, including…
· A custom sofa that is 11 feet in length, reminiscent of the 70’s stretch style
· Garden seats from a new collection that recreates works by the legendary Los Angeles design icon Tony Duquette
· A vintage brass and lacquered table circa 1960

Where are we? A panoramic sweep of Los Angeles-at-night from atop Mulholland Drive sets room’s the glamorous mood. The vista includes 20th Century Fox, the movie studio where Shadley began his career as a scenic artist.

An 1100 pound bar constructed from one-of-a-kind Concetto Surface Art “Forza” by CaesarStone is built into the room! It will take a crew of 8 and a forklift to put it in the AD Greenroom.

Fitting for the theme, the area rug is dubbed Mama Mia: an updated take on the shag rug by Karastan. The rug is crafted from SmartStrand 3GT Sorona, a new generation of carpet fiber engineered for outstanding stain resistance with softness.

The wallcovering is actually a favorite silk fabric of Shadley’s found at KneedlerFauchere Imports that has been paper-backed for wall usage.

Shadley shopped around town for vintage furniture and accessories, using rare antique dealers such as Fat Chance, NOHO Modern and Outside Downtown.

My prediciton for Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire.

Maybe not an original fact maybe obvious. But still my choice.

And yours????


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am so dreadfully behind this year. I haven't seen Slumdog yet!! But, I can't wait for the Oscars. It's a big deal over here at The House of Edward! What to wear??

Regarding last year....I found the performance of Falling Slowly to have been one of the best moments in Oscar history. So moving and authentic.

Who are you most interested to see tonight??

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yes, I believe you are correct.

How about best song, though??

michelle said...

Love those old stretch sofas. I agree...the room is a perfect backdrop for dresses and tuxes.

I'll be watching the news this morning for the winners, because I'm always too embarassed for those and thier awkward speaches. I cringe.

Things That Inspire said...

So, what did you think of the Oscars now that the evening is over? I thought there were so many beautiful gowns. I must admit that I only watched here and there, but I loved the historical aspect and having the 5 previous winners (I think it was the 5 previous) as part of the best actor/actress/supporting actor/supporting actress ceremony.

katiedid said...

Hi All!
What a different sort of Oscar Night! Much smaller set, the "Best Song"s were all put together in a medley (such controversy there!) Many touching and funny moments, as usual. There were so many "oyster" colored dresses I couldn't keep count! The color of the year I guess.

I was happy to see Slumdog win. It was an excellent I just have to go see some that I haven't seen yet (I am just like Hugh Jackman who didn't see "the Reader" either).

We had a few friends over for Cioppino and salad, and all sat around watching. Fun evening!