Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Happy Place: Freeport Bakery

I am an impatient driver. I drive a lot for work and play chauffeur to my offspring, so it is inevitable. I do try to stay calm....but every once and awhile, I find myself yelling at another driver that has cut me off or is going too slow. I don't know why I do it...they can't hear me. But I yell and curse anyway.
One day, when it really got past the point of acceptability, my younger daughter calmly said to me" Mom, calm down ........take a deep breath and find your happy place". It made me stop and think, where is that elusive "happy place" exactly? Well, I have more than one I suppose. But this is one of my top ten: Freeport Bakery in Sacramento.

And I am far from alone. Every holiday, you will find a line around the building of people waiting to pick up their orders of delectable cookies, cakes and breads. You can be sure that the treats will not all make it home in one piece. I came across such a line last Saturday, the day before Easter. You will not find my impatience here, however. When the lines are expected, there is always a coffee cart out front so you can help yourself while waiting. And the lines move quickly due to the very well trained staff and organized traffic flow....a little different than the city streets mentioned earlier.

You can just smell the goodness as you pull into the parking lot. And the minute you enter, it is a feast for the eyes. Every holiday gets it's own special touch: decorations and specialty cakes, cookies and breads.

The decor is happy and welcoming. I always end up staying longer than I planned just taking it all in.

That pink box on the counter is holding a bread ring baked with colored eggs. So pretty you almost don't want to eat it. Almost.

One of my very favorite year round treats is their almond horn cookie. They are crunchy outside, chewy inside with that delicious almond paste flavor. They are dipped half way in chocolate and covered with slivered almonds. I can eat a dozen without thinking!

And the cakes! Don't get me started! Oh....I can't help it: there are fabulous fruit tarts, and specialty cakes for each season. You can see the beehive cake in the case there. I still cannot get the Pim's Cake out of my head from the Fall season: rich almond cake frosted in chocolate fudge with orange marmalade and chucks of fudge on top...O.M.G! Bliss...pure and simple.

So.... you didn't think I would leave empty handed did you? This sweet thing came home with me:

If you are ever in the Sacramento area, Freeport Bakery has got to make it onto your itinerary. It will be your "happy place" too.......promise.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is a very happy place. And that little sheep? Swoon!


Callie Grayson said...

that cake is so adorable!!
thanks for the share.....*smiles* i love sweet things to eat!

Callie Grayson said...

that cake is so adorable!!
thanks for the share.....*smiles* i love sweet things to eat!

bluehydrangea said...

Sadly, I share your tendency to yell at other drivers. I am working on it as I don't want the small fries to pick up on my colorful language. Next time I am going to think of your happy place!! It looks fabulous!!

Pigtown-Design said...

i want to go to your happy place!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

That is a delectable happy place...I may need to borrow it!

Cakespy said...

One of my favorite bakeries--and I have never even been there! I had the pleasure of interviewing Marlene, the owner, a while back, and found her so interesting and cool! It is great to have a look at the goods and the retail location! How cool!!

Together We Save said...

Wow such a beautiful place. I can see how it could be your happy place

inDdecor said...

I'm a vocal driver too. Sadly, my kids have picked it up too.

Love the flower branches!

Fifi Flowers said...

What a delightful bakery... I can see why it would be your happy place!
ENJOY your weekend!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love bakeries!! In fact, that is one of my secret fantasies.... to own my own bakery. In a coastal village, where I could do all the baking, but only be open when I felt like it. Not exactly the smartest business plan, I know, but it sounds like so much fun.

We are fortunate to have a really fabulous bakery within walking distance. So, we go for long, long walks and end up at the bakery. Not exactly the smartest exercise program either, I suppose!!

bayou contessa said...

That sweet little lamb cake surely takes me to a happy place. How cute!!! Thanks for reminding us about the "happy place!"

MD said...

I worked at that bakery a lifetime ago and the experience has stayed with me. Other than the fact that I will probably never again eat a broken hot chocolate chip cookie at 5 in the morning, the lessons I learned there about customer service, quality and care in the details are ones that I draw from still to this day.

My favorite times were opening the front early in the morning before Christmas: the lights shining off the decorations, the early morning excitement and above all the sugary and spicey aromas in the air.

I have yet to find a match for their standards of quality, passion for taste and appearance and genuine insistance that every customer feels truly welcome and well-served.

To those who can, a visit there is a must.

Susan said...

So with you on this one - nothing perks me up like a quick visit, such a homey happy spot. Newest love: individual two layer birthday cakes! Have you noticed them? Awesome : ) and sweet.