Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks Home Depot

I know I said I was going to be out of touch for a few days....but I had to say a quick THANK YOU to Home Depot. I have been running around like a mad woman lately...(which I will be telling you all about soon....promise). I was at Home Depot yesterday....and yes....sort of dreading it cuz I needed a lot of stuff and...let's face experiences with Big Box stores like this have not been great in the service department.

But I have to say....not only were there plenty of employees around, they actually approached me (yes...every one of them and I think there were a total of four) and asked if I needed help (which I did) AND, they ALL knew exactly where to guide me to find what I was looking for! Imagine! My mood just kept getting better and better. I went in with the thought that I would never find what I was looking for in this huge place, there would be no one to help me, and if I could find someone, they wouldn't know where to find it either. But I was so pleasantly surprised!

Then I found these lamps (which I wasn't even looking for) that were a great price ($57.95 I think) real glazed porcelain and perfect for my daughter's bedroom. (I have been looking for something affordable for awhile now). My grin turned into a big smile at that point.

So....THANK YOU HOME DEPOT! You have really turned it around. And whatever the reason is: recession , new management, middle of the day on a weekday....I don't care. Your employees were courteous and knowledgeable. Bravo!

OK...just had to say that.

AND ...thank you to the man who took my cart back to the store for me after I unloaded my loot, even though you didn't work for Home Depot. That was really the icing on the cake.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Almost Time......

I am trying to get some major things done in the next few days. There are some very exciting things in the wind. It is going to take alot of focused effort to be ready in time........

So I may in and out for a few days.

But I promise to tell you about everything. In a few days. Perhaps a week.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cool: Roger Borg

1.25.7a, enamel on aluminum, 7.12" x 5.736", 2007

This is just a small taste of the coolness that is Roger Borg. Artist, Sculptor, and creator of neon lamps, Roger uses forms from nature, studies and creates from a common theme a body of work that is at once serene and exciting. I hope you enjoy.

1.27.7p, enamel on aluminum, 4.171" x 8.28", 2007

untitled, neon (8300 white), 15' x 12' x 11', 2008
collection of suzanne and norman cohn

Pull In Lamp

Stacked Series: both hanging and free standing, these neon lamps are made by stacking individual hand bent neon components atop each other. in building a structure in this manner, through individual layers and cross sections, i am able to explore and produce illuminated forms, both simple and complex.

I can just imagine this lamp on a traditional desk (say a Louis XIV) in an office/library. I think the contrast is just would be needed to spice things up. That necessary dash of the unexpected.

each moment slides into the next, neon (4500 white), 7.447" x 64.659", 2005
There are a series of quotes from Roger that were unique and made me stop and read every one.

our paths crossed for but not long enough, steel, approx. 8' x 8' x 4', 1999
Roger has a number of landscape sculptures that capture the imagination.


Flat Series: the first of this series, this wall lamp is distorted to appear three dimensional, while in reality it rests flat on the wall.
Artist's Statement:
through observation and speculation i test the world and its workings. what is of paramount interest to me is its nature at the most base level. how circumstances arise. how sequences form and events unfold. how single narratives merge with others, giving rise to more complex interactions. how information is transcribed within the fluid column of time. how the present moment comes to be, and how it is continually steered into the next. at this boundary of present and future, possibility reigns supreme. infinity rules what may be. permutations abound. but beyond this cusp emerges only a single lone instance of what is and what has become. it is with deference to these thoughts, and within this context, that my work is born.
roger borg, 2007

Monday, February 23, 2009



.......And EDDIE ROSS for picking ME as the WINNER in the SHOPPING CATEGORY at the 1st Annual EDDIE AWARD SHOW!!!!

My Winning Entry

I didn't prepare a speech....but I would like to thank Cannell and Chaffin for producing this very sweet side table. I would like to thank the Sacramento Antique Faire organizers who put on such a fun fair every second Sunday of the month, which is where I found the table. And to all the little daughter...... thank you so much for helping me sand and scrape and paint. And to Veronica....without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you!

And a big congratulations to all of the other winners in the other categories!

This was such fun. Thank you Eddie and Olivia for putting on the show which you can all read about here and here. I hope you all look forward to participating next year!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update: Oscar Night Green Room

Architectural Digest Green Room at the Oscars

I am a huge Oscar Night fan. I love movies. I love watching the stars, the dresses...everything. I was very excited when last year I was the only one in our Oscar Night party poll that got the Best Actress ( Marion CotillardLa Vie en Rose as Edith Piaf) and Best Song( "Falling Slowly" from Once) correct. (I didn't win the whole poll, but was proud none-the-less!).

So it is very fun for me to get a peek at the "behind-the-scenes" goings on. This room is where the presenters wait before they are called onstage during the Oscar show. I had received a bit of information a week or so ago which you may have read about here. So I thought you might like to see the finished room by the wonderful Mr. Stephen Shadley. A beautiful backdrop to all of those glistening dresses and dashing tuxedos, don't you think?

Here are the facts:

For this year’s Architectural Digest Greenroom at the Oscars®, AD100 designer Stephen Shadley looks to the timelessly chic tone of the 1970s. Inspired by Hollywood film sets of the era, this “Seventies Modern” interpretation melds clean lines with a monochromatic color palette and sheer touches for a cool, calm backstage backdrop for the night’s honorees.

This is the seventh consecutive year Architectural Digest has created the greenroom for the Oscars. Over that time, the magazine has reinvented the notion of this exclusive backstage oasis, creating a high-design space befitting the evening’s A-list winners and presenters.

For the first time, this year’s Architectural Digest Greenroom expanded to include a new garden-inspired space that actually sits on the loading dock … though you’d never know! With the new room, the space is now 920 square feet in size!

Principal furniture was found through Baker, including…
· A custom sofa that is 11 feet in length, reminiscent of the 70’s stretch style
· Garden seats from a new collection that recreates works by the legendary Los Angeles design icon Tony Duquette
· A vintage brass and lacquered table circa 1960

Where are we? A panoramic sweep of Los Angeles-at-night from atop Mulholland Drive sets room’s the glamorous mood. The vista includes 20th Century Fox, the movie studio where Shadley began his career as a scenic artist.

An 1100 pound bar constructed from one-of-a-kind Concetto Surface Art “Forza” by CaesarStone is built into the room! It will take a crew of 8 and a forklift to put it in the AD Greenroom.

Fitting for the theme, the area rug is dubbed Mama Mia: an updated take on the shag rug by Karastan. The rug is crafted from SmartStrand 3GT Sorona, a new generation of carpet fiber engineered for outstanding stain resistance with softness.

The wallcovering is actually a favorite silk fabric of Shadley’s found at KneedlerFauchere Imports that has been paper-backed for wall usage.

Shadley shopped around town for vintage furniture and accessories, using rare antique dealers such as Fat Chance, NOHO Modern and Outside Downtown.

My prediciton for Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire.

Maybe not an original fact maybe obvious. But still my choice.

And yours????

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Pillows with Provenance": August Morgan

Geisha Pillow

August Morgan. Isn't that just a wonderful name? Worthy of the lead character in a Ron Howard film. But then you would expect a name like that from two witty and creative people like Kate Hersch and Lance Avery Morgan. Mix Hersch's back round in art history and Sotheby's with Morgan's know-how in publishing and the corporate machine, and you create the perfect storm.

Sunny Pillow

Hersch uses her wealth of knowledge to ferret out vintage needlepoint's from around the globe recreating them into one-of-kind- pillows. I thought you might like to know about her talent. Ahem...bookmark worthy!

Don't Be Crewel Pillow

After perusing their website, I picked my favorites. Well......there were many more, so you will just have to hop over and check them out for yourselves. Believe me....there is something for everyone, from "Glam" to "Geisha" to "Modern" to.....yes, even "Magic Mushrooms".

Wee Picasso Pillow

Little pieces of art....that's what they are.

Surf and Turf Pillow

The Perfect Couple Pillows

Hounds Pillows

I don't want to forget the very clever furniture. I think I like these even more because of the various needlepoint's that have been pieced together in such unexpected ways. Wouldn't it be nice to own a piece of art you can use as well as look at?

American Icon Chair

Just Us Girls Screen

And here they are....that perfect storm I was mentioning above: Lance Avery Morgan and Kate Hersh. August Morgan.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cool: Gardenhouse

Vintage yellow aluminum Love Seat with White Patent Leather Seat Cushion.

I was recently introduced to Gardenhouse, a wonderful shop located in West Palm Beach Florida. Owned by a very creative couple, Cheryl Maeder Antonio and her husband Gary. As with any creative person, Cheryl is multi talented. She studied photography in Switzerland and traveled Europe before moving to San Francisco to start a photography studio there. In San Francisco, she met her sculptor husband Gary. They began antique hunting for fun and the fun soon turned into a passion....which ultimately resulted in their very colorful and happy shop, Gardenhouse.

I am smitten....and knew you would be too. So I am so excited to share some of the objects of my affection.

Red High Gloss Wood Bench for Outdoor Canopy or Indoors

Each piece is lovingly transformed by Cheryl's unique point of view which she describes as "vintage, with a modern twist". Happy paint colors and modern fabrics certainly give each piece new life and vitality.

Vintage Metal Table Lamp with Green Metal Shade.

Cheryl has many more brilliantly reborn vintage finds, so I hope you have minute to click on over and check out Gardenhouse.

Chalkboard Dresser. Unfortunately already sold....but had to show you!

Black and White Slipper Chair with Decorative Nailheads.

OHHH!! And be sure to check out Cheryl's dreamlike seaside photos on the Gardenhouse site as well. Here is just a little sampling:

Beach Series VI

Sea and Sky V

I am headed off to dream of new furniture for my naked back patio, and sunny summers at the beach .......while the rain beats steadily outside my window.

Friday, February 13, 2009

How Do You Know?

Veranda, November December 2007, Ex-votos of silver, gilt bronze and crystals from Southern France, late 19th c. Photo by Peter Vitale

How do you know when it is right? How do you know when that person is "it" for you? Do you know right away? At first sight? I suppose it is different for everyone. I am not one to subscribe to the idea of "love at first sight". I think one might come closer to that concept as one gets older and has gone through many "wrongs". One can then eliminate from the picture what doesn't fit much faster...and concentrate on a person who may just be more "right." But without that experience, how can one really know?

I cannot ever forget the first time I saw my husband. Yes......meeting on a New Year's Eve does make it just that much easier to remember I suppose. And I guess that seeing one's future spouse walk through the door decked out in a classic tuxedo can't hurt one's memory either. It started out as sort of a group blind date with a couple of my roommates and girlfriends. I had dated sporadically since moving back to San Diego after a year living in Louisiana, but was not serious about anyone I had met. I had invited my cousin "H" to be my date for an evening of parties and a big black tie gala. And he brought his best friend with him. I can't say that I knew that night that he was the one. Not even after all of our friends had mysteriously disappeared over the course of the evening leaving us alone at the stroke of midnight. But the next day, when we took a walk on the foggy beach and had fish tacos at a stand on the beach....I knew I wanted to see him again. And see each other we did...every weekend from then on...and eventually every day. did you know? When did you know? Did it take flowers and candy and jewelry to make you swoon....or was it a simple walk on a beach and sharing a fish taco?

I wish you all a Valentine's Day full of simple things, easy hugs, a loving glance, a warm heart. And of course

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dreaming of Morocco: Architectural Digest and St. Tropez Boutique

Architectural Digest, March 2009, Photos by Ken Hayden

Where could this paradise be? One might assume it would be found in Morocco.....but they would be wrong. This magnificently crafted fairytale hide-a-way designed by New York designer Todd Black ( Architecture by Bender and Associates, Landscape by Craig Reynolds) was built in Key West, Florida for Veronica Webb (former Vogue cover girl), George Robb and their young family .

Living Room. Veronica Webb and family.

The Moorish aesthetic was adhered to with meticulous detail. The designer even had craftsmen and apprentices from Morocco flown in to work on site for a full year carving stone, setting tile, and seeing to every intricate detail. The domed ceiling in the Living Room above and the Dining Room ceiling below were both produced in Morocco. The cloud wall panels are mixed media work by Teresita Fernandez. Dream-like!

Dining Room

Everywhere you look there is a kaleidoscope of color and pattern that somehow all works together in harmony. The inlaid chair patterns, the lattice screens, the patterned ceilings, the tiled floors are all so very beautiful.


Is this just a little piece of heaven? This pool area is situated along a canal side of the house. Craig Reynolds used Buccaneer Palms and other salt tolerant native species to create this Shangrila.

I was coming back to this article again and again last week, and just by a blogosphere heavenly collective consciousness coincidence , I was contacted by the wonderful St. Tropez Boutique. For those of you who are not familiar, Saint Tropez Boutique is a designer, manufacturer, and the exclusive dealer in California of fine Moorish architecture elements and Moroccan arts & crafts. They carry beautiful tile, hand carved screens, lighting, furniture, Moroccan tents, and Mediterranean architectural antiques, just to start.

I was lucky to receive these images of Moroccan magic created using the beautiful offerings of St. Tropez Boutique:

Lanterns, screens, mosaic tile and furniture all by St. Tropez Boutique in this soft grey and ivory living space.

Hand Carved Lattice Screen inset into the wall makes for a beautiful room divider.

I love this brass fireplace lattice screen. It is so unexpected and perfect in this contemporary setting.

Two brass Egg Lamps on this coffee table add a sense of the exotic to this Living Room.

This bedroom fit for an Arabian princess is graced with wall sconces and cool glazed floor tile by St. Tropez Boutique.

For the complete offerings of St. Tropez Boutique be sure to visit their website here!


If you want to dream a little dream of Morocco, it always helps to visit Maryam at her beautiful blog My Marrakesh. She has a way of making you feel like you are right there beside her enjoying a cup of fresh mint tea and gazing at her Olive grove at her soon to be realized Peacock Pavilion Bed and Breakfast outside of Marrakesh. Be sure to visit!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day Round-up

Valentine's Day Cake for Two. Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse, layered with Tahitian Vanilla Bean Bavarian Cream, Flourless Chocolate Mousse Meringue Cake, and Raspberry Chambord Caramel. Must be ordered 48 hours in advance. $28

What are the necessities for Valentine's day? Well....the list has grown over the years. But everyone has to agree that CHOCOLATE is high on the list. We are very lucky in Sacramento to have cultivated a premier chocolatier by the name of Ginger Elizabeth. She is a hugely talented young woman especially in the ways of chocolate. This Valentine's Day, Ginger Elizabeth is offering two very special treats if you live in the Sacramento area.

Handmade edible Bittersweet Chocolate Box with edible White Chocolate Rasberry Bow, filled with Chocolate Pearls and 8 Artisan Chocolates. Limited....order in advance. $50

To read more about Ginger Elizabeth and place orders for shipment online click here.

Chocolate is a must....and so is a card, don't you agree? These flocked vintage Victorian style cards from Carmel Bay Company are so pretty and romantic:

Over two dozen assorted vintage style flocked Valentines and envelopes punch out, assemble, And send to the ones you love. $4.99

Hearts for Valentine's Day? Of Course!:

African soapstone hand painted and polished to a smooth touch. The perfect gift for someone you love. Use as a paperweight or create a colorful collection. Background colors: black, red, pink, yellows etc. Small $6.75, Large $15.50. Carmel Bay Company.

Let's see......Flowers are always important, but never more so than when sending to a Valentine. Some of my favorite bouquets can be ordered from Jayson Home and Garden. I thought this Anemone bouquet was particularly wonderful, and the onyx box is a keeper!:

Fuschia Anemone's in an Onyx Box. $135. Jayson Home and Garden.

Hmmmm, what's next......JEWELRY! How could I forget. I can always count on Sundance for having jewelry I will love. Here a re a couple of rings I particularly LOVE. And that is what Valentine's Day is all about, right? LOVE:

Red Jade Ring. $48. Sundance.

Rose Petal Ring. $220. Sundance.

Well....those are the essentials. But it never hurts to show your love by showering your Valentine with gifts. I heart all of these sweet gifts:

Proust Questionnaire - Pink. $34.95. Read more about it here. Jayson Home and Garden.

Surprise Ball. $10. Unwind to discover keepsakes, fortunes, and prizes. Sea and Jae

I loved these when I was little and have only been able to find them again through Sea and Jae. Sea and Jae also have a wonderful blog all about giving gifts that are unique and creative. Check it out here.

I was recently introduced to a fabulous pillow company called Fabricadabra, and this pillow says it all:

Felted Wool Appliqued Pillow. 20"x20". $65. from Fabricadabra

The most important thing to give for Valentine's Day is, of course, LOVE. So be generous and spread it around. The world needs it right about now.