Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Call!!!!

Bunglow Hotel
I have been obsessed with a TV show lately....and usually that doesn't happen. I can miss a show here and there and really not care too much. But I have to say, the Novogratz family has just captured my imagination and my heart. Corny...maybe....but true. I have not missed a single episode. 9 by Design on Bravo has everything a good show needs....action, comedy, tension build-up, romance....and suspense (will they find missing son Wolfie in London? Will developer friend and client like his new pink refrigerator....or hate it?! Will they be able to find a venue for a book signing party supposed to take place in mere hours?). It also has design! And good design at that!
Well my friends....the last episode of the season is airing this next week, Tuesday June 1. What will I do this summer without them?! They have inspired me to get going on my own projects at home and with clients, to push the envelope a bit and think about design in a fresh way. I will be anxiously waiting the new season!!!
Until then....a few pictures of their latest project, the Bungalow Hotel.

Looks like a prefect Memorial Day Weekend Getaway!
Hope you enjoy yours!
(We will be enjoying our Alley Party Saturday afternoon with kegs of beer brewed by our very own alley neighbor, Rob....and a live band. Um....Bob and Cortney...if you don't have any plans yet...jet on over... and bring the kids!)
For some previews of the Finale click on over HERE. I love these guys.


La Maison Fou said...

The same has happened to me. I am enchanted with the show and their approach to design and working with their big family unit.
The show is fun, fresh and full of entertainment! I will be watching, as well as rewatching thru on demand in my neck of the woods!
Bon Weekend to you!

pretty pink tulips said...

I have not been able to catch the show, though I have their book - which I love. So clever! I love that fun light fixture over the pool talbe!

Grant K. Gibson said...

Loving watching the show as well.
So great to see last nights show and then see it all come together in your photos.
I agree- they have given me inspiration to play around a bit more- mix it up.
The only thing that I watch and I am concerned about is it doesn't look like they work with a contract for clients. Maybe they do- but I hope that they have a good lawyer who set up how they order and charge. It just seems rather loose on the show. I never would like to see someone get taken advantage of (them as designers).

Mona Thompson said...

Haven't seen the show, but need to check it out. Have a great weekend.

Karena said...

A really terrific show and I don't watch a lot of TV either Katie!!

Art by Karena

maison21 said...

never watched the show, but i do like that first seating area very much- eclectic without being zany.

Renae said...

I caught the show once and it is amazing how they work at keeping all the 'balls' in the air! Great job on the hotel!
Have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

I just saw this show for the first time last night I think and I remember that tree trunk! Wow, the hotel sure looks sharp. They do have many balls up in the air and seem to fly without a net!

Hello Lover... said...

I love this show as well and really I love everything about them - their attitude about work, and raising children - I can't get enough of it!

Anonymous said...

Me, too!!!

I love it..and it's really inspired me in terms of artwork. Larger and with a twist.

I hope they keep them coming...

Debra Phillips said...

katie i too am obsessed with that show and yes all the elements for great tv are there. but the bonus for us design junkies could not be more perfect.

had a bad week and truly felt like i was in that show, the one with the book signing.........i am about to open a shop and have a huge grand opening coming up, people flying in and was told BUSINESS LICENSE DECLINED. long story but all fixed now (last minute). but i would not have wanted any camera's running then :-) they are amazing!

design traveller said...

I love the interiors, the photos caught my eye immediately. I always fall for dark floors.

kiki said...

I LOVE this show too! I hope Bravo brings it back for a second season!

Staci Edwards Design said...

Looks like a great spot! Thanks for sharing!