Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life is Full

Alley Party Guests, Jenny and Andy
Life has a way of becoming bountiful all at once. I think the more one is involved with people, the more opportunities arise. Lately life has been very full, and I must apologize for letting my blog slip a little. Especially since the blog has been one of the main sources for how much life is giving at the moment!
So a little sharing is in order. As you know, we live in a turn of the century neighborhood which developed with alleys behind all of the houses ( presumably so horses could be put away behind the houses). Tim and one of our back alley neighbors, Rob, had been conceptualizing a party with all of the alley neighbors for a few months now. The idea was to have a Pot Luck in the alley with a band in our garage and the homemade beer brewed by Rob (fan-TAS-tic BTW!!!!) in Rob's garage. This all ended up coming about on Memorial Day weekend.

Vital Signs, Classic Rock in our Garage
We really had no idea how it would turn out.... We know most of our neighbors, but not all. We had never heard the band before....they were recommended by a friend, and we didn't know how many would show up! Wellll....From the response, it looks like it will be an annual event. Perhaps semi-annual! We have had requests for an Oktoberfest. (I will keep you informed!). The band ( Vital Signs....Classic Rock...916-388-1931 if you are in the Sactown Dave Mauck) was great....everyone was up and dancing . The Brew was so popular Rob had to break out a second batch. And the Pot luck was delish. Brats, salads, and lots of watermelon. Sometimes a casual thing can turn into the most fun.

Pot Luck
I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!
This last weekend was quite eventful as well! Saturday, Tim and I drove with my Mom to Healdsburg to empty out a storage unit Mom had been renting for the last 15 years. We thought it was about time to let the contents see the light of day once again.....and Mom could save a little cash to boot! Mom used to live in Healdsburg, and for those of you unfamiliar, it is located in the wine country right along the Russian River. (More HERE) It is beautiful, charming, and home to antique shops, great B&B's, restaurants and recreational opportunities.

Oakville Grocery, Healdsburg
Although the main reason for the trip was to empty out a treasure trove of furniture and art that had been in hiding for such a long time (we didn't even know exactly what we would find!)....we still had to have lunch, right? So after a morning of driving to Healdsburg (about 2 hours from Sac) picking up a U-haul truck and loading it up with fantastic loot (more later on that!) we headed over to Oakville Grocery for lunch. Located right on the town is THE place for sandwiches and salads. Me? I had a Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich and Roasted Beet Salad with a Sparkling Pear Cider. Mom had the Roast Beef, and Tim had a Roasted Veggie Sandwich with a fresh Snap Pea Salad.

Lunch at Oakville Grocery in Healdsburg
Refreshed we were ready for the drive home and a late afternoon of unpacking. We finished just in time for the guests to arrive for a year end pizza party for my daughter, her girlfriends and moms. (Actually, I did need to leave to pick up Tim from returning the U-Haul truck.... perhaps we were trying to pack in a little too much for one day!) We had fun making pizzas with Trader Joe pizza dough (I highly recommend!!!) and any topping you can imagine is also available at TJ's! Easy. was a quick trip to the Sacramento Farmer's is Cherry Season....and I am addicted to Rainier cherries....had to have them.
Sacramento Farmer's Market Cherries
After breakfast, I drove to San Francisco to meet one of my favorite bloggers! Grant Gibson, designer and blogger extraordinaire, threw a scrumptious brunch for Architect Design blogger, Stefan Hurray. (Stefan lives in Washington DC and is enjoying a birthday trip to California....Happy Birthday Stefan!!)

Brunch at Grant Gibson's lovely San Francisco Home
Grant is not only a fabulous designer ( 5 designers to watch list in Elle Decor, people!) he is also a consummate host and cook! We were treated to Roast Vegetable Quiche, Smoked Salmon Quiche, Asparagus and Fingerling Potatoes, Fresh Strawberries, Homemade Scones and Clotted Cream. There was minted iced tea and Prosecco Mimosas. And the company was so much fun! (I wish I had been able to get every one's picture...but here are a few)
Stefan of Architect Design blog, and Grant
Sally Swing and Scot Meacham Wood, Fabulous designer and author of Tartanscot Blog
Moi and Stefan
It has been a very busy time...and a very good time as well. We will be celebrating my older daughter's High School graduation this weekend with family, and the girls and I will be heading to the Happiest Place on Earth for a little Grad Trip in a couple of weeks. I am working on some really fun work projects which I hope to share with you very soon!
So...without further is back to work!
Have a great day!


Alexandra Rae said...

Wow! What an amazing weekend. Made me miss Northern California. (First trip in two years this Sunday for a family reunion). Life is bountiful isn't it. I too have let my blog slip into oblivion. But I think reading your inspiring post is just what I needed. you're so right: the more we're involved with people the more opportunities arise. Thanks for sharing! Love Scot and Grant. And Grant's menu!!!

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...

Hi Katie-

So sorry I missed you and Stefan and Scott and Sally and friends at Grant's last week. I was in Paris (not so bad).

You are right. Grant is a wonderful and generous and confident chef. He entertains with elan and spirit.

Sorry I missed you. Next time!
cheers, DIANE

Julio said...

I am sooooo envious of you Katie!! A fantastic neighborhood celebration then a great gathering in San Francisco with 3 other of favorite bloggers. I'm sure Grant was a wonderful and stylish host. Thank you for sharing inspiring moments with us.

P.S. I still can't believe you have a kid in college. Please send me some of that oil of delay:)

Pigtown-Design said...

isn't stephan great!!! i adore him! and i can not wait to meet grant!

Mona Thompson said...

Wow! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I would love to meet all of you. Understand how life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. Or is it the other way around? In any event. Welcome back!

serena at the urban farmhouse said...

Those sandwiches in Healdsburg look so good. Now I have even more reason to visit! And that brunch menu- yum! Thanks for sharing all your fun!

tartanscot said...

omg - it was SO great having the chance to hang out with you at Grant's wondrous home for the afternoon. Great food. Great conversation.


Cristin said...

What a wonderful event and group of talented folks.


maison21 said...



Karena said...

Katie, it is so great to see blog friends get together. Blogging has really opened up a whole world to all of us!! So many truly nice people!

Art by Karena

shiree segerstrom said...

Nice post Katie. Love the neighborhood gathering. Loved the pictures at Grant Gibson's. I was just in Yountville last weekend and had dinner at the restaurant owned by Michael C. It was a beautiful day in Napa Valley. Shiree Segerstrom

Mrs. Blandings said...

Of course I am envying your blogger brunch - four of my favorites right there. BUT the garage band thing? That sounds like terrific fun, too. And your pictures always look so good - even you food pictures. They always make me hungry.


It is such fun to actually meet people from cyberspace.
Stefan,Scot,Katie and Grant are 2 2 Divine!

Claudia Juestel / Adeeni said...

A lovely weekend indeed! Nice seeing familiar faces having a wonderful time.



ArchitectDesign™ said...

It was just WAY too much fun and I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera!
Was so lovely to meet you and hopefully we can meet again! I had such a fantastic trip and a move may be in my future -haha.

Dovecote Decor said...

Oh!! The Oakville grocery!! I haven't been in years. The food Northern Ca. is the best on earth. Time for me to head over there.