Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guest Room Update: Summer Camp

Awhile back I had blogged about painting the Guest Room. It has taken me this long to get it "together". I painted the room a chocolate brown color because I liked the contrast between the brown and the stark white (Dunn Edwards, Whisper). Other than that I had no real plan. I use my house as a sort of laboratory and change things around frequently....especially in my office. A Guest Room is easy to use for daughters complaining that their room smells of paint. This is the latest incarnation.

The rooms in my house have a tendency to resemble my senti-"mental" images of summer holidays I have taken with my family, present and past. Perhaps it is that ever present longing to be on vacation? Whatever it is....I love spaces that invite me to relax and daydream.
This room, somewhat unintentionally, became my trip to one of the Mammoth Lakes, Lake George to be specific, where my Dad would take us every summer when I was growing up. We would stay in a small cabin on the Lake, and fill the days with hiking and fishing. We would lure little brown and white striped chipmunks into the cabin with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, much to my mother's horror.
There is also a bit of my trip with Tim and my daughters to the Olympic Rain Forest where we stayed at Lake Quinault in the Lake Quinault Lodge.( Add it to you Bucket List if you have not already been....hauntingly beautiful, seemingly from another time.)
The vintage twig furniture, grass matts, my wicker hampers, bird prints, the well worn concrete balustrade lamp and antique bamboo table and felted wool army blanket all say "summer camp".....and you occasionally will find me laying on the bed daydreaming about my own camp days. (I just discovered through a google search that the camp I went to has resurfaced after a bit of a cannot imagine how happy it made me! I think a visit is in order. Truly the best camp EVER).

I hope summer is treating you all well, and that you are fitting in some time to daydream.

camp 1- noun - a place where a group or an individual is lodged in a tent or tents or other temporary means of shelter
camp 2 - noun - something that provides sophisticated, knowing amusement as by virtue of its being artlessly mannered or stylized, self-consciously artificial and extravagant, or teasingly ingenuous or sentimental


casey at loft and cottage said...

I adore this room and wouldn't change a thing! Love the texture, and I so want that rattan table.

boops said...

This is my first visit to your blog-I love this room, love the inspiration, love the execution! Have you thought of injecting more green in the room? Summer camp makes me think of trees.

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

Oh, I love the feel of this room....and the story behind it. I also love the color you painted the walls and the natural materials. We used a similar color (by C2) in a guest room in our previous home and I just loved how cozy it felt!

Sarah said...

What a calming space, I love it! The prints to the curtains with the greek keys border/trim (what do you call it) is perfect.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Katie I love your guest bedroom, love your memories and the camp you use to go to as a child looks so charming. All those great experiences are irreplaceable. Being from Washington State I agree that the Olympic Rain Forest is magical.

Have a terrific weekend!

Rene said...

I love this space. It makes perfect sense to surround yourself with things that remind you of relaxing times.


Jen @ Bloggers Abode said...

Warm,unique and a A-DORABLE!! Nice work!

elizgonz said...

This is just lovely! Cozy and fresh at the same time.

Michelle said...

The ease of this room is so inviting! I love owls at the moment...


Victoria Bellow said...

I love everything about this bedroom, notably the color palette and how adorable paintings hung behind the lamps over the vintage console.i love the simplicity of this bedroom.Nice Post.thanks.

mary said...

You chose one of my favorite wall colors--love the way it seems to change according to the ambient light.
The Audubon prints bring it full circle.

bazaarofserendipity said...

I love it, It looks just beautiful! I'd like to be your guest :-)

Linda in AZ * said...

*** This is SOOOOOOO FABULOUS!!! I absolutely A*D*O*R*E the casual, warm, welcoming and "chic-ness" of it ALL!!!!

Girlfriend, you are "soooo GOOD!"~~~

Linda in AZ *

katiedid said...

Thank you all so much! It is always a work in progress at my house....I am never totally satisfied! I guess that is common with designers...I always see things that provoke new ideas. All of your kind thoughts mean a lot!

And boops....I think a little more green is in order too. I have a fabric remnant that will be made into pillows before long!

Michelle....I am liking owls right now too!

DT....I loved our trip to the ORF! SOoooo beautiful!

Suzie..I am going to look up the C2 paint colors!

Dining and Decor said...

When can I spend the night! ha!
The room is so cozy. A guest would definately feel welcome here. You are one talented lady!


Renae said...

I love the linens and chocolate complimented with the white! I wanna come visit!

Hampers said...

Your decoration is so beautiful, absolutely breathtaking. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas

Persis Shah said...

awesome room!

just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other.=)

have a lovely day!


MM said...

Hi Katie

Love the bird prints.....always a bird fan!
We are setting up our mendocino collection this week.
The circus has left the building.
Thanks for including us on your blog list!

Hope to bump into you someday soon!

Persis Shah said...

Hi Katie,

thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments!

i've added you to my blogroll and i'm now following you. i see you have offer online interior design consultancy, please let me know in case you'd like to advertise this on Miles Of Style.

i'll definitely be coming by here more often now. =)



Cote de Texas said...

darling!!! i love the color and the side table. soooo cute.

My Notting Hill said...

I absolutely love this room. It has such a positive and enveloping energy. Guests must love it. Do you ever find you're tempted to take a cat nap in there?

pretty pink tulips said...

Love the feel of this room - so initing and relaxing! My son is at sleep away camp right now - and staying in the original cabins circa 1904. This is very reminiscent of that!
xo Elizabeth

Dee said...

All I have is a paint swatch for this color... It looks so warm and inviting though. I was debating whether to use this color in my son's room... I know some people are scared of bold colors, but dark colors really do have a way of making a room look "cozy" rather than "dreary". Now that I've seen the photos of your gorgeous room, I am most certain I will be going with this color... It's so difficult to choose when there are dozens of chocolate browns! Best wishes.