Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are You a Wallpaper Person?

Ecuador Wallpaper and Fabric, Carole Fabric at End of Bed
I must admit, I don't immediately gravitate to wallpaper when I am hatching out a design plan. But when I saw this newest collection from Thibaut, this tiger may just change her stripes. The collection is titled Avalon, the island of Arthurian lore which, as fable has it, was able to produce fruits and flora at it's own whim.

This collection seems to take up the banner of Avalon, showing us a garden of vibrant color and bold flowering pattern.

Waterbury Fabric
Lucky for us, Thibaut also provides beautiful fabrics that I cannot wait to get my hands on. I especially like the Marathon fabric on the stool in this bathroom:

Candice Wallpaper and Marathon Fabric
And the Carole Pattern on the hallway settee (also in the first photo in pink and orange), a bit reminiscent of of David Hicks:

Hana Wallpaper and Carole Fabric
I don't think I would have thought to use this next wallpaper, but I really like it in this bathroom with the weathered wood vanity and Kelly green accents. (Not so sure about the pristine white wainscoting in this shot, but that is beside the point).

Butterfly Garden Wallpaper
I love the combination of elements in this next room (driftwood, white wicker) and I especially like the wallpaper! The room would not be as interesting without it.

Island Ikat Wallpaper and Marathon Fabric
There are so many more in the new Avalon collection. I hope you have a chance to check it out HERE.

There are a few other new collections as well. The Shangri-La collection is aptly named putting out such exotic patterns like these:

Ivanka Wallpaper and Devon Fabric
Kirkwood Wallpaper and Anafi Chair Fabric
Kirkwood Wallpaper and Malay Ikat Fabric
From the new Damask collection:

Antoine Trellis Wallpaper
Positano Wallpaper
And from the new Texture Resource: 
Greater Gator Wallpaper

Banyan Basket Wallpaper
Thibaut has convinced me. Someone is doing their job there. Not only do they have great product, but their website is very easy to navigate, there are easily downloadable wallpaper images ( the easier to use for a client presentation), but best of all, the beautiful room vignettes give fantastic ideas about how to use the products.
I'm sold. What about you?


Acanthus and Acorn said...

Crazy about wallpaper! And, especially Thibaut's latest additions...I actually emailed a design friend back in the spring with an image of an aqua paper saying I have fallen madly in love. I have it saved and look at it along with some that you've shown...several times a week...sick I know!!!

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

Love Thibaut and have had my eye on the malay ikat for a while, hoping to find the right project for it. That Marathon fabric has me headed to the Thibaut site as I leave here! Thanks for the inspiration.

Splendid Sass said...

Of course i love the brown gator paper. Antoine Trellis wallpaper is so pretty for a bedroom, and the fabrics are lovely. Thank you for sharing.
Have a nice day.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am a huge fan of wallpaper. And there are so many exquisite ones out at the moment. I did my husband's studio in all William Morris wallcoverings. I adore it.
And so does he, which helps of course!

Clou-belle said...

Hi Katie
I love the Banyan Basket Wallpaper, fantastic contrast against the cane furniture.
I love the wallpaper available on the Designers Guild Website

Here are a couple of my favourites that also converted me from sitting on the fence when it came to wallpaper...!


Angela said...


Nice collection of creative (and beautiful) wallpaper shots. Appreciate your work putting this together - I'm in the market for wallpaper for two rooms.

La Petite Gallery said...

I have always loved wall paper. I have designed custom paper. My pick is the top one, only white on cream.
Thibaut is such a lovely, fine old wall paper company. Hope people start using it again.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

Thanks for the FYI! Love the papers.


No,No,No! I put it on in the 80's and have slowly been taking it off in the past 5 years. It is lovely to look at but remember that you have to remove it some day.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

I love wallpaper in certain contexts, especially if it's unexpected and luxe. The Greater Gator is fantastic -- such a well-chosen name too ; )
Cheers, Alcira

mary said...

This a great line. Favorite is the chinoiserie and the hand painted style designs. Because I love art hanging on walls without distractions, I prefer wallpaper in bathrooms and even closets. But I just might change my mind. Thanks.

Kate from Party Resources said...

I love the Ivanka with the twin beds!

Flooring Wholesale Gal said...

I used to be kind of skeptical when it came to wallpaper, but the more and more I see it being used strategically, and with amazing designs...well, the more I like it. It can really add so much personality and pzazz to a room ;) Thanks for the info on Thibaut.

Jaima Brown Emmert said...

I love wallpaper. As silhouette patterns are in style, I like the orange and blue fabric image the best.

quintessence said...

I've always loved wallpaper. I especially like the island ikat, the positano, and the banyan basket. wonderful new additions to their line.

Camila F. said...

I love all kinds of wallpaper!

Tamra said...

Wallpaper is beautiful once it's up but you only have to take it down once to hate it.

As a decorative artist I'd rather create these looks with paint so that they are much easier to change out when the mood hits which at some point it always does.

Denise Wilbur said...

I was a fan of wallpaper years ago, but I've learned that what looks great today is guaranteed to look hopelessly dated within five years, max. So much of today's wallpaper is so dramatic and attention-grabbing, that it may grate on us even more quickly.

Velvet and Linen said...

I am definitely a wall paper gal.
We are designing a dining room right now with this gorgeous Fromental wallpaper on a eggplant colored silk ground. It's amazing!
I also tried emailing this to you, but it bounced. So I thought I'd leave it here....

Hi Katie.

I think the draperies you are talking about were in my bathroom for a while.
I can't believe how much I'm loving these drop cloths. Crazy!
Steve and I are going to be in SF this weekend for our friend, Shane's store opening.
Have you been to Big Daddy's? I can't wait to see what he's created.
I can send you the info about the opening if you are free tomorrow night.
We are also planning to go to Alamita on Sunday.
Hope to bump into you this weekend.


katiedid said...

Hi all!
It looks like we have a bit of a divide here. I do think wallpaper can add so much to a room, but taking it down would be a huge pain. I remember I had a freind in Middle School who had 70's wallpaper in a very mod floral design in orange, yellow and definitely had a shelf life, so I do understand that the styles might not last for a great while. But perhaps it is worth it in some circumstances, especially if it is a class style, like the Chinioserie. Also, grass cloth wallpapers are timeless.

So I have a question. Are wallpapers any easier to take off now than they used to be? Are they made differently now with this in mind? Have the pastes changed in recent years? If anyone knows, do tell!

Ms. Givens said...

I love them all!

Mimi said...

I just love the pink wallpaper, I would love to use that in my daughters bedroom.

house clearance said...

i never really liked wallpaper but the more i see these funky designs the more i adore them. a nice stylish black and white one or wallpaper of a forest. thanks for sharing

Claudia Juestel said...

Dying to use more wall paper. I love it especially over wainscot, which frames it so wonderfully. None of these rooms would feel the same without.



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