Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wouldn't you just love to be the party goers that get to walk up this path? I recently got to "meet", via this wonderful blog world of ours, Kate Todd, the voice of the Party Resources blog. Kate is the daughter of renowned party planner Ann Perry Todd, a.k.a. "Dixie".
As luck would have it, Kate invited me to be a guest on her blog and throw out a few of my favorite party ideas. I was very flattered and more than happy to oblige! I hope you have a chance to hop over and take a peek! Kate has been quite busy collecting great party ideas for all of us to try out ourselves. AND while you are at will want to take a look at Dixie Todd's website. So many spectacular parties! As we all know, it is no small feat to put together a party as beautifully as those shown on Party Resources. My party hat is off to Dixie and Kate!!!


pretty pink tulips said...

So fun seeing your party ideas over on Party Resources. I think Kate has created a beautiful new blog!!


Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

Great ideas....and your post made me very hungry!