Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Call!!!!

Bunglow Hotel
I have been obsessed with a TV show lately....and usually that doesn't happen. I can miss a show here and there and really not care too much. But I have to say, the Novogratz family has just captured my imagination and my heart. Corny...maybe....but true. I have not missed a single episode. 9 by Design on Bravo has everything a good show needs....action, comedy, tension build-up, romance....and suspense (will they find missing son Wolfie in London? Will developer friend and client like his new pink refrigerator....or hate it?! Will they be able to find a venue for a book signing party supposed to take place in mere hours?). It also has design! And good design at that!
Well my friends....the last episode of the season is airing this next week, Tuesday June 1. What will I do this summer without them?! They have inspired me to get going on my own projects at home and with clients, to push the envelope a bit and think about design in a fresh way. I will be anxiously waiting the new season!!!
Until then....a few pictures of their latest project, the Bungalow Hotel.

Looks like a prefect Memorial Day Weekend Getaway!
Hope you enjoy yours!
(We will be enjoying our Alley Party Saturday afternoon with kegs of beer brewed by our very own alley neighbor, Rob....and a live band. Um....Bob and Cortney...if you don't have any plans yet...jet on over... and bring the kids!)
For some previews of the Finale click on over HERE. I love these guys.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making Lemonade.....

Back Yard Concrete Block Wall, Fountain Under Construction!
When we moved in to our 1911 house, we were thrilled to have an old house with all of it's charm and quirks. But things happen over the years. Things get built that make you wonder what the owners were thinking. We inherited a decrepit carport that was attached to a massive concrete block wall (9-10 feet high?). We took down the lean to, but the wall remains. An eyesore with rebar sticking up from the top. I guess it was never finished?
We left it alone while we busily attacked the house remodel. But now we are tackling the yard. So....what to do about this wall? Should it come down? Or should we try to work with it? Our neighbor has one of the most beautiful rose gardens I have ever seen, and many of his climbers are on the other side of this wall. We hate to disturb the plants....or our very patient neighbor ( he has kindly put up with two dogs that love to bark at the squirrels that run across the top of the wall).
We decided to leave it where it is. I had designed a large wall fountain for a restaurant a few years ago, and Tim loved it. So...we are creating a smaller version to break up the expanse of wall that blinds us with glare almost all day. I sketched up our vision of what the "After" will look like ......soon I hope!

We plan to use corten metal plates for the back of the wall of water, and stucco the rest of the wall to match the house. A concrete finish cap will go along the top. Tim is building the trough for the water with a seat topped with the same concrete cap. Trellised vines will cover the wall on either side of the fountain, and I am hoping Tim will agree to potted citrus tress on either side. This wall gets sun almost all Mediterranean plants will do well here. We will be trying out water plants for the first time in the fountain!
I am looking forward to the sound of falling water and the thermal cooling when the temps get up to 100 around here!
Another project on the books.....(Tim doesn't know about this one yet!)....our front door! It is a massive four feet wide, and to replace it would cost a small fortune. Plus, most door companies do not warranty a door this wide. 42 inches, yes....48 inches, no. I would have thought that the front door to a house that is otherwise very charming would have had some character. But sadly, it is a plain slab door with wood veneer that has seen better days. It is heavily scratched and peeling away. Plus, the dark stain stops the eye dead in it's tracks in our white living room. And why someone would feel it necessary to add a peephole to a door with windows, I will never understand! Here she is....

Front Door..."Before"
So this is my plan....... I want to add battens to the door to add some architectural interest. The pattern will echo some of the other patterns throughout the house. like the wainscoting in the dining room and the beamed ceilings. The battens will also hide the flaws in the veneer. Then a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and voila! I hope to have a much prettier door that will not break the bank!
I will keep you posted on the progress......soon I hope! it is dependent on my "contractor" (ahem....Tim!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

San Francisco Decorator Showcase, Part VI: Third Level

The Aerie by Benjamin Dhong
We are heading into the last week of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, and there is still time to hop on over!
There was so much to see, I am not going to be able to show you everything, but I had to give you a glimpse into the third level! Some of the best work was up here.
The talented Benjamin Dhong created a perfect escape which he entitled "The Aerie". It is the perfect "refuge from the daily commonplace".
His mix of modern and traditional is always spot on. Familiar, yet is just the sort of thing I love.

The Aerie
Michael Burg also had a petite space which he called up images of a European hotel room....perfect for Sherlock Holmes. A mixture of quirky vintage furniture, fine antiques and modern edge makes this space so very cool.

Blakes, Room 27 by Michael Burg. Rare Louis XVI Secretaire and cow hide ottoman.
The perfect resting place.

Industrial Chic Tufted Daybed, Blakes, Room 27
Next up, "Poetry in Time, The Horologist's Laboratory by Brian Dittmar conjured up a time wizard's study. Full of clocks, watches, hourglasses and sundials....what better place the wile away the hours?

The Horologist's Library by Brian Dittmar. Brilliant Clock!
For a full study of how this room progressed in time from conception to fruition, hop on over to The Style Saloniste for the prefect recap!!! Truly not to be missed. I was so intrigued by the whole process from start to finish.
Custom Wing Chair by Brian Dittmar fabricated by Gilbert Herrara Upholstery. Note the etching in the mirror
A place for time, a time and place.
Blackman Cruz Lamp on the desk. Note the custom area rug with a quote by Rodin, "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely". (I am putting that up on my inspiration bulletin board today!)
Brian Dittmar
I had met Cecile Starin at last year's showcase where I was enchanted by the Master Bedroom design she did. This year, Cecilie designed a room no less enchanting, which she entitled "Ivory Tower, A Room for Thought".
Ivory Tower by Cecilie Starin
Cecilie thought of every corner and every surface in this space. The daybed was the perfect fit between the window alcoves. There is everything here a person could want. Wouldn't this be the perfect design for a small New York apartment? A bed that doubles as seating, Storage in the coffee table, A dresser that doubles as a sideboard, bookcases for even more storage, and everything is so stylish and cozy! Take note, those of you in small spaces. This is how to make it livable!
I mustn't forget the ceiling! Cecilie stenciled a caning pattern up there and the light fixture was brilliant!
Cecilie Starin
Level three was packed with surprises....I will have a few more for you before week's end!
And please hop on over to Tartanscot for Scot's own take on the San Francisco Showcase this year HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE! More fantastic pictures and always interesting to see through another person's eyes. (And he does have such nice eyes!)
Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Sad Day....

Many of you have enjoyed seeing the beautiful antiques Amy Perlin Antiques is known to have provided for top designers throughout the country. I was saddened to receive this announcement today.

Sending wishes of Peace.

For additional information...hop over to Stylebeat.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nice Toss!

When I was in San Francisco for the Decorator Showcase (more to come on that BTW!), I had to do a little shopping, of course! We headed over to Chestnut Street in the Marina District to browse around and came across THIS gem of a shop!
Toss is a shop with a little of everything a girl wants.....cute bags and totes, cuter shoes, fun belts and hats, perfect tops and colorful scarves.....and lots of gifts perfect for your girlfriends, Mom's, daughters, MIL's and SIL's.There is vibrant color everywhere you turn. I absolutely loved how there were shoes and belts tucked into each color story area in the store.
Toss Design is a San Francisco design house founded in 2004 known for their travel totes and bags in fresh patterns and vibrant colors. There are now tunics and dresses in the same brilliant patterns in the shop.

See those cute orange flats on the shelf below? And I almost took the black sandals above home with me.
One of the nicest things about the shop is that the prices were very do-able. Cute, fun, affordable and lots to love here. What could be better?!
I am all over these sandals with the caning on them.
Hop on over to the Toss Website for a little online shopping if you can't get to the City by the Bay. Summer is a-comin' and a little travel bag might be just the ticket for you or that upcoming grad gift! (I have a grad of my shhh! Don't tell her!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010, Part V.... Jewel Box Spaces

Art in the "Modern Talks Back" Bath

Sometimes a smaller space might get overlooked in a Show House. At the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010, this couldn't be further from the truth! This Showcase puts the "Pow" in Powder Room! I wanted to show you some of the amazing things that can be done in smaller rooms that can make them oh so memorable!

Shower tile detail in the Modern Bath

Right off of the "Elemental Luxe" Room designed by Marion Philpotts-Miller and Jonathan Staub, there is a bathroom entitled "Modernism Talks Back". Designed by Gregg de Meza, this space certainly spoke to me! In the shower was a message that said "wash behind your ears" in mosaic tile....very graphic and so much fun. The mosaics seemed to spill out onto the floors under the vanity. I loved the fact that this room was quite modern, but the designer kept the original detailed arched opening...such a great contrast! Loved it. The art was chosen after the design was was kismet. The swimmers depicted in dark watery charcoals and reflected yellows are perfect for the room!

"Modernism Talks Back"
Charles de Lisle was in charge of a small-ish sitting room which he cocooned in yards of shirred black and white gingham. Another room that was graphically witty.....cozy yet also modern.

Sitting Room

Charles has been on my radar for quite a long time. He thinks outside of the box and tends to be at the forefront of creative ideas which seem to catch on just as he is on to his next adventure in design. Be sure to check out his website HERE for a peek into this designer's mind at work.

Sitting Room
The splash of citron against the black, white and foggy grey adds a bit of jazz and pull the trees outside the window right in!

There was another stylish space just off of the "Guest Quarters at Mongibello" by Wick Design. "Le Suite" designed by George Brazil and Cecilia Sagrera-Hill is the perfect place for us girls to get our day started! Beautifully Chic, there are custom details the brilliant ceiling light fixtures created by the designers, and the book matched marble in the shower with a niche for the necessities!

Bathroom Vanity Details in Le Suite

Bathroom Vanity in Le Suite

Shower Details in Le Suite
I think what I liked most was the vanity with the mirror placed before the window. All women know that natural light is best!

Le Suite Dressing Room
This space was so well thought out, there is even an ipad with outfits catalogued and ready to go for any occasion! How smart is that?

Vanity Details in Le Suite

Here are the clever pair, Goerge Brazil and Cicilia Sagara-Hill....very stylish themselves!

George Brazil and Cecilia Sagrera-Hill

Another unexpected and very pretty space was the Second Floor Kitchenette designed by pretty Anastasia Faiella. She used Carerra for the counters and subway tiles in a grey marble for the back splash. I am a fan of open shelving, so appreciated it here as well!

Second Floor Kitchenette Details
Classic and fresh....both the kitchen and Anastasia!
Anastasia Faiella

If you have not had a chance to get over to the Showcase, you still have time! It is not to be missed!
It runs through May 31st. For more information, click HERE!

Monday, May 10, 2010

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010, Part IV: Bedrooms

Guest Quarters at Mongibello
When we got to the Second Level of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase and the first Bedroom we saw took our breath away. Romantic and breezy, we felt like we had been transported to a coastal village on the Mediterranean. French, Moroccan, seemed to blend all together in such a fresh minimalist way.
We can all thank Will Wick of Wick Design for taking us all away. I loved the fresh simple bedding against the beautiful custom designed metal canopy bed with the exotic lantern above.
The limed oak floors were laid over the existing floors in the house.... just a little Show House legerdemain....creating a beachy casual feel. A fantastic floating console with a grouping of exotic photos and sketches gave a sense of artistic adventure.
An artist's studio at the beach... a sort of ode to Picasso's On the Beach, perhaps.
I could live here.....yes I could.
Just swinging in that chair looking at the water in that light wood frame...
Will Wick and designers
For more information about anything you see in this oasis of calm, click HERE.
Refreshed and renewed, we wandered on to find this bedroom....
Elemental Luxe
Entitled "Elemental Luxe" by designers Marion Philpotts-Miller and Jonathan Staub, this room lives up to it's name. Organic and textured meets lacquered and edgy in this fun bedroom.
I loved the bright turquoise daybed from Fishcake against the soothing neutral backgound palette. Very cool sconce from School House Electric!
We loved the beautiful white fretwork screen from CS Wo and Sons, and the Lotus Chair and Ottoman from Fong Brothers.
Jonathan Staub was on hand to chat and we had fun talking about all of the details like the wallcovering from Nobilis (very fun website BTW!) and how it looked so much like wood paneling, and the faint striping of the Zebra skin rug from William Sonoma.
Loved it all!
Jonathan Staub
The Master Bedroom Suite was calling our names, so off we went in search. Designed by husband and wife duo, Shelby De Quesada of Quesada Interiors and Jorge de Quesada of De Quesada Architects. This space was completely redesigned with an empasis on functionality. New custom closets were installed, and a New Master Bath designed. Opeinings to the room were also changed for better flow.
And then Shelby worked her magic with beautiful Venetian plaster and Venetian mirrors, charming sconces and whimsical iron console enhanced with air plants.

This Master Suite was soothing and pretty, classic and sumptuous.
We loved the marble at the Master Bath...perfectly beautiful.
Hope you enjoyed the Bedroom peeks!
Next up.....some special spaces on Level Two....a Sitting Room by Charles de Lisle, Dressing Rooms by George Brazil and Cecilia Sagrera-Hill, another fantastic Bath design by Gregg De Meza and a pretty Kitchenette by Anastasia Faiella.