Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick! Hop over to Swift Street.

 We had such fun during our long weekend in Santa Cruz, I wanted to show you everything! As we were driving to the beach to catch one more sunset, we passed by a newly gentrified warehouse area in Santa Cruz's West Side that has been turned into a gem of a shopping and food experience! Swift Street Courtyard made it's transformation in '07 with new shops being added just this last month. Tim and I are always interested in how industrial areas can be transformed, so we had to stop in and take a look around.

It seems I have Bakery Radar, because Kelly's French Bakery immediately caught my eye. Everything looked scrumptious! They serve breakfast and lunch, but when we happened upon it, it was almost dinner time. We are looking forward to spending more time here next time we are in Santa Cruz!

It seems that Kelly and Mark Sanchez, owners of Kelly's French Bakery were instrumental in the transformation at Swift Street setting the whole thing in motion when they purchased property in 2000. For more info about their start here, click HERE.

 The newest addition to the Swift Street Family is a Charcuterie which opened in February, el Salchichero. There is nothing quite like a local butcher for foodies like us. For all of the scoop be sure to check out their website! Fantastic find, this. 

Next up.....Illuminee, Lighting, Design and Decor  was the perfect little lighting resource for the designer in me. Fun and modern: 
Cameron Marks Boutique was a fun and quirky women's wear and gift boutique. We were there on a Sunday afternoon, so could not open the door. Believe me, I tried. It is on my list for the next trip! It looks like my kind of shopping spree. For more photos of the goodies within, click HERE.

There were plenty of things open for us to explore on a Sunday afternoon however!
 Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Tap Room for one. More than friendly, and what a great way to spend the afternoon! And I love their mantra: Think Organic, Drink Organic.

 Right across the way was the Bonny Doon Wine Tasting Room:

The Harry Potter floating wine bottles throughout the space were just the start of the imaginative interiors. The Magnum bottles used as a window screen were brilliant!
 Wine keg staves were used everywhere, from the water feature to the privacy screening on the booths.
 It looked like a bit of wine was left at the bottom of the bottles that made up this chandelier...nice touch!
 The Cellar Cafe shares the space with the tasting room and is owned and operated by the Bonney Doon team led by "president for life" Randall Grahm and restaurateur David Kinch. For more on the story, hop on over HERE. Loved the space and the casual fun design. Seasonal menus are our favorite we will be back soon!
For more about the shops at Swift Street Courtyard check out THIS ARTICLE. Somehow we missed the Gin Distillery! Next time.....

 After our long day, it was time to follow the sunset and dream about our next visit to Santa Cruz.
Have a very happy Weekend!


Blue Muse said...

I LOVE Santa Cruz. Thanks for the fabulous virtual trip! I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at the bakery yummies!!!

xo Isa

Anna Sophia said...

Do you even know what gentrification means?? FYI - It is not a good thing.

Gentrification and urban gentrification are terms referring to the socio-cultural displacement that results when wealthier people acquire property in low income and working class communities.[1] Consequent to gentrification, the average income increases and average family size decreases in the community, which sometimes results in the eviction of lower-income residents because of increased rents, house prices, and property taxes. This type of population change reduces industrial land use when it is redeveloped for commerce and housing. In addition, new businesses, catering to a more affluent base of consumers, tend to move into formerly blighted areas, further increasing the appeal to more affluent migrants and decreasing the accessibility to less wealthy natives.

katiedid said...

Hello Anna Sophia,

Yes, I do know what gentrification means. In many instances, I might agree you are right. But every occasion must be viewed independently. In this instance, the area in question is not what I would consider a "blighted" area whereby the improvement in question would displace anyone. Santa Cruz is a beach community, tourist destination, and college town which already has a pretty high property value. This warehouse is right in the middle of a residential area and mere blocks from multi-million dollar ocean front properties.

In general, one would hope that when possible, there are opportunities for adaptive reuse which would benefit existing communities.

I thank you for your comment. I hope it makes for some lively discussion!

Brillante Interiors said...

It is a very delicate issue in urban planning and city development and there are many aspects to consider either social or economic or preferably both, I believe it needs a different venue to discuss.
Have a good week-end.

Lila said...

Wow, that looks like my kind of street. That's a place where you could plan to spend an entire Saturday! I would love that...especially anything with sweets available!
Lila Ferraro

Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} said...

I love Santa Cruz (my fiance used to live there) and was so excited to read this article. I kept on waiting for a mention, any mention, of Bonny Doon, which I absolutely love! We haven't been in a few months, so when you mentioned the charcuterie, I was confused, but we will be going soon to pick up our wine, and I will make sure we stop by el Salchichero too!

Sarah said...

Wow. Each one of those shops is eye catching and inviting. What a wonderful find in Santa Cruz. I have never been there but thank you for showing me around. What a find in the U.S.... a charcuterie!

Katherine McGuire said...

Nice blog about Santa Cruz, I just ordered some lights from Illuminee.

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed SC, we love it here. Possibly you'd be willing to mix business with pleasure next time you are out here and do a house call :)

classic • casual • home said...

Wonderful trip. I haven't been to Santa Cruz in thanks for the visit there. Following you
Mary Ann

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