Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary

He still brings me roses
 21 years....where does the time go? Building a life together has been such satisfying labor.....a labor of love....challenging and inspirational.....tough and easy.....a daily comfort of relying on a partner who considers the effects of their actions on the others in the nest.....the little chickadees we are raising who are learning how to fly that nest.....and of course, the nest itself....building it with much care for each other.

Dinner for two at Taylor's Kitchen....the best restaurant in Sacramento....IMHO....I had the Lamb with the white bean ragout, asparagus and roasted tomatoes with Olive Salsa Verde....Heaven on Earth.
 A dinner out together.....

Tim had Pasta Dave's Artichoke and Marscarpone Agnolotti, Fricassee  of Spring Vegetables....four stars.
Dessert? Strawberry Shortcake with Tarragon Ice Cream.....sigh...perfection.
 Just us we started....where we will be soon enough....a reconnection.

We do still look into each other's eyes.....the crow's feet telling the story of our life together.

A Happy Anniversary


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

What a beautiful post! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KATIE!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wishing you both a lovely day!!

Jaya said...

Bless.. Happy Anniversary!!

Karena said...

Happy Anniversary Katie!! Where DOES the time go?

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Art by Karena

Tracy said...

Congratulations and a most happy anniversary. I'd stay and tell you more about how much I enjoyed this story of your day, but my own labor of love is frying chicken for me and I have to go make sure he doesn't set something important on fire.. like himself. You and I, Katiedid, are quite lucky women.

The enchanted home said...

Congratulations..21 years is a big accomplisment in todays world. May you share a lifetime of crowsfeet, laughter, tears mostly happy ones, smiles, yummy meals and gorgeous flowers like the ones above. You are blessed to have a special someone to share lifes blessings with (as am I) Congrats!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

SO sweet. My fave is the crows feet, and the tribute to years of love and family. We are also in our 21st year...

And Dayum-nation that food looks FINE!

mary said...

Hi katie, Thanks for sharing your love-- an inspiration to those who would love so deeply.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** How beautifully expressed, Katie! And lovely & luckily enough, it DOES get EVEN BETTER!!! "Uh-huh!!!"~

WE married as young California teens... 43 years later we are truly still HAPPILY LOVING EACH OTHER, ENJOYING each other's company, LIKING as well as LOVING each other, and sooooo very proud of the "teamwork/partnership" that has gotten us where we are today... It can't GET any better than that!!!


Happy hugs & many BLESSINGS,
Linda in AZ * (Jim too!)

Renae Moore said...

Oh so sweet Katie, cheers to 21 more fabulous years!

maison21 said...

so sweet. happy anniversary to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I love your blog because it is so personal. Thank you for sharing.

pve design said...

Each year, and every feather add's soft love and a soft place to land in an ever challenging world. Celebrate love every year, with flowers, good food and love for one another.
I have a little something to send to you.

Robin said...

Beautiful. Touching. Congratulations.

Lila said...

Congratulations! That's a great way to spend an anniversary. I love going out to a special dinner with the hubs!
Lila Ferraro

24 Corners said...

This made me teary...Happy Anniversary!
xo J~