Friday, May 20, 2011


Series 1 no. 1, 24" x 45.5", by Robin H. Reynolds
The weather is finally starting to warm up after a week of rain and mid forties temps. I am thinking of summer....just a wink away.

I am getting in the zone by gazing at this photo by Robin H. Reynolds I found out about Robin's work at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, and I am sold.

Refreshing as a full run down the beach and a dive under a crashing wave.....

Have a great weekend!


design elements said...

beautiful crashing wave...happy weekend, Katie!

mary said...

Back at you! I hope that you get bunches of sun. Mary

Callie Grayson said...

I so miss the crashing waves of the ocean!!
I can just smell the salt and brine!

Blue Muse said...

Hasn't the weather been the craziest ever? We have been under a siege of rain for months and months, and it's still chilly! Crazy.
Enjoy the nice weekend! ...the last quiet weekend here for a while. Next week tourist season opens!
xo Isa

under spanish moss said...

I can almost hear the roaring of the waves. Can't wait to get to the beach. Beautiful image!

eddieross said...

What a great picture to remind me of the warm, beach weather that is coming (hopefully, soon)!
Have a wonderful week!
E + J