Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aren't We All?

........Animal lovers? 

I am without a doubt. 

I just received an email from a company called the Animal Blueprint Company. As soon as I saw what they do.....I was on board. I love an old blueprint, and if it is of my favorite canine or feline, so much the better. The team over at Animal Blueprint call it barkitecture. Hehe.

I am completely charmed and will be using one of these in the very near future for a client project, I hope!

 What do you think? Are you with me?

Pick your favorite breed on the Animal Blueprint Company's website HERE.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

And the Mutts rule the roost in our household!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I am really with you, just the name 'barkitecture' had me. Thanks for sharing Katie, so fun to see!

Have a great rest of the week.

Cheers ~ Deb

under spanish moss said...

Our kids have horses and would love these. Would be perfect for a spot in our son's rooms.
Angela and Renee

Sarah said...

Yes definitely! the dachsund would be my dog pick and I have a 16 year old diabetic cat whom I adore! I would love a print of a Maine Coon cat - what a great idea! ;-)

Claudia Juestel said...

What a great idea! The custom option makes for a wonderful gift.

I suppose I am a Euro mutt.



Linda in AZ * said...

* I'm sooo glad you received this info, then shared it with us, Katie!

I looked and sure enough, they DO have a GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER (you don't see them "everyday", so I'm UBER-thrilled!!!)... And now that our 8 year old GSP, "Belle", has a new "sista'", 8 MONTH old "Marnie", purchasing one of these for my husband, to put in our new study, is the perfect "Just because I love you" surprise gift!

Thanks, Katie (and I ADORE the word "Barkitecture!!! Soooo endearing!!!)~~~

(BTW, I KNEW you were an animal lover~~~ nice people always ARE!!! Smiles...)~~~

Linda in AZ *

The enchanted home said...

Love this!! Also a great gift idea for a friend or family member who is an animal lover...thanks for the introduction.

Splendid Sass said...

Love this! Original and adorable.


Yes, I am an animal lover, being the owner of 2 old english sheepdogs! And I love those prints...must check them out!

martin mattox said...

what a great find. We would love to have our dogs blueprinted!

Fabiana ~ Ciao Newport Beach said...

I haven't seen anything like this! What a fun piece of art! I think I will get one. The blue color is great too....

Candin said...

I think these are fabulous! I am a big animal lover and looking for interesting decorating ideas! Thank you!

katiedid said...

Hi all!

So glad you like these. I have two Australian Shepherds, so was very glad to see they have Aussies in the mix. I also learned that Aussies are originally from Spain! Who knew? said...

Very original!

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