Monday, August 1, 2011

I Wish I Had That!

Ever say that to yourself when you see a beautiful room in a magazine? I love that chair, pillow, lamp or rug! Whatever it might be, Anna Spiros has made it that much easier to acquire that special piece for yourself!

Many of you may already be reading Anna's absolutely beautiful blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things. It is one of the very first design blogs I ever read.....I think along with The Peak of Chic and Style Court....back when I first discovered design blogs. There has been an explosion of fantastic design blogs since those days, but Absolutely Beautiful Things has always kept me coming back. Anna has a fresh and happy style that is so colorful and always pretty. I get a mood lift every time I visit. So, it is only natural that Anna would expand her online presence to include a shop of all of the pretty things she finds. Lucky for all of us!

If you hop on over HERE, you can start shopping right away. Just a click of the mouse and you can get all of the info on anything in the room you see above. Have fun!

Wishing much success to Anna and her new venture!   


Karena said...

Katie, her style is so happy and crisp. I love it and just wish she were not so far away!


Art by Karena

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Love Anna's blog. It was also one of the first I discovered with the others you mentioned. Thanks for the 'heads up' on her shop. What a beautiful the the the layout!

Anonymous said...

Absolute Beautiful Things is one of our favorites too. I guess we know why…wink wink!
Have a blessed week!
Renee and Angela

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Katie,

Thank you so much for this post! Very, very kind of you to support our new online store!

Hope all is well in your world!


HHI said...

Very colourful room inspired me to use to make a 3D room based on adding different colours and combining them thanks for posting this!

Mélanie A. said...

I love her new concept . It is fantastic . Anna has a fantastic taste and she is very inspiring