Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Already?

Couldn't I just stay here a little longer?'s time to get cracking! Lots to do this week.

To start off, don't forget to enter

Charles Faudree's new book is so beautiful, you will want it for your own library!

You will find that Charles Faudree is a designer that is totally OK with mixing man's best friend and  pillows.


Splendid Sass said... cute!
Have a great week, Katie.

Karena said...

Adorable!! I would love Faudree's new book!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend Katie!


Art by Karena

Blue Muse said...

I'm with the pooch! Monday AGAIN?? It's going faster and faster...
xo isa

mary said...

That's exactly what I felt like this morning. Have a super week. Mary

pve design said...

Why not to lying in and spending time with Faudree....

maison21 said...

so sweet.