Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Liking Liken

Tim and I and our youngest did some day tripping over the holidays....Napa was on the itinerary. I have an Aunt who lives in Napa, so we visit whenever we can. Sacramento is only a little over an hour there are really no excuse not to go all of the time!

However, it seems that we have been remiss in not visiting the town of Napa itself....we have concentrated our visits to the wineries up the valley (can you really blame us?) So.....I have been meaning for awhile now to visit Napa proper. There has been quite a lot going on there in the last couple of is enjoying quite a Renaissance!

We had lunch at the Kitchen Door (located at the new Oxbow Public Market ), the latest restaurant in the line up by Chef Todd Humphries with partner Richard Miyashiro. I was very relieved when I heard of its opening, since one of my favorite restaurants in the Valley, Martini Grill (a Humphries restaurant) had closed. So the dreamy food lives on! I had a delicious lunch of Pork Roulade with Creamy Polenta and Root Vegetables in a light mustard seed sauce....oh my....soooo good!

The Oxbow Public Market is such a cool addition to Napa. Oxbow Founder, Steve Carlin, is responsible for the San Francisco  Ferry Building Marketplace which I wrote about awhile back. These marketplaces are full to the brim with fantastic food purveyors, and if you are like me and love to taste a bit of this and a bit of that, you love these sorts of places! After lunch we had ice cream.... I had Cardamom ice cream at Three Twins Ice Cream and it was delicious!

After lunch, it was on the the shopping.....which is the point of this blog post. Food does have a way of getting me sidetracked.

Anywaaaaay... I came across a fantastic shop in the new Napa Riverfront that I thought you would all enjoy! 

The Riverfront is a new development built on the Napa River as part of a redevelopment effort that included flood abatement design and include new bridges. The whole effect is very European in appearance as the walkways and shops take full advantage of the river front views.

This is where I found Liken Gallery... 

 Liken Gallery is owned by the amazing Michael Holmes.  Michael is most well known for his design of spectacular weddings and events in the Napa and Bay Area. Click on over HERE for a little peek at Michael's genius. 

If you look at Michael's events in the website, you can see that some of the amazing props used at his events have ended up in his gallery.

On the Street side of the Riverfront, Michael opened another boutique called Ivy, Twig and Twine which was all decked out for the Holidays. It is equally as beautiful but with a little more whimsy ....

Next time you are in the Napa Valley, do take some time to get reacquainted with the town of Napa. There is much to see!


mary said...

The Liken galleries are amazing--the juxtaposition is perfect. That's it! Next Year (this year) I'm getting a feather tree. This is one super talented guy. thanks for sharing. HAPPY NEW YEAR. MARY

Gwen Driscoll said...

Have never been to Napa. Am dying to visit. Hope you're well. Please let me know when you get your book! Have a great day.

Merlin said...

That "Ivy, Twig and Twine" has struck a chord...your photos made me sing! franki

Lindsey said...

Katie- glad to hear that you made it to downtown Napa. Although it has been a slow transition, our downtown is really coming around. I do love Michael's shop as well, although I did find it to be a little sparse. I'm thinking he might need a little more merchandise in that tiny little space. What did you think of the Tyler Florence shop?

katiedid said...

Hi Mary!
I think he is pretty talented too!

Gwen! I am so looking forward to the book! I need some inspiration.

Hi Franki, so glad you enjoyed!

Next time I get over to Napa, we should meet for coffee! Things are starting to pop over there! Looking forward to seeing the Tyler Florence restaurant reopen. I did like the shop! We cook a lot so spent a good bit of time there too.

Susan E. Brown Int Dsgn said...

Thank you! My husband's aunt and uncle live in Napa too, and we tend to focus on the wineries or Calistoga and Sonoma. Won't do that next time!

The enchanted home said...

What a wonderful post...if I had an aunt who lives in Napa I would be visiting her EVERY weekend:) Such a beautiful place....and the food is sooo great, the wine, the the whole experience!

annie said...

We spent Thanksgiving in Napa and missed this entire part...I can see we need to go back...much to see and eat.

Aviary said...

I've never been to Napa. A must-see indeed!Their items there!Thanks.

arrielle_p said...

What a lovely decoration they have in this house. Very calming indeed.

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