Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Days

My daughter is home from school this week. She's the baker....you may remember THIS and THIS. Her sister is quickly following in her footsteps. They were busy little bees last night after I went to bed.

 I have been trying to end my addiction to sugar and have been doing really well lately....but these two are out to get me. I really only had one of the little ones. Seriously. 

Although I am not a huge fan of Red Velvet cake, I have to sat this recipe may convert me. I just have to close my eyes to the red color.

Are you a Red Velvet Cake lover or....not?

THIS recipe may make you a believer.


Sherri Cassara said...

I've been "battling" (it is a war!) giving up sugar as well and don't think I could do it if there was that frosting around. The cupcakes I could resist - the frosting ... no way!

Merlin said...

LUV red velvet cake AND CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. You only live once!!! franki

mary said...

So great to have her home!! Enjoy. Mary

small sheds said...

To die for sweets! Can you share the recipe? please?

Brad said...

I've never had red velvet cake, but have been thinking of trying some. It looks very good.


cheap gothic lolita dresses said...

The red velvet cake is amazing!I want have one!