Monday, September 17, 2012

Gump's Remix

Brilliant Blues
There has been a little rearranging going on in Gump's, one of my very favorite places in San Francisco. Always a go-to destination for beautiful china and glassware, brilliant jewelry and unique accessories for the home, Gump's also has always had a section for stylish interior furnishings.

Not only have they zhushed up their interior furnishings areas....I especially like the beachy blue vignette with the paintings of the Northern California coast.....

Sophisticated Styling
A Gaggle of Garden Stools 
Artful Accessories
 .....but they have also expanded their fashion offerings......

This area used to be much more oriented towards home furnishings, but there is now an amazing array of chic and artful clothes. In short, they have it all.....

And there is nothing nicer than being treated to a beautiful dressing room. Do you agree?

If in the Bay Area, hop on over to Gump's for a Fall remix fix!

All photos courtesy of Andria Lo


Lisa said...

Glad you've returned from New Mexico because I really enjoyed the images of Gumps!

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Katie. The store is gorgeous and really up-to-date.
Thanks. Mary

penelopebianchi said...


Maybe on the way to the opening party of the San Francisco antique show!

How fun that was last year! Yikes!!

Ben Stewart said...

Great post. Very helpful. Keep up the good work. I'm following now.

Merlin said...

Hmmmm....I used to get their catalogue...need to check on that... The store is nothing short of fabulous! franki