Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sneak Peek

I was busy yesterday delivering a cocktail table to a client's home and snapped a few pictures of the progress. Thought you might like to see! Things are not quite finished, we have pillows and art on the way. But I was so excited about the table, I had to share.

My friend George Rosenburger, a fantastic metal craftsman made the support legs from steel he got from an historic bridge in Folsom, California that was disassembled a couple of years ago. It is solid rolled steel, and very heavy! I know, because I helped Dave Puente carry the table into the house. Dave is another great friend who made the solid walnut top and assembled the table for me.

Getting the details right near the end of the project seems to take the most time. It is so important for a project to take on the personality of the home owner, so art and accessories need to reflect that personality.  It takes a little time to gather the items that tell a story about who lives here.

We are in the home stretch (so to speak) and I will take some more photos when things are all done!

If you have a project in mind at your home, or are starting from the ground up, I invite you to contact me about our design services.

Happy Wednesday!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

looks so cozy and beautiful!

pve design said...

Very inviting. I just want to crash there and finish my book "Gone Girl" - love your work.

katiedid said...

Thanks to you both! It is always nice to hear. :)

mary said...

Hi Katie--I just took a second look. Is the antique table staying where it is? It's a pretty cool table in its own right.

Merlin said...

A custom piece with a story...doesn't get much better than that! franki

cindy said...

I always enjoy seeing the pieces of your own design Katie. That is a great table. The rest of the room isn't bad either!!

My Interior Life said...

Love that table and that rug - the room is looking gorgeous already. And you are so right about the details/accessories taking the longest. I'm working with a client right now on a small accessories job (lamps, mirrors, vases), and I tell you it is very time-consuming!

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

looks delish!