Monday, September 10, 2012

We Thought it was a Weed..... and Other House Stuff

I am very glad we gave this "weed" an chance to prove its stuff. Not only has it risen way above its station, but it has far exceeded any hope we had for it. It is flowering away and has a wonderful scent, just to remind us that it was always better than its humble beginnings.

As you can see, it is much better dressed than the rather scruffy porch bench, which is in need of a new coat....or two....

But help is on the way. Tim has been slowly working his way around the house with the paint bucket. The back of the house was the testing ground for color, so it was painted first. The process has been painfully slow.....but meticulously well done. And the $$ we are saving having someone else paint will be going toward our Europe trip, so it is all good!

I think the windows on the second floor sun room had not been painted for a veeerrrry long time. They look so nice now!

Tim is on house side number two, the most difficult side, since it is three stairs high what with the stair well to my basement studio. A new ladder was definitely in order! All the prep has been done on this side, so the rest is going quickly! Here you can just make out the old color and the new....

The front of the house is what I am most excited to see all done. I hope we are in time for the Holidays!

Other little things are keeping us busy as well....harvesting tomatoes for one. There are more than we can eat. Anyone in the 'hood need any?

And what exactly does one do with all of the baby fish that keep appearing in a fish pond? I know there must be a fish pond or bowl in need of a few additions? Free to a loving home.....

Happy Monday!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

wow -certainly not a weed now. It's beautiful!

pve design said...


MaryBeth said...

Is that jasmine?

katiedid said...

Hello all!

It is very pretty and I feel lucky to have it! MaryBeth, it does not look, or smell, like the jasmine varieties I am familiar with. But that does not mean it is some sort I don't know about! I am very curious to know what it is though, so if anyone recognizes it, let me know!

mikky said...

it is a really nice weed.:)
I had the same thing at my house, now it is my favorite plant.


Anonymous said...

Looks like flowering jasmine.
I have it planted in both my front and back yard :)
Love it! Dee

Anonymous said...

It's a fall blooming clematis and it will be all over your yard in a few short years.

Vickie H. said...

From HERE it looks like Star Jasmine....your local horticultural agent could tell you, or just take some close-up shots and go to a good nursery...they can identify it. The house is looking GREAT!!!

Splendid Sass said...

The house looks great, and the jasmine is a welcome guest. If I were hereby, I would take some of the tomatoes off of your hand. Can't get enough.
Happy Monday.

katiedid said...

Anon 12:50,

That's it!!!! Fall Blooming Clematis. Google images confirmed it for me. Thanks! It is definitely a fast grower, so we cut it all the way back last year, and this is what came from just one year's growth. We will have to cut it back to paint this year too, but I guess I don't have to worry about it making a comeback.

endicottbee said...

I think it's also called "Sweet Autumn Clematis" and you can cut it back with no fear - it will come right back!

Merlin said...

My, my, "how does your garden (and fish) grow!!! Everything is "lookin good!!" franki

Anonymous said...

yep, it's an autumn clematis. my mother so wants one and they are hard to find at local garden shops. very pretty.

Elements said...

Your paint colour and white trim windows looks so fresh. I bet you cant wait to see how it looks once its all finished.

mary said...

The house is looking great! Where are you going in Europe? Mary

penelopebianchi said...

Sorry to contradict anyone!

that sure looks like "star Jasmine" to me! (clematis doesn't smell like "star jasmine"!

I have spent 65 years with it! It is an evergreen vine; it smells divine........and it is hard to kill!


Don't give the fish away! They eat the mosquito larvae; and that dreadful thing is going around! (West Nile Virus)

They will not "overpopulate"!

Unlike humans; they will keep their size and numbers down according to the size of their "pond"!

Aren't they smart?

Wish we were so smart!

Fabulous tomatoes! Do you have a "Food Bank" nearby? They harvest the fruit and veggies here; and distribute them to the shelters for homeless people! and elderly people who cannot shop! (not in that order!)

jon williams said...

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cindy said...

I believe as the others above that it is clematis. Whack it back every year and it will stay under control! I like any plant that responds to serious pruning! It looks lovely creeping up and over your porch! Good luck with the painting! A trip to Europe is much more fun than paying a painter!

penelopebianchi said...

Hi again! Google " star jasmine" and click on "images"!

It is not a "true jasmine"; however, it is NOT a clematis and should not be "whacked back" back as though it were!

Gosh! I think when someone asks a question about a beautiful plant on a blog; it merits "a bit of research......03 seconds on "google" Before one makes suggestions.....that would kill the beautiful and blooming plant!

Just a suggestion!

It is "Trachelospermum jasminoides, sometimes called rhincospermum." And you will learn how to trim it!

It is one of my favorite plants......and if you trim it well (get out the dead wood carefully; trim it way back and you will be so sorry!)

I adore your have wonderful instincts..and you have such a wonderful way to get information, support,, and encouragement.!

Long may your "star jasmine" reign! It is magnificent!


katiedid said...

Hello Penelope!
Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I so appreciate your comments! AND your research! I think will take a close up picture and put it on the blog because from these photos, it does look like it could be a jasmine. However, I have jasmine creeping over the fence from the neighbor's yard, and it is definitely not star jasmine. It is also not the creeping jasmine I had in my former I was at a loss. When Anon commented that it was clematis, I did not immediately think so either, since the clematis I was familiar with was had larger petals and was blue or lavender. However, when someone said "Fall Blooming Clematis" i looked it up. All of the images looked exactly like what I have....the feathery stamens, the delicate small, thin petals, and the scent is definitely not like jasmine, but very nice. I did, in fact, "whack it back" last year, not knowing what it was, and I came back full force, as you can see! So, although I agree from the photo, it could be mistaken for the jasmine, I am certain it is now the "Fall Blooming Clematis" or rather "Sweet Autumn Clematis".
I thank you again for reading, AND commenting! I love the conversation and hope to hear from you often!

penelopebianchi said...

How funny is this?!

They are the same plant! "star jasmine" and "summer blooming clematis' are just different names for the same plant!

Nurture it!

It is a divine and lovely vine!