Thursday, November 8, 2012

Look Familiar?

Does anyone recognize anything in this beautiful garden? Anyone? Well perhaps you need a little reminder...

Tim worked off more than a few pounds building this wall fountain in our back yard a couple of years ago. Things have grown in since then and I have been meaning to take new pictures, but the season got away from me, and it was time to bring in the cushions for the rainy season. You may remember our foray into fountain construction HERE. It took some trial and error. And there are some things that in retrospect we should have done differently....not so much with the fountain wall, but with the pump system...(filters are VERY important it turns out.)

Anyway, more to the point....I had a reader who read the story and she contacted me about construction details. We have been corresponding ever since and Cindy emailed photos of her version of the fountain this October. I have to say, practice makes perfect. Her version is MUCH more polished and her back yard is gorgeous! Cindy has inspired me to do a little more polishing myself!

I love the wicker chairs, the verdigris clock that works so well with the table...and the pea gravel is perfect! Our plan is to have the concrete in our patio covered with blue stone at some point. We will be saving up for a bit there.

Cindy also sent photos of the rest of the yard including her zinc topped table. I am not sure if Cindy ever saw photos of our whole yard, but I have the same type of table. Cindy said a friend of theirs made the table for them. Great minds think alike.....Tim made our table base, and a wonderful metal worker I work with made the top for me. I promise to show photos of our table when the weather gets better! Here is Cindy's table:

And here is ours:

You can see I took his photo before we painted the house last summer! (That is a whole other story! I hope the painting gets done during the next dry spell.)

It is clear the Cindy has a very talented crew to back up her very artistic eye!  Thank you Cindy for inspiring me to finish up the back yard before next Spring! I hope it will look as lovely as yours......

Click on over HERE to see more of Cindy's yard and see what else she has been up to!


MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Katie----It is gorgeous!!!

Merlin said...

The patina is marvelous!!! I wouldn't want to INside!! franki

cindy said...

Hi Katie

I think your fountain area is much more polished looking than mine! I had no idea your table was zinc as well. Thanks for posting my pics. I can't wait to see new pics of your backyard. I love everything you have done to your home, and am inspired by everything you do!

5th and State said...

hi katie

this landscape architect says BRAVO to you both!

i am snagging some idea's presented here, many thanks

Sarah said...

They are both fabulous, love Cindy's chairs but love your table! have a great week! ;-))

katiedid said...

Hi Cindy!
Thanks so much for letting me show your beautiful back yard! I am going to enjoy visiting your blog from now on.

Thanks everyone!

Terra said...

Gorgeous patios and fountains.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love Cindy's back yard and yours looks great also...found you through Cindy.

Jeanette Gordy said...

Katie we love your water wall and have been thinking of doing something similar for years. My husband believed we needed to use a pond liner and I was not sure how it would look. How do u get the trough water tight?