Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day: Tea with Rose

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Flowers, sweets and beautiful things....what better way to celebrate this day of lovely intentions?

I was lucky to experience all of the above last week at the San Francisco Design Center where the Kneedler Fauchere Showroom hosted a beautiful Tea to celebrate the new book about Rose Cumming, Rose Cumming Design Inspiration by Jeffrey Simpson. (I truly wish I had gotten the name of the caterer because the cookies and pastries were the best I have ever had! And I am an expert on these things.)

the book about Rose was one of the beautiful things I was talking about. It is the sort of thing one treasures for a lifetime, complete with an embossed cover to protect the lovely book jacket....

I have been enamored with Rose Cumming fabric lately as well. Her prints on linen are full of charm....just beautiful! Lucky for me, I have a client who is just as fond! (I hope to show you the results soon!) 

Kneedler Fauchere is also the showroom that is lucky to represent Dessin Fournir Collections. Dessin Fournir makes brilliantly crafted furniture, gorgeous textiles and wallpapers, as well as lighting and accessories. Last week, Dessin Fournier were presenting a brilliant hand painted collection of wallpapers. Wallpaper is such an inappropriate word for what are really works of art. The techniques used to create a feeling of aged frescoes was amazing. Taking one panel and framing it would be a great way to have this in a space if papering a whole room was out of the question.....but oh, a whole room would be breath taking! I wish I had more pictures to show you!

What tea party would be complete without the perfectly dressed pup sitting so prettily for a treat? Dressed up in a custom Fortuny outfit, this little guy had perfect manners! He was all decked out for the Haute Dog Fashion Show at the Design Center which benefited the Canine Companions for Independence  organization. You can check out all of the doggie design HERE!

And that brings me full circle back to Valentine's day. Love is love....and it comes in many forms.

I wish you all a very sweet Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Housekeeping and Apologies

How often do you clean out your overflowing closets? I try to tackle them seasonally. The reason being every hanger gets any new additions to the wardrobe or shoe rack will not fit if I do not get rid of the old. I do have a hard time letting go however. Even things I haven't worn for years....decades...still hang hoping I will get around to altering the length, width, get rid of the shoulder pads....because the fabric is still so nice.
And so it goes with other parts of life. Recently, I realized I had a Email Spam folder that I had not looked into for months. I know that I really should, but other things always seem more pressing. Well, it finally became necessary to look into that overflowing closet. 
Mostly, it contained what I expected: requests for intimate friendships from women in Russia or Algeria, urgent reply requests for my Irish Sweepstakes winnings or recent inheritance from an as yet unknown uncle in the Ukraine, guarantees of amazing google search rankings, a guy named Rick who really wants to help with all of my CAD drafting know...the old shoes of the spam closet. But then I discovered something I was not expecting......I found a large number of wonderful comments for recent blog posts languishing lost and unread in the back corner! How had they gotten there?!
I quickly went onto my blog settings to see if they were hidden away there in the comments section. And YES they were there! But they had been marked as SPAM so had not been published. I had not noticed this happening because I was receiving a few comments here and there, but was feeling a little lonely that comments seemed to have declined so much. I chalked it up to everyone's ever increasing busyness....less time to comment on blogs with Facebook and Twitter gaining popularity. I was so relieved to see my blogger friends were indeed commenting, but I just did not know it!
I figured out what happened when I saw the 50 or so comments from a pesky robot called "Progressive Home Advantage". Anyone else run into this irritating Spammer? I had gotten a rash of comments from them and decided to label them as Spam in my email files. When I did this, my email assumed all comments coming through Blogger were I was not getting any of them! I realized the only way to clean out the SPAM in the closet properly was to mark comments for the blog as SPAM only in the Comments section  on my Blogger page, not in my email files. With that done, all of the legitimate comments have now been published on katiedid!

So....I thought I should start moderating comments over 14 days old, Problem solved.....but wait....not so fast. I received yet another comment yesterday from Atif Ahmed claiming the hottest news about Sunny Leone who is apparently the world's hottest "star" in a film industry genre that shall not be named.

I am back to comment moderation, my friends. At least for the time being until Spammers stop getting past the SPAM gate on blogger.  I will do my best to be very attentive to comments coming in so they are published right away! But will NOT be published!

So, after that rambling explanation, what I really wanted to say was how sorry I am not to have seen your lovely comments for the last couple of months! I will try to respond to any questions and visit you all as well! If any of you have any experience with cleaning out the SPAM closets on your own blogs, please do not hesitate to chime it! It is almost Spring Cleaning time and any advice on a good dusting off is always welcome!

Thanks to all of you who send me comments. You really do add so much to my day! Inspiration, community, and fun! I hope my untidiness will not deter you. I promise to mend my ways.

Happy blogging!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Perfection.

Love this combination of the Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Samavar rug from The Rug Company with the  Paul Ferrante furniture and white chandelier

My favorite new find at San Francisco Design Center has got to be the newest showroom: HEWN. The Hewn Showroom had its grand opening celebration last Sunday (although it has been open now for a few months). I was there last week to take a look!

Hewn has been able to obtain coveted representation for such heavy hitters as The Rug Company (so glad we finally have a San Francisco Showroom for them!) Paul Ferrante, Quadras Studio, Marcali Designs, O Henry House upholstery line, Wind Textiles, Amy Karyn Textiles, Lucy Rose Designs and will just have to check out the showroom for yourselves!

The talented group at Hewn has put together a space that is so inviting, creative and such a great mix of styles. They have capped it all off with excellent art and accessories.......I am heading back to shop with clients next week!

Hurricane Candle Holders are great! 
I thought you all might like a little tour! So I am just wandering through the showroom snapping whatever struck my eye....

Fantastic Coffee Table!
The art collection was such a great counterpoint.

Paul Ferrante Light Fixtures and Furniture throughout the showroom mixed with all of the other vendors...wonderful!
Turned Leg Tables from Quadras Studio. Paul Ferrante Lighting.
Loved the table base here.
More great fun art and lighting
Another table I am enamored with.
This concludes our little the tour.  Hope you all have a chance to visit HEWN soon!

For all the latest from Hewn, hop on over to their Facebook Page!

Many thanks to Hewn's Peter West and Jeff Holt for being such wonderful hosts!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Potion: No. 9 Thompson

Last week was Design San Francisco and there was such a lot to see! One of my favorite Showrooms is Shears and Window, so I always run in to see what is new. As soon as I walked in I saw a beautiful display of the latest from No. 9 Thompson, which is the latest brand from Jim Thompson. Designed by English designer Richard Smith, this line has plenty of pizazz and whimsy providing a fresh take on "East meets West".

Plenty of painterly expression here with the screened prints on linen depicting dragons and suzani patterns.....

The think that was most eye catching were all of the travel and home accessories......

pieces of luggage, tote bags....

Aprons, hats......

Make-up bags of all sorts, eyeglass cases..... 

And one of my favorite items....the garment bag with matching fabric covered hanger inside! So fun....

Everything was offered in almost all of the fabrics new to the season. I asked how to find these little jewels for purchase and was told that very soon....this summer???...there will be an online shop where you can all stop in a refresh your carry on bags just in time for your next getaway!

Chad Holman, Managing Director, Jim Thompson America and Designer for No. 9 Thompson

 "No. 9 Thompson" ........ was it conceived after imbibing a little Love Potion? Makes sense! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Design San Francisco 2013: Eric Cohler


Back from San Francisco and am totally re-energized with lots of design inspiration! I am just going to share in a chronological way....there was so much to see!

On our way to a couple of Showrooms to do some client shopping before attending some events, we lucked out when we passed by the Lee Jofa Showroom. I did not realize one of my favorite designers was signing his new book, Cohler On Design,  which coincidentally had been on my list to get my hands on. By happy happenstance, we saw him through the glass and made a beeline into the showroom to buy the book and get it signed! 
Eric Cohler is as charming and nice as I had pictured him in my mind. Great designers that make it to celebrity designer status like Eric all seem to have this in common: they all seem to be someone with whom you would love to be the best of friends.

Dubbed the "Mixmaster" Eric is one of those designers that has that seemingly effortless ability to mix styles, periods, high and low to create such interesting and beautiful spaces that are at the same time fresh and classic. As I said....he is one of my very favorites! 

Not only does Eric have an amazing book out, he also has a new line of fabrics with Lee Jofa, but of course!

I thought you might like a peek at what he has been up to for Lee Jofa. This video shows Eric's new Lodge Collection as it is being assembled in the New York D & D Building:  

Fantastic look!

Eric also describes his partnership with Lee Jofa in this next video, showing more of his work with his collection of fabrics, area rugs, and furniture.....


It was a wonderful start to a great day of design!

Next Up:  a look at a brilliant new line of fabrics that made its debut at the San Francisco Design Center this week!

 I can't wait to show you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh Jonathan! and Everything Else in the Nutshell...

I am heading over to the San Francisco Design Center tomorrow for a little walk-about. It is design san francisco 2013 tomorrow through Friday and that means three days to check out the latest and greatest in the design world in the City by the Bay. I always make a point of going every year to meet the talented creators of furniture and fabric that come to show their newest products.

This year Jonathan Adler is presenting his new line of fabrics for Kravet, and signing his newest book, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life. I've got mine, do you? Jonathan made his start as a potter creating beautiful vases, bowls, and various and sundry knickknacks for the home. Most of you know he has since branched out into a hugely successful interior design empire..... furniture, area rugs, pillows, name it! (And if you did not know, I am here to tell you... keep up.)

SO! I am excited to get to meet Jonathan and see his newest line! I thought you might like to see a bit of what I am talking about......

Fun huh? 

If anyone needs anything, you just give me a call!

I also get to spend the day with two of my favorite designer friends and catch up with them. We have all worked together at one time or another but have since followed our own paths, so I am excited to hear all of their news! 

We will also be checking out the newest fabric line from LULU DK's Lulu deKwiatkowski at the Donghia Showroom. She will be there to present it. Excited!

I have been buying quite a bit of fabric from the Rose Cumming for Dessin Fournir Collections line lately, so am thrilled to be attending an event honoring her at the Kneedler Fauchere Showroom. There is a beautiful new book about her life that I will be adding to my collection, the first one written in fact......Rose Cumming by Jeffrey Simpson from Rizzoli (so you know it's going to be good), so stay tuned for more on that.....

After all of the design center fun winds down for the day, I will be heading over Salt House for a bite to eat with the girls.....LOVE this place!

That is my day in a you have any plans?