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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

JAM Session: Jeffrey Alan Marks and a GIVE AWAY!

All photography by the talented Douglas Friedman .
Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. There are many reasons, not the least of which is that there is a flurry of fantastic new Design books on the horizon! What better way to kick off the Autumn Season when the evenings get longer, the air crisper, the fireplace comes out of summer why not curl up with a cup of tea and a good book?!

The folks at Rizzoli just sent me a new book which I am very excited to add to my design library. AND they have graciously offered to send a copy to one of my lucky readers! Many of you have seen the Bravo TV show, Million Dollar Decorators (one of my guilty pleasures, I admit! And Bravo...when is the next season starting?) If so, then you have heard of the oh-so-talented Jeffrey Alan Marks. Mr. Marks has made it onto my personal TOP TEN List of designers with his creative, fun, beautiful, and (perhaps most important) relaxed and livable aesthetic. I could live in practically any of the spaces he has designed, and love every minute of it.

So here's what I'm, talking about....this is the cover of Jeffery Alan Marks: The Meaning of Home by Jeffrey Alan Marks, Rizzoli New York, 2013.......

I am trying to pin point exactly what appeals to me so much about Mr. Marks' work. Could it be because Jeffrey (can I call you Jeffrey?) uses my favorite wall sharpen the focus  on the great finds he selects for his spaces? Maybe it is the seemingly devil-may-care arrangement of the accessories that make the spaces more personal .....

It could be the fresh take on contrast and art, or the architectural details like the board and baton siding in this Living Room.....

It could be his creative accents on things like drapery panels, his flair with deep colors (there is that contrast again!) or his use of fantastic light fixtures.....but I know it has to do with the mix of modern and vintage, texture and scale, refined and relaxed. He just "knows".....

Even when I might question a choice (what is up with the table and chair combo in that kitchen nook? How would anyone get their legs under there?) I still can't get over how great it who cares? I would just sit sideways and make it work.....(In fact, that could be my own kitchen)....

As Jeffrey explains in his book, he spent a good deal of time living abroad. His design aesthetic was formed by what he learned there: "I learned about subtlety from the French, color in Spain, comfort in England, and craftsmanship in Italy. Still, my love of California always tugged at my heart".....and so he came home. Jeffrey now lives in Santa Monica Canyon.

Jeffrey showcases his own home, which he shares with partner Ross Cassidy, as well as fourteen other homes in this book photographed beautifully top to bottom. He has divided the homes into categories organized by chapters aptly titled: Breezy, Tailored, Steady, Brave and At Ease. Each section has its own flavor..."Breezy" is relaxed with an open quality..."Tailored" is described as being cut to fit the personality of the client, whether they be from Texas or from San Francisco..."Steady" is comfortable and cozy, a place to count on...."Brave" are the homes of the adventurous in spirit who want to take a chance... and "At Ease" describes the homes where his clients go to unwind, a getaway home.

I wanted to show you a smattering of spaces that particularly appealed to me and show Jeffrey's breadth of design acumen. Some designers fit into a bit of a niche....but Jeffrey can do it all......brilliantly. No particular order, just great stuff.... Like the Living Room above from a home in Malibu which sports a John Dickinson footed coffee table.

And I could spend hours in this garden with the fire pit....if it gets a little breezy, there is an Hermes throw to toss over your knees....OK!....

Jeffrey does have a way with excellent Kitchen and Bath design as well.... Can't you just take a deep breath in here?....

This little Bath just says "home" to me. I may just be using some ideas for a bath remodel around my own homestead..... You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of getting a well designed space....

Jeffrey is perfection when it comes to that relaxed feel, but he is certainly at ease when "puttin' on the Ritz" as well. Here is just a peek at a home in Newport Beach, (It appears that there are plenty of housewives in the OC who know who to call for design advice!)....

This next Los Angeles home gets a makeover after a young couple visited Tavern Restaurant and fell in love with it. They wanted the look and feel, so Jeffrey obliged them, making a custom version to perfectly fit their lifestyle....

These two bedrooms are from a home in Nantucket ( as is the cute bathroom above) and it just goes to show, my favorite homes tend to have a beach-y vibe to them. Go figure. My favorite memories just happen to be running around barefoot all summer on the Balboa Peninsula beaching it with my two brothers and four cousins...we were the "Ferrier bunch" with no TV and nothing but time for sailing, body surfing, and eating chocolate covered Frozen Bananas at the Fun Zone. (We just got back from a vacation last week where my family ended up doing just that! But I digress...) The point is.....Jeffrey Alan has a way with "Breezy" and "At Ease" that makes all of the stress just melt away, and I am on vacation again...

So there you have it. What do you think so far? There is plennntyyy more where that came from......there are Indian inspired digs in London, Retro pads in Santa Monica still to be seen!

Now on to the REALLY good stuff:

If you are game, just leave a comment and you will be entered in 

a Rizzoli GIVE AWAY:

 a copy of

Jeffrey Alan Marks: The Meaning of Home.

I will randomly pick a winner and announce the lucky one by the end of September!

(Easy right? more very important thing. I have to be able to contact you. So make sure to check the box that lets me contact you via email located under the comment box so I can get your mailing address! Don't forget or I will have to pick a new winner!)

Just in time for you to start off your October by that fire cuddled up with a cuppa tea like I was talking about.....

Good Luck!

Please note: no images may be reproduced, in print or electronically without written consent from the publisher, Rizzoli Publishing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Call!!!!

Bunglow Hotel
I have been obsessed with a TV show lately....and usually that doesn't happen. I can miss a show here and there and really not care too much. But I have to say, the Novogratz family has just captured my imagination and my heart. Corny...maybe....but true. I have not missed a single episode. 9 by Design on Bravo has everything a good show needs....action, comedy, tension build-up, romance....and suspense (will they find missing son Wolfie in London? Will developer friend and client like his new pink refrigerator....or hate it?! Will they be able to find a venue for a book signing party supposed to take place in mere hours?). It also has design! And good design at that!
Well my friends....the last episode of the season is airing this next week, Tuesday June 1. What will I do this summer without them?! They have inspired me to get going on my own projects at home and with clients, to push the envelope a bit and think about design in a fresh way. I will be anxiously waiting the new season!!!
Until then....a few pictures of their latest project, the Bungalow Hotel.

Looks like a prefect Memorial Day Weekend Getaway!
Hope you enjoy yours!
(We will be enjoying our Alley Party Saturday afternoon with kegs of beer brewed by our very own alley neighbor, Rob....and a live band. Um....Bob and Cortney...if you don't have any plans yet...jet on over... and bring the kids!)
For some previews of the Finale click on over HERE. I love these guys.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Remember These Guys?

The Novogratz Family
Robert and Cortney Novogratz, the owners of Sixx Design in NYC, are the couple who wrote Downtown Chic, a book that chronicles the renovation and decoration of their numerous houses, all while having six kids....wait....make that seven. They are fun, sophisticated and have created a sort of "formula" for living a stylish life with a brood of young kids in the heart of New York.
Well, guess what?
Bravo TV thinks they are worth a more personal look! If you want to see behind the scenes and into the life of this couple who seems to have it all, check out 9 BY DESIGN a new docu-series on April 13th at 11:00 ET/PT for the Premiere. (Moves to 10PM Tuesday, April 20th). It is an eight episode series where the couple take on a string of projects over a nine month period, taking the projects from wrecks to wonderful. Watch out HGTV!
Will you be watching?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Did You Know About This Show?

"Launch My Line" Cast

I received an email this morning about Architect David Applebaum becoming a contestant on Bravo's latest Reality TV Design Competition: Launch My Line. David is an L.A. based architect who has worked with celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Diane Keaton, Rupert Murdoch and Cuba Gooding Jr. Curious, I went on over to the Bravo website to check it out.
So here is the deal. Ten fashion designers already in the biz are being paired with ten professionals (in creative fields like music, architecture, event planning and so on...) that have always wanted to have their own fashion line. The teams will battle it out to see who creates the best fashion line. Dean and Dan Caten of DSQUARED2 host and judges including Stefani Greenfield and Lisa Kline. Click HERE to read all about it.

I guess what caught my attention is that one of the contestants is an architect (that's David Applebaum, bottom row, second from the right), which brings me to the point. Fashion and Interior Design are so intertwined and interdependent aren't they? You can just look at the recent auction of the amazing collection of furniture and artifacts of Yves Saint Laurent to realize the close connection. I suppose that anyone in a creative field thinks about what they are wearing and will fantasize about designing their own clothes. Haven't you always thought, "if I could just find a blouse ( sweater, dress....) like the one in my head, I would be happy!" Well now we get to see how that works for us creative types.
The show starts December 2. What do you think? Will you be tuning in?

Dan and Dean.....or Dean and Dan

It will be fascinating in and of itself to watch Dan and Dean in conversation. They complete each other.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Napa: Eat Here

If any of you watch Bravo's Top Chef, you will also know about Top Chef Masters. Some of the worlds greatest chefs have been competing to win dollars for their favorite charities. One of my favorite competitors has been Chef Michael Chiarello, founder of NapaStyle, that yummy catalog of cooking essentials. You may have also seen him on his Food Network show: "Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello".

During our weekend of stuffing ourselves in Napa, we made it to Chef Michael's latest venture: Bottega. This Italian based restaurant is located in the town of Yountville in the Napa Valley on the historic Vintage Estates Property, one of the oldest wineries in the valley.

OK...enough of the backstory....on with the food! (And the restaurant of course...this is an interiors blog after all.)

We walked in to see a beautiful interior that was warm and comfortable, and perhaps most importantly, set up to be more about the food, less about the "decorating". Farm house style tables, worn leather chairs and terracotta pavers created that casual but sophisticated atmosphere which embodies the spirit of Napa. We were all smiling at once.

We decided to eat outside on the patio which was covered with awnings which created a warm glow. (Very flattering to the complexion, but I will have to apologize for the color quality of the food photos.) This is the patio next to the entrance where drinks and appetizers are served:

We had a wonderful meal, and I have to admit there were forks flying all over the place while we shared bites. I had a delicious pot of polenta with sauteed mushrooms for my appetizer. Served with a small pitcher of warm balsamic. I just loved this presentation:

Tim had the chicken, flavored with fennel and served with sweet corn, fava beans, onions and good! The plates looked perfect with the logo on the edge.

I also had the Tuscan Tomato and Bread soup, very hearty and very yummy! I could not get a get a good shot however. But I highly recommend it. Perhaps my favorite item at our table was my friend Nicki's salad of snap peas, sweet corn and delicate onions in a citrus refreshing and very tasty. (I am going to try and recreate it for my book group this Friday....wish me luck!)

And at the end of our meal, I felt very pampered when I dabbed my lips with the Frette napkins!

Bottega is well worth a visit if you are planning that Napa getaway. Great food and ambiance. And for all of those shoppers out there, it is right across the path from the NapaStyle Store!

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Brown Brothers, "Flipping Out"

Some of you may already know about this. But here it is again if you don't. You know that crazy, and sort of wonderful house flipping show on Bravo called "Flipping Out"? Well....Ryan Brown, one of the stars of said know the calm one who partners with the very particular OCD-ish flipper designer guy? The one who whips his staff into shape and turns out some of the quickest and most well designed flips in the LA area?......well, I got a little email from them just to let me know he now has a blog with his brother Joshua. I'm assuming that I am not alone here. But thought I would spread the word along. Find out more about their blog, "Brown Design" here. They have some great posts about their work and .....AND you can visit their website here. These are just a coupla photos of their work I particularly liked. So go "checkitout"!

Welcome Ryan and Joshua! I wish you all the best with your new blog. And I look forward to another season of Flipping Out!